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Moving Tips

How to Save Money During a Move

It is necessary to save money where you can during a move, even if it isn’t much. Most of us will move at times in our lives where we don’t have much money at all. Doing so will give you a safety net in case there is an unforeseen expense regarding your new apartment. Moving (and living) in New York can be especially pricey, so follow these tips to avoid spending money where you don’t have to.

Pay Off Your Debt

This might not be entirely possible for everybody, especially when you might need a little bit of a safety net until you’re settled into a new job or routine. However, keeping your debt to a minimum will help you avoid spending money you don’t have and avoid paying credit card companies massive sums of interest. Don’t fall for the trap of buying things you can’t afford for status, but be real about who you are, and what you can afford. That confidence to be unafraid of who you truly are shines brighter than any thousand-dollar jacket bought on credit.

Create a Savings Jar

Piggy Bank for Saving Money People tend to move around more when they are younger and unsettled. This means they don’t have as steady an income as their older counterparts, making it harder for young people to save. This is no excuse to not try, though. Even $20 worth of change can be a lifesaver if you’re waiting on a paycheck and hanging on by a thread.

Live Within Your Means

Don’t sign a lease for the luxurious Manhattan apartment of your dreams if it’s something you will struggle to afford. You’re going to want to have a little extra spending money when living in New York City so that you can experience all of the food and attractions that make the city what it is. There are many fantastic neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens that are only a 10 minute subway ride away from Manhattan. These cultural enclaves have flavors of their own that can’t always be experienced in Manhattan.

Get Rid of Excess Belongings

De-clutter by selling extra stuff Getting rid of excess belongings is an excellent way of saving money and reducing the stress of moving. Decluttering your belongings will declutter your mind. By selling your belongings on Craigslist or eBay, you’ll get a little excess cash for the cash jar. Also, moving costs will be lower with less stuff to move. It really is a no-brainer.

Look for Yard Sales

Yard sales are an awesome resource for sourcing apartment needs on a budget. End tables, couches, kitchenware, and unique decor are only some of the things you can find at a yard sale. Take your time when furnishing your apartment so that you have the opportunity to decorate creatively.

Stock Up on Frozen Food

When moving to a new apartment, something that can be difficult is getting the kitchen outfitted for preparing a home meal. Many people instead opt to spend hundreds of dollars on takeout for their first month when they could be using that money to explore what New York City has to offer. A great solution to this dilemma is stocking up on frozen food. By simply popping a frozen pizza in the oven instead of having one delivered to your house, you’re saving a ton of money.

Use Public Transport

New York City is one of the best places in the world to live without a car. Public transportation is vast, robust, and very economical. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars every month to pay for and insure a car that you won’t be using most of the time. Give the car-free lifestyle a try.

Don’t Buy Cable

It can’t be argued that wifi is a necessity in this day and age, but skip paying for expensive phone, internet, and cable packages. Use your wifi to watch streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. If you still want cable channels, you can also use wifi for services like Sling TV.

Housewarming Party

Throw a housewarming party. Many people will be happy to bring housewarming gifts for the occasion. At the very least, you’ll be ending the night with an increased supply of food and drinks for your new spot.

Hire Us

While it may be tempting to ask for the help of friends or family for your moving needs, New York City requires the use of professional movers for an effective move. Don’t complicate your friendships or risk breaking your valuable belongings just to avoid hiring movers. We have gained a reputation of being New York’s most friendly, professional, and courteous moving companies. Our moving packages are pretty inexpensive, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your move-in day. Request a quote today and you’ll understand why hiring us for your New York City move is the best decision you’ll make for yourself and your belongings.

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