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The Metropolis Team is hands down the greatest moving team out there. I’ve been a New Yorker for over a decade and they are hands down the best movers I’ve ever had. They’re so accommodating and supportive during such a stressful time such as moving. From that first email to when they buzz your door, you are in the best of hands for a seamless and smooth move. Go to them!
Louis H. / Brooklyn, NY
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Although moves outside the city may also be considered local, we generally label moves within New York City’s five boroughs as “local moves“. We service all areas of the city. We consider anything outside the five boroughs to be a “long distance move”. This doesn’t mean you’ll pay more, necessarily– the local vs. long-distance classification is for our internal scheduling purposes.

Local Moving Services

The average NYC resident moves every six months. As residents of the city ourselves, we know a thing or two about moving efficiently in and between all five boroughs. We take pride in our ability to anticipate challenges unique to the Big Apple, which less-experienced companies may not be equipped to handle. We are seasoned locals who know how to navigate the city efficiently and safely.

NYC to and from Boston

Boston is our second most serviced metropolitan area on the east coast. We regularly help families and businesses transport belongings from one city to the other, and often back again. We’re familiar with the quickest routes, and we know how to avoid traffic. The commute associated with these routes is usually between 4 and 5 hours. Read more about our Boston moving services.

NYC to and from Philadelphia

The route between NYC and Philadelphia, PA typically takes about an hour, and usually not more than two. It’s a well-traveled route, and we often help individuals, families, and businesses relocate from one city to the other. We’ve found I-95 to be the most consistently reliable route from one to the other, but we’re always ready to detour if there’s anticipated traffic. Read more about our Philadelphia moving services.

NYC to and from Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Transport from NYC to Washington, DC, or vice versa, is estimated at 4 to 5 hours via I-95. At the moment, Washington, DC is the southern-most point of our service area. This means if you’re looking for transport to Virginia, North Carolina, and other southeastern areas of the country, you’ll have to look elsewhere. We’re happy to make a referral to a trusted partner in the industry. Fill out our quote form and we’ll point you in the right direction. Read more about our Washington D.C. moving services.

International and Coast-to-Coast

At the moment, Metropolis Moving does not service these routes. However, feel free to fill out our quote form, and we’ll refer you to a trusted industry partner.
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Reviews & Testimonials

Moving isn’t usually fun, but our guys show up to every job with a smile on their face and a ton of positive energy. Check out what our customers are saying about how awesome their moving experiences have been!
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We’re ready to show you why hiring us is one of the best moves you’ll ever make.

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