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Moving Tips

8 Tips to Minimize Stress While Moving

Moving into a new living space is an exciting and stressful transition that most people go through multiple times in their lives. People have many reasons to move: a new job, a significant other, a fresh start, or simply because of a need for change. However, all types of moves are universally loathed in the stress and upheaval they can cause. It is no simple task to pack up your entire life, especially because it can progressively turn your home into a box-filled apocalyptic wasteland. Following these simple tips can help ease the stress of the move and enable a positive transition into your new living space:


You are about to pack up all of your belongings and move them to a new home while trying to maintain a somewhat uninterrupted daily routine. This can be extremely stressful for some people, so acknowledging the challenge and giving yourself permission to feel out of equilibrium can help you be patient with yourself while you navigate this significant change. Understand that while stress can be minimized, it probably won’t completely subside until the whole move is over, so have patience and go with the flow.

Collect Boxes

Find as many free boxes as you can, whether from your local supermarket, your friend’s restaurant, or your neighbor’s recycling bins. If you’re still in need of boxes and packing supplies, Gorilla Bins is an excellent NYC-based solution, with environmentally-friendly, durable moving boxes and other supplies, packaged for projects of any size, delivered for free to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.


If you still have clutter and junk sitting around the house that you have no use for, now is the time to declutter your belongings. Clutter in your house will add clutter to your mind, and you don’t want that on top of already elevated stress levels. Use the internet to get rid of unused household items or trinkets that you don’t need.

De-clutter by selling extra stuff

Spread out the work and set deadlines

Any daunting mountain of a task can be streamlined by taking small, simple steps every day to chip-away at the workload. It is much easier to pack a couple of boxes per day for the next month or two than to try to pack everything in one weekend. Give yourself and your loved ones a small daily goal for packing, so that when moving day comes around, you’re already done or only have a couple of boxes left to pack. Here are two other resources that might help: a moving checklist and a list of things to do in the month before your move.

Make a schedule

Pack Strategically

It will be easiest to pack from room-to-room, so pack up the least-used rooms in your house first, and save the most used rooms/items for last. Unless you don’t cook for yourself at all, much of the kitchen should be saved as the last thing that’s packed, along with clothing and toiletries. Things like knick-knacks, valuable china, formal furniture sets, and fixtures should be packed first. This way, you can pack up a solid amount of your possessions without interrupting your daily routine or ability to cook for yourself. Also spend this time to consider what may and may not suit your new living space, and try to detect items you have no further use for.

Give Yourself Time

You may need to take a day off from work or spend a weekend packing. Give yourself time to do this. Order pizza all weekend and binge on Netflix with your family while you pack. Packing is an unavoidable reality of moving, so make the most of it and try to have some fun!

Label Everything

One of the worst things you can do is show up to your new house with a truck full of unlabeled boxes. It will cause significant stress and also increase the labor hours you’re paying for. Each box should be clearly labeled with the room it’s intended for and what’s in it. This way, you know exactly where every box is going the second the back of the moving truck slides open. You will spend less time standing around the back of the truck scratching your head and can get to moving boxes right away.

Mark all your moving boxes

Hire Us!

Sometimes you just can’t take on an entire project by yourself, which is where Metropolis Moving can help! We have friendly, experienced moving professionals ready to take on any project, whether you’re moving a tiny apartment or an entire office. Knowing that you have a willing and capable team of professionals to help you tackle any moving project will be a massive relief to your stress levels!

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