New York City Moving Policies

It’s very important that you read through all of our policies thoroughly and completely. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our policies please don’t hesitate to ask!

1. Flat/Fixed Rate Moves

If we give you a fixed rate (also known as a flat rate) please note the flat rate is based on the exact inventory you entered into our moving quote form. Other pricing details that determine the fixed rate include building locations, the number of flights of stairs at each location, distance between locations etc.

If any of these details change after the initial quote we gave you via email, the fixed rate price is subject to change.

2. Flat/Fixed Rate Moves (If the inventory or other details change)

If you do end up with more or less items than what you were originally quoted for, this is not a problem at all! It’s very common and expected. The best way for us to work out an updated price is for you to email us with your updates prior to your move date.

It’s best to contact us with minor adjustments to your inventory at least the day before the move, before 5pm when our office closes. We always want to make sure any price adjustments are 100% fair to you, so we definitely don’t gauge after adjustment have been made. Your satisfaction is our first priority!

If we arrive to your location, and you have additional items that were not listed in the confirmation email we sent, or if any of the details about your locations change (i.e. there are more flights of stairs than we were told) or if there are any other details that impede the move process (i.e. you are not packed before we arrive) — we reserve the right to have the movers make a price adjustment on site at their discretion.

We’re really nice guys, we’re a small crew dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction, and we really do our best to work with everyone fairly. We won’t gouge and we are flexible, but it’s always best to email us with any last minute additions before the movers arrive.

3. Flat/Fixed Rate Moves (Extreme cases)

If we arrive and there is an extreme amount of extra items or an extremely different scenario than what was described to us via our quote form and email, we reserve the right to move ONLY what was described to us via our quote form and was confirmed and agreed to over email. These cases are rare and we are truly understanding guys, but we’ve run into problems in the past that unfortunately have put us in a position to be firm with this policy. We need to protect our guys and make sure we don’t run into scheduling issues with other clients that are booked the same day.

If there are extreme amounts of extra items that you would like us to handle and move for you, or any items at all for that matter, please give us as much notice in advance as possible. At least a day in advance so that we can plan ahead to do our best to accommodate the additional time. Although we will always do our best to work with you, unless we are given at least 72 hours notice of extreme additions to the inventory we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate these additions in our schedule.

4. Price Reduction on the day of the move

**We cannot reduce the price of the fixed rate under any circumstances on the day of your move.**

In order to get a discount for items you’ve subtracted from your inventory list, we’ll need notice at least the day before the move, before 3pm. This includes disassembly and assembly fees.

In order to get a discount for any location details agreed to via email, we’ll need notice at least the day before the move, before 3pm when our office closes.

5. If you agree to our fixed fee pricing you must be completely PACKED before we arrive.

If you are not fully packed when we arrive we reserve the right to raise the rate.

We are fully dedicated to ALL our customers satisfaction, and if you are not fully packed when we arrive it slows the process of moving you significantly. Most of the time we have other moves scheduled after yours, and we have an obligation to other customers to arrive to those moves in a timely fashion.

6. Being packed includes the following

Packed Boxes

Make sure all boxes and bags are packed and sealed with tape before we arrive. Boxes/bins/large bags are preferred over a bunch of small bags.

Please have clutter removed from the items that need to be moved.

Empty Drawers

Be sure to completely empty all drawers from dressers, nightstands, desks and cabinets, and properly pack these items in bags or boxes. Emptying the drawers will help to ensure the safe travel of the item.

Disassemble Bed Frames

Unless you have requested us to disassemble your bed frame (or any other item) please have this completed before we arrive. We will disassemble and assemble folding metal bed frames at no additional charge.

Miscellaneous Items

We understand that there are often miscellaneous items that don’t fit into boxes or bags. This is perfectly fine, but if miscellaneous items don’t fit into boxes or bags, they need to be listed so we know what to expect before we arrive, or the price will be subject to change.

For tips on packing please visit our Moving Tips page for more info.

If we arrive to a complete and total mess, with nothing packed and what our movers determine to be a situation that is going to cause us to be late for other appointments, we reserve the right to reschedule your move to another time or another day.

7. Disassembly/Reassembly

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture is an additional service that you need to request, please indicate if you need us to disassemble/reassemble any items. Unless you have explicitly requested this service, it is not included in the price. Anything that is too large to be maneuvered out of your building (e.g. entertainment centers, armoires, large wardrobes and cabinets etc.) or had to be assembled within your apartment must be disassembled, either by you or by us.

Bed frames need to be disassembled in order to moved every time, either by you or by us. If you choose to handle this, the bed frame needs to be disassembled before we arrive.

Often particle board furniture (e.g. Ikea) that has been assembled from the box is not able to be reassembled perfectly for a second time. If you would like us to disassemble particle board furniture please keep in mind that it might not be able to be reassembled in perfect condition. Typically this type of furniture, especially larger cabinets, becomes less stable with every disassembly due to the nature of how particle board furniture is constructed.

We are not responsible for damage that comes from the normal wear and tear of disassembling and reassembling particle board furniture.

8. Wait time

If we arrive and are parked and ready to begin the move, and have to wait for any reason before we can get started with the move, we have to charge for that time. Our fee for wait time is $100 per hour. If we have to wait long enough that it will cause us to be late to another job, we reserve the right to reschedule your move to another time or to another day.

9. Items of unusual size or weight

We’ll need advance notice of any item of unusual size or weight. Any individual item that 2 movers would handle weighing more than 150lbs we will need advance notice of before we arrive. If we are without advance notice of an unusually large items or an item weighing more than 150lbs, we reserve the right to raise the rate on site with a price determined by the movers.

If the item weight is well above 150lbs, we reserve the right not to move the items, as it may be beyond the physical capacity of our movers.

10. Reasonable Box Weight

Our guys are strong, but please keep the weight of the boxes within reason. Books, magazines, records and other heavy items should be placed in smaller sized boxes. Please don’t pack large sized boxes with these type of items.

11. Elevator Buildings

We have an entire page dedicated to elevator buildings, common problems with elevator moves, information we’ll need from you, and possible problems that can happen that would affect the price of the move. Please through our elevator building policies page here.

12. Arrival windows

For moves that are scheduled to be the first of the day, within NYC city limits, we normally do a 1 hour arrival window. For moves that are scheduled after any previously scheduled job we ALWAYS leave a 3 hour arrival window.

This means that although we will schedule the day with the anticipation of arriving closer towards the beginning of the window, there is always a chance we will arrive after the beginning of the window, in the middle or closer to the end.

We frequently hit gridlock traffic in NYC, and we often find ourselves hitting delays on jobs that are impossible to predict before we arrive.

We do however promise to stay in touch with you and keep you posted with any delays we encounter that will push us passed the beginning of the arrival window we gave you.

13. Insurance and Liability Coverage

Our teams of movers are highly trained in handling your belongings with great care. Although rare, sometimes unforeseen accidents can happen, resulting in damage or loss during a move. For that reason, it’s important you understand and familiarize yourself with liability and insurance options prior to your move.

Our standard liability policy covers all items damaged or lost and is valued at .60 cents per pound, per article. For this coverage there is no additional charge. Please be aware that this kind of coverage does not provide you with substantial protection for damage or loss of any kind.

If the items you are planning to move include high-value objects, such as antiques, expensive furnishings, or art, please consider that our standard policy to cover .60 per pound per article is not very substantial coverage, and we will not be able to cover substantial out of pocket payments if an accident were to occur. We recommend you first check with your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if your belongings are covered in transit or if damage to your building or apartment would be covered by that.

If you would like more substantial coverage than what our basic insurance policy covers, please consider reaching out to a third party. We recommend Baker International Moving Insurance.

Nonetheless, we stand by our work and are completely dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. In the rare case that something does get lost or damaged, we may be able to send a repair/restoration person, or we’ll try to agree on an out of pocket reimbursement.

14. Particle Board Furniture Damage Policy

If damage occurs to a flimsy item of furniture, or items made of particle board or compressed wood (e.g. Ikea furniture), we will not be held responsible for this damage. If our movers begin to handle an item, and they believe the item may not be safely transported due to the loss of stability of the item, they will inform you and you can make a decision as whether to attempt to move the item or not. If items are not moved because the structural integrity is compromised, there will not be a reduction in price.

15. Factors That Impede the Move Process

If your street is physically blocked off for any reason and we’re not able to get our vehicle on your block we ‘ll need to charge extra for this.

16. Pests and other unsanitary conditions

If we arrive and find pests, insects or rodents of any kind in any of the items, we reserve the right to not complete the move. There will not be a discount if this occurs, we will charge for the entire move amount.

If we show up to an extreme unsanitary/dangerous environment of any kind we reserve the right to refuse to complete the job. There will not be a discount if this occurs, we will charge for the entire move amount.

17. Transportation

Because of DOT regulations, customers must arrange for their own transportation between locations. They cannot ride in the truck with the movers.

18. AC Installation

We will be happy to help you remove AC’s from windows, as long as it is straightforward and only requires basic tools, and doesn’t require extreme dismantling. Some AC’s have been professionally installed and goes beyond the basic removal process. We cannot help you install AC’s due to liability concerns.

19. Disposing of Items

We do not dispose of furniture or any other items except to the curb in front of your building.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve checked with your super or building’s management to confirm that you are permitted to leave the items on the curb in front of your building on that given day.

If we agree to dispose of the items to the curb in front of your building before we arrive, and after we arrive it turns out there has not been authorization for us to do so we cannot dispose of the items in any other place. You’ll need to make arrangements with a junk removal company for that.

20. Cancellations

We do not charge for cancellations as long as we are given a notice at least a day in advance before our office closes at 5pm. If the move is cancelled the same day, and our guys arrive at the job site there will be a $100 cancellation fee.