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Top 10 Staten Island Neighborhoods

When you mention Staten Island to many New Yorkers, you just get eye-rolls and scoffs about how boring and dead the island is. However, these New Yorkers are likely missing the point of living on the island entirely.

On Staten Island, you’ll find all the wonderful things about New York that have been gentrified way out to the outer boroughs and neighborhoods. There are dense and diverse neighborhoods full of unique people who all have a unique story that contributes to the melting pot that is New York City. There’s also a very strong sense of community; something disappearing from the rest of the New York boroughs. Here are some of our favorite Staten Island neighborhoods.

1. West New Brighton

West New Brighton is a vibrant urban community on north central Staten Island. It is characterized as the perfect neighborhood for middle class families. It has tons of amazing restaurants and is home to the Staten Island Zoo. This area was known for some crime back in the day. However, just like so many areas in Brooklyn, the presence of young professionals and families has helped reduce the crime. When people take pride in the neighborhood and actively try to make it better, safety tends to increase.

2. St George

st george memorial St. George is a very unique and prominent Staten Island neighborhood. It’s where the Staten Island ferry arrives and leaves for Manhattan, so it has the best city access of the entire island. It is also one of the busiest and liveliest Staten Island neighborhoods. Here you’ll find the Staten Island Yankees’ baseball stadium, with fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline. You’ll also find some amazing Italian food, Empire Outlets, and the St. George theatre. This is definitely a more urban neighborhood compared to the rest of Staten Island. Depending on what you’re looking for, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

3. New Dorp

young men breakdancing New Dorp is a dense and diverse section of eastern Staten Island. Here you’ll find more Italian and Arab ancestry than nearly any other neighborhood in America. The neighborhood has plenty of shopping, dining, and culture to be found on New Dorp Lane. It’s one of the best entertainment districts on Staten Island, and one of the busiest Staten Island neighborhoods. New Dorp also has access to a beach, and plenty of greenspace, found at Dugan Park.

4. Great Kills

Great Kills is a residential neighborhood in southern Staten Island. Here, you’ll find a significant portion of the residents have either Russian or Italian heritage. The neighborhood has a fantastic park at its southeastern corner, with sports fields, a beach and more. It’s also a very safe place to live, making it perfect for families wanting to move to the suburbs who