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Guide to The Boroughs of New York

The boroughs of New York are The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Each borough has its own unique characteristics that offer residents specific lifestyles and experiences within the city. Here are some of the defining characteristics of each borough.


grand concourse bronx aerial

The Bronx is known first and foremost as the home of the New York Yankees. This borough has a lot to offer at a relatively affordable price. The borough has two distinct regions: West Bronx and East Bronx.

West Bronx is the section directly north of Manhattan. It is hillier and more urban, and is usually the choice of those who would like to live in closer proximity to Manhattan. Neighborhoods like Spuyten Duyvil and Grand Concourse define this section of the borough.

East Bronx is on the east side of the Bronx River and is more suburban and coastal. This is a better option for those looking for a little more peace and quiet.


park slope brooklyn

Brooklyn is the hottest borough in New York City now. It has many of the amenities that Manhattan has to offer, but what makes Brooklyn special is the sense of community that you won’t find in the more transient neighborhoods of Manhattan. There are so many reasons to love Brooklyn, as it is a blend of so many of New York City’s best characteristics.

Brooklyn is the second largest borough in the city, and takes up a large portion of the southeastern part of New York City. Transportation is plentiful, giving the borough better access to Manhattan than any other borough. Brooklyn contains some of the city’s best restaurants, parks, Universities, museums, and botanical gardens.


Aerial view of Manhattan skyline in New York City

Manhattan is New York City’s most well-known and iconic borough. There is nowhere else in the United States quite like this 23 square mile island. This is the New York City that people from all over the world dream of visiting or even living in.

Manhattan is where the skyscrapers, theaters, legendary landmarks, and sleepless energy of the city reside. There are many reasons to move to Manhattan, but first and foremost you are at the center of the New York Universe when you live in this borough. Residents of Manhattan have the full gamut of NYC’s world-class amenities at their fingertips.

It should be noted that this borough is more expensive than the others. However, there are still decently cheap neighborhoods to be found in Manhattan’s northern sections.


subway queens ny sunset

Queens is without a doubt the most expansive, varied, and diverse borough in New York. It is the largest borough in size, at 109 square miles. It takes up the entire eastern portion of the city and extends out onto Long Island, offering a wide range of lifestyles within its borders.

Residents of Queens can have an amenity-filled, urban lifestyle in Queens neighborhoods such as Astoria, Sunnyside, and more. But for New Yorkers looking for tranquility and room to breathe, neighborhoods like Forest Hills and Jamaica Estates offer leafy, tree-lined suburban streets with mostly single family homes.

What is arguably the most unique and rewarding aspect of Queens is its impressive diversity. More languages are spoken within the borders of Queens than anywhere else in the world. No ethnic group holds a 50% majority in the population, meaning the neighborhood is a true melting pot. Living in Queens will expose you to a variety of new lifestyles, experiences, and cultures.

Staten Island

staten island ferry

Staten Island is the final borough in New York City, and offers residents a unique opportunity to have breathing room in one of the largest yet least populated boroughs of the city. Dubbed the “Borough of Parks”, Staten Island has 9,300 acres of federal, state, and city parkland including places like Clove Lakes, High Rock, the Greenbelt, and more.

Staten Island is priced better than most other parts of the city. It offers residents access to the best metro in the United States, while keeping them at a distance from the chaos and cacophony of the city’s urban center. The best part is that residents will have more income, affording them a better lifestyle. Though it isn’t for everyone, there are many reasons to move to Staten Island, especially if you’re the type of person who cherishes tranquility.

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