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Benefits of Moving from NYC to Boston

Moving from NYC to Boston is a fantastic choice for New Yorkers who want to start a family, find some tranquility, or live a more balanced lifestyle in harmony with nature. Keep reading to learn about some differences between the two cities and the benefits of making the move. 

Moving from NYC to Boston: FAQs

Before you leave the Big Apple for Beantown, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Here are answers to some common questions to help you decide if moving from NYC to Boston is right for you.

Is It Cheaper to Live in Boston or NYC?

  • The numbers don’t lie. It is typically cheaper to live in Boston than in New York City, especially when you consider living in Manhattan. New York housing costs, for example, are much higher, with the median home price in NYC hovering at $2,743,333, whereas it’s only $1,001,917 in Boston. Overall, Boston is 26.1% less expensive than Manhattan. While Boston does have the upper hand, there are cheap neighborhoods in Manhattan and the other boroughs. It’s all about the price you’re willing to pay for your standard of living.

How Much Is Rent in Boston vs NYC?

If you’re looking to rent instead of purchase a home, Boston is still the less expensive option. The average rent in Boston is $4,216, whereas it’s $5,743 in Manhattan. However, if you’re coming from one of the other NY boroughs, you might have to pay more for rent to live in Boston.

Are NYC Taxes Higher Than Boston?

Yes, NYC taxes are generally higher than those in Boston. When it comes to income taxes, for example, Massachusetts has a flat state tax rate of 5.1% on all income, which is quite straightforward compared to New York’s more complex system. New York State has a graduated income tax rate that can go up to 10.1%. Also, if you’re living in New York City, you’re subject to additional city taxes, something Boston residents don’t face. Sales tax rates also highlight the difference; Boston has a sales tax rate of 6.3%, while NYC’s is higher at 8.9%

Is It Better to Live in Boston or NYC?

It all boils down to personal preference, as both cities offer unique benefits. New York City is the epitome of a bustling metropolis, renowned for its endless entertainment options, iconic skyline, and diverse cultural experiences. It’s a dream come true for those seeking an energetic and ambitious lifestyle. 

On the other hand, Boston combines historic charm with a strong sense of community, offering a more manageable pace of life without sacrificing cultural richness or educational and career opportunities. Boston also boasts an impressive academic environment, thanks to its plethora of top-tier universities and colleges. 

Ultimately, the choice between living in NYC or Boston hinges on what you value most in your daily environment — whether it’s the unparalleled vibrancy of city life in the Big Apple or the blend of tradition and innovation that characterizes Boston.

Benefits of Moving from NYC to Boston

While there are definitely perks of living in New York City, Boston offers tons of benefits to residents. If you’re considering moving from NYC to Boston, here are some of the things you will enjoy.

Best Education System in America

New York City offers some of the best public education in the entire country. With that being said, New York, as a state, ranks in a more modest 14th place for best education.

public school classroom

Massachusetts is the best state in the country for public education. Raising kids in these school districts will ensure that they become well-rounded, compassionate, and intelligent people as they grow up.

Best Healthcare in America


The impact of the global pandemic changed priorities for many people. Living near a robust healthcare system can be reassuring for those who want to stay healthy, especially for people with health complications. According to Wallethub, Massachusetts is the best state in the US for healthcare. For comparison, New York’s healthcare system is the 21st best.

World-Class Universities

harvard university

There is no better city for world-class higher education than Boston, MA. The best minds in the world send hundreds of thousands of applications every year to one of Boston’s many Ivy League schools. The city is the perfect place for young college students, offering a wide variety of culture, food, and thought. Not to mention, Boston is one of the safest cities in America, and it is very rare that you have to worry about your safety. 

Here are some of the world-class Universities located in the Boston area:

Tech Hub – Route 128 Corridor

tech hub

Boston has a history of being the original Silicon Valley. Much of what’s happening on the West Coast originated here on the East Coast, right along the 128 freeway that circles around greater Boston’s western edges.

In the end, Silicon Valley edged Boston out as the global tech hub of 2000-2020, but Boston still plays a very important role in the industry, which is changing rapidly, especially with the work-from-home revolution.    

The city’s proximity to Harvard, MIT, and other top-notch tech universities ensure that Boston will be a long-term winner as one of the nation’s top tech hubs, especially with Bay-Area housing prices forcing non-wealthy entrepreneurs and recent graduates to seek out their fortunes elsewhere (look at the recent boom and migration of tech to Austin, TX for example).

