Frequently Asked NYC Moving Questions

1. Do you provide moving blankets to protect the furniture?

Yes. We’ll supply pro-grade moving blankets, tape, shrink wrap, basic tools for furniture disassembly/assembly, and furniture dollies free of charge.

2. If I only need you to load, or unload a truck will you do that?

We’d be happy to help you load or unload your rented truck! We’ll do moves within the same building as well.

3. Do you give fixed rates or charge by the hour?

The majority of the time we charge a fixed rate based on the list of items and other details you entered into our form. For special circumstances we will charge by the hour. If would rather do an hourly rate that’s perfectly fine, just let us know!

4. Will the quote you provided change on moving day?

As long as the items you entered into the form and any other details (the number of flights of stairs at each end, locations etc.) do not change, the rate will remain as quoted including all taxes. If you need to update your inventory list just send us an email describing the additions and subtractions from the list and we’ll send you an updated quote. We cannot reduce the price of the move for items subtracted the day of move, we’ll need notice at least the day before for a reduction in price.

5. Are tolls included in the rate?

Tolls are not included, and we will specify if your route will have tolls, and approximately how much they will be.

6. Do you provide storage?

We don’t have a storage facility, but we’d be happy to help you move in or out of a storage facility you have rented.

7. Will you have a large truck to accommodate the size of my move?

Usually we use 16ft box trucks, but if your move is on the larger size we’ll use a larger truck or two 16ft trucks.

8. How many movers will you send for the move?

For most moves we’ll be sending 2 strong and experienced guys to handle your move. For particularly large or complicated moves we’ll come with 3 guys.

9. Do I need to empty my dresser drawers?

Yes, all drawers from dressers, nightstands, desks, file cabinets etc. need to be empty when we arrive to ensure the safe travel of the item. Plastic dresser units are usually okay to leave full.

10. Do you charge extra to disassemble/assemble bed frames?

Yes, there is an extra fee for this. Please specify if you will need your bed frame disassembled, assembled, or both. Please specify if any other items will need disassembly or assembly, and please describe the kind of dismantling they will need. We will disassemble and assemble standard folding metal bed frames for free!