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The Ultimate Guide for Young Adults Moving to New York City

Are you thinking about moving to NYC? Or perhaps you want to relocate to a new borough. As a young adult, moving to New York City offers a change of pace, vibrant diversity, and limitless opportunities. It’s not just a city; it’s an entire world waiting to be explored. Keep reading to learn how to move to NYC and what to expect with life in the big city.

Deciding to Move to NYC

When asking yourself, Should I move to NYC?” it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons:

Pros of Moving to NYC

New York City is a vibrant and diverse metropolis, ideal for young adults looking to expand their horizons, gain unique cultural experiences, and kickstart their careers in a dynamic urban setting. Some pros of moving to NYC include, 

  • Unparalleled Career Opportunities: NYC is a global hub for many industries, offering numerous job opportunities and the chance to network with professionals from various fields.
  • World-Class Education Institutions: The city is home to prestigious universities and colleges like Columbia University and New York University, providing excellent educational opportunities.
  • Cultural Melting Pot: NYC’s diverse and dynamic cultural scene fuels creativity and innovation, making it an exciting place for art enthusiasts and innovators.
  • Green Spaces: Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, NYC offers beautiful parks like Central Park and Prospect Park, providing a much-needed respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Cons of Moving to NYC

While New York is a one-of-a-kind place to call home, there are some drawbacks to life in the Big Apple, including, 

  • High Cost of Living: New York City is known for its expensive lifestyle. From housing to groceries, the cost of living is significantly higher than in other cities and 78% higher than the national average. 
  • Intense Competition: Whether it’s landing a job or getting into a top university, the competition in NYC can be fierce.
  • Fast-Paced Lifestyle: Life in NYC moves at a fast pace, which can be overwhelming for some people. It might take time to adjust to the city’s rhythm.

However, the very challenges that make NYC intimidating are also what make it exciting. The city’s diversity and dynamism create an environment where you can grow personally and professionally. 

Budgeting for Your Move

Budgeting properly is an essential first step when it comes to how to move to NYC. It requires careful financial planning because the cost of living is one of the highest in the country. For example, the average moving cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in NYC is $12,240. This breaks down as follows:

  • Average Rent (as of January 2023): $3,680
  • Average First, Last, and Security Deposit: $11,040
  • Average Cost for Movers: Up to $1,200

This doesn’t include setting up utilities, transportation, and other cost-of-living expenses. Because the cost of moving to New York City can add up quickly, here are eight quick tips for saving money and planning for your upcoming move:

  1. Create a Budget: Before you move, make a detailed budget that includes all your estimated expenses. This can help you keep track of your spending and avoid unnecessary costs.
  2. Consider Roommates: Living with roommates can significantly reduce rent and utility costs. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people in the city. If you don’t want to share a space, living in a small apartment can be budget-friendly.
  3. Utilize Public Transportation: NYC has an excellent public transportation system. Instead of owning a car, use the subway or bus to save on transportation costs. Buying a MetroCard is cheaper than buying individual tickets.
  4. Cook at Home: Eating out in NYC can be expensive. Try cooking at home more often and packing lunches for work or school.
  5. Take Advantage of Free Activities: The city offers many free or low-cost activities and events. Explore parks, museums, and cultural events to entertain yourself without spending a lot.
  6. Shop Smart: Take advantage of sales and discounts at grocery stores. Consider shopping at local markets or discount stores for lower prices.
  7. Limit Nightlife Spending: NYC has a vibrant nightlife but can be expensive. Set a budget for entertainment and stick to it.
  8. Start an Emergency Fund: An emergency fund can be a lifesaver when unexpected expenses arise. Aim to save enough to cover at least 3-6 months of living expenses.

Finding a Place to Live

The NYC rental market can be overwhelming. It’s competitive, fast-paced, and pricey. However, it’s possible to find affordable housing with careful research and planning. Start your search online, but be wary of scams. Always verify listings by visiting the apartment in person, and never send money before signing a lease. Understand your lease thoroughly before signing, and consider hiring a real estate agent familiar with the NYC market to help you navigate the process.

Settling into the New York Lifestyle

Life in NYC moves fast. It’s a city that’s always on the go, and adapting to its pace can take time. To help familiarize yourself with the Big Apple, explore different neighborhoods, each with its unique flavor. Find your favorite coffee shops, parks, and hangout spots. Building a social network is also crucial. Join clubs or groups based on your interests, attend local events and festivals to meet new people. NYC is home to many communities; finding your tribe can make the city feel like home.

Moving Within NYC

If you’re already living in NYC and considering moving within the city, remember each borough has unique characteristics. 


Known as the heart of New York City, Manhattan is a bustling borough filled with towering skyscrapers, world-class institutions, and an array of entertainment options. From the financial hub of Wall Street to the cultural epicenter of Broadway, Manhattan offers a fast-paced lifestyle that’s both exhilarating and challenging. However, living in Manhattan can be pretty expensive, with high housing costs and a high cost of living.


Offering a more relaxed vibe compared to Manhattan, Brooklyn is famed for its unique blend of cultures, vibrant arts scene, and iconic landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a borough where old-world charm meets modern innovation, creating a dynamic and diverse community. Brooklyn also boasts some of the city’s best restaurants and food markets. 


Recognized as one of the world’s most ethnically diverse urban areas, Queens offers a rich tapestry of cultures, cuisines, and languages. From the Greek flavors of Astoria to the Asian influences of Flushing, Queens is a gastronomic paradise. It’s also home to Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the city’s second-largest park, and Citi Field, where the New York Mets play.

The Bronx

Known for its rich history, The Bronx is home to iconic landmarks like Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo. It’s a borough steeped in culture, particularly music and art, with hip-hop originating from its streets. The Bronx is also known for its green spaces, including the New York Botanical Garden and numerous community gardens.

Staten Island

Offering a more suburban feel compared to the other boroughs, Staten Island is known for its quiet neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and historic landmarks. It’s an excellent place for those seeking a slower pace without leaving the city. The Staten Island Ferry provides stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

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