However, former Bay Area residents may not end up liking the Texas lifestyle long-term. Boston offers a very similar lifestyle to that of the Bay Area and could be the perfect place for tech, especially being so close to NYC, Philly, and Toronto. Austin, TX, is not really close to any other regional tech hub, and the culture outside of the cities could not be more different from that of Silicon Valley.

Sports-Lover’s Paradise

fenway park

Boston is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. According to Wallethub, Boston is the best sports city in the United States, beating out Los Angeles and even New York City. That being said, if you’re already a New York sports fan, you’ll be delighted to know that New York plays Boston teams in all four sports often, and the city is still only a few hours away, so it wouldn’t be impossible for die-hard fans to return to NYC to see a game.

A Noticeable Difference in Seasons from NYC to Boston

changing of seasons

The Boston area offers an even better balance between the four seasons than New York, especially if you’re looking for a snow-filled winter. As everyone knows, it gets cold in Boston during the winter, but not much more than New York. However, it will snow much more in Boston. Skiers, snowboarders, and other winter enthusiasts find Boston to be the perfect base camp for all of their winter adventures in the mountains north of the city.

Springtime in Boston is magical. By the time it gets sunny and 60 degrees, you’ll see many Bostonians lounging around in the sun in one of the city’s many parks and green spaces. The Red Sox start playing again, and before you know it, summer rolls around.

Cape Cod Is an Hour Away

dusk on the beach at cape cod

Summertime is undoubtedly magical in both Boston and New York. It’s hot, but everyone knows it won’t be forever, so people really seize the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and sun. New York has Long Island, the Hamptons, and the Jersey Shore. All of these are amazing summer destinations where memories abound, and the magic of summer can be felt.

However, Boston has Cape Cod. Cape Cod is difficult to fully explain, but it completely captures the magic and nostalgia of summertime on the North Atlantic Ocean. This summertime oasis is a stone’s throw from Boston, and it’s no wonder so many Bostonians flock in droves to this magical wonderland every summer weekend.

Access to Northern New England’s Rugged Terrain

mount washington

Boston outshines New York City when it comes to mountain access. The Hudson River Valley and Upstate New York have some seriously rugged and beautiful terrain. However, Boston’s access to Vermont’s Green Mountains, New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and Maine’s Appalachian Mountains make it an unbeatable winter destination.

Maine’s Appalachian Mountains are rugged and uncrowded, making them some of New England’s most beloved mountain resorts. New Hampshire’s White Mountains offer high elevation and a rustic ski holiday vibe that attracts many New Englanders to their steep, fast trails every weekend. The White Mountains also offer some of the best above-treeline backcountry skiing in the Eastern US. They offer an equally exhilarating summertime with abundant hiking, mountain biking, water parks, and alpine slides.

Vermont: A Unique Agrarian Gem Unlike Anywhere Else

vermont farm winter

Vermont’s Green Mountains might be the most beloved of them all. These mountains are high-elevation and rugged, though not quite as high up as the White Mountains.

sugarbush vt winter

The resorts here are the largest in New England and offer the most terrain variety in the US east of the Mississippi River. Due to their proximity to Lake Champlain, some mountains in Vermont get lake-effect snow, with annual snowfall totals rivaling some mountains in Colorado.

camel's hump in Vermont

Off the slopes, Vermont has a very agrarian, authentic hippie-town vibe. Many lifelong ski bums carve out their own niche in the local economy as cooks, farmers, artists, and jack-of-all-trades, raising skiing families right in the mountain towns they live and work in.

sugarbush vermont fall

In the summer, you’ll find the locals sunbathing and swimming at the state’s various swimming holes, hiking the lush Green Mountains, and enjoying the tranquility and solace of the natural surroundings. In the fall, you’ll find some of the best foliage in the US.

Well-Balanced Lifestyle


Overall, Boston offers its residents a more well-balanced lifestyle than that of New York City. People can afford to live here, the city’s amenities are top-notch, and the surrounding region offers everything and anything you might want.

With the state’s priorities placed on good healthcare, great education, an appreciation for culture, and classic Americana, Boston will be a delight for any New Yorker. Those looking for a smaller-scale city and a more tranquil, balanced lifestyle will find it especially appealing. It’s no wonder that Massachusetts consistently ranks as the most prosperous state in the country.

NYC to Boston Movers

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