New York City Moving Policies

Special-case NYC Moving Locations


Please ask us about moves involving 34th Street, 1 West St. and 1 Columbus Circle — generally we’re not able to do jobs at these locations because of lack of parking. Please ask us about moves close to Canal & Varick, Broome & Watts, E. 59th St. between 2 Ave. & York, and W. 40th St. between 10th Ave. & 11th Ave. We generally can’t do jobs in these areas during weekdays after 2pm due to heavy traffic near the bridge/tunnel entrances. It makes parking near impossible.

NYC Moving Rates

The rate quoted is a flat rate, meaning that the price is a single fixed fee for our services. Some driving routes will require tolls, and these tolls are not included in the flat rate. If there are tolls along your route, we’ll give you an approximate figure for the cost of tolls along your route.

The flat rate is based on the exact inventory you entered into our moving quote form, along with other details including the number of flights of stairs at each location, distance between locations etc. If any of these details change (for example, an elevator we expected to use turns out to be unavailable) the price is subject to change. There are no hidden fees, though the price does not include a tip for the guys.

If you end up with more or less items than what you were quoted for, this is not a problem at all! It’s very common and expected. If you do have changes as a courtesy please email us with a list of these changes at least 24 hours prior to the move so we can adjust for extra time in our calendar if necessary. In order to get a discount for items you’ve subtracted from the list, we’ll need notice at least the day before the move. We cannot reduce the price if items are subtracted from the inventory the day of the move.

It’s best to email us with any last minute additions, but price adjustments can be made on site (without surcharges or extra fees), and we reserve the right for our movers to make price adjustments on site. We won’t gouge and we are flexible, but it’s always best to email us with any last minute additions.

COI’s for NYC Moves

Please let us know if your building has asked for a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Typically only elevator buildings in Manhattan with doormen will require a COI, but some elevator buildings in Brooklyn will require them, and a handful of walkups around the city will require a COI.


They will typically email you with the information that needs to be put on the COI. Please forward this information to us and we’ll have our insurance broker make up a COI and send it to the appropriate contact from your building’s management company.

COI’s can take a little time to get together, sometimes a few business days, so please do not wait until the last minute! Typically your building will need to have the COI at least 2-3 days before the move, and our insurance broker is not open during the weekend.

Metropolis Moving Holds the following policies that will be on our COI:

  • $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability
  • $1,000,000 Excess Umbrella Liability
  • $1,000,000 Auto Liability
  • $25,000 Per Single Conveyance Motor Truck Cargo Liability

Insurance and Liability Coverage

Our teams of movers are highly trained in handling your belongings with great care. Although rare, sometimes unforeseen accidents can happen, resulting in damage or loss during a move. It happens to all movers in NYC, we’re only human. For that reason, it’s important you understand and familiarize yourself with liability and insurance options prior to your move.

Our standard liability policy covers all items damaged or lost and is valued at .60 cents per pound, per article. For this coverage there is no additional charge. Please be aware that this kind of coverage does not provide you with substantial protection.

You can also choose to purchase insurance from a third party.

If the items you are planning to move include high-value objects, such as antiques, expensive furnishings, or art, you may consider purchasing a separate insurance policy to provide you with more substantial coverage. We recommend you first check with your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if your belongings are covered in transit. If you decide to purchase insurance from a different carrier, you may wish to do your own research or check out our preferred vendor,

Nonetheless, we stand by our work and are completely dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. In the rare case that something does get lost or damaged, we may be able to send a repair/restoration guy, or we’ll try to agree on an out of pocket reimbursement.

If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 718-710-4520


If you agree to our fixed fee you must be completely PACKED before we arrive.

For tips on packing please visit our Moving Tips page for more info.

If you are not fully packed when we arrive we reserve the right to raise the rate if it impedes our ability to move you within the estimated time frame we set aside in our calendar for your move. We are dedicated to customer service, and if you are not fully packed when we arrive, causing the move process to take longer than expected, then it will cause us to be late to other jobs scheduled that day.

All this being said, we understand that there are often miscellaneous items that don’t fit into boxes or bags. This is perfectly fine, but if miscellaneous items don’t fit into boxes or bags, they need to be listed or the price will be subject to change.

Furniture Damage Policy

If damage occurs to a flimsy item of furniture, or items made of particle board or compressed wood (e.g. Ikea furniture), we will not be held responsible for this damage. If our movers begin to handle an item, and they believe the item may not be safely transported due to the loss of stability of the item, they will inform you and you can make a decision as whether to attempt to move the item or not. If items are not moved because the structural integrity is compromised, there will not be a reduction in price.


Please specify whether your elevator is small, and if you think some of the items may not fit in the elevator. If so, please list which items you think may not fit, and how many flights of stairs they will have to go up or down if they do not fit.

Please check with your building to make sure there is not a flight of stairs from the street to the basement leading to a service elevator.

If you have a reserved time window for the elevator in your building, and if we are not granted access to the elevator within the time you informed us about, we’ll charge a fee of $100 per hour for any time we have to wait to have access to the elevator.


Please indicate if you want/need us to disassemble/assemble any items. Unless you have explicitly requested this service, it is not included in the price. Furniture that is self-assembled can be unstable and we recommend that this be disassembled ahead of time. If you’d prefer to take the risk of moving this kind of furniture whole, please understand that we are not responsible for any damage that may occur. Anything that is too large to fit through your doorway (usually bed frames, entertainment centers, other large things) or had to be assembled within your apartment must be disassembled, either by you or by us.

Factors That Impede the Move Process

If your street is physically blocked off for any reason and we’re not able to get our vehicle on your block, there will be a 15% surcharge (if both your pick-up and drop-off locations are blocked off it would be 30%). Or if 15% is less than $60, there will be a $60 surcharge instead (so $120 if both your pick-up and drop-off locations are blocked off). For example, this would apply to locations that are part of the 2nd Avenue subway construction.


We cover parking tickets in most areas, but customers are responsible for the total cost of any parking tickets we receive on 42nd Street, in the Financial District, Battery Park, Brooklyn Heights and locations that are part of the 2nd Avenue subway construction, as well as half of the cost of parking tickets we receive between 14th street and 60th street in Manhattan. If there is a bus lane in front of the building, then customers are responsible for 100% of the parking tickets.

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Use newspaper or packing paper to properly pack your glassware.

Separate your boxes from your furniture so our guys can quickly load up the truck.

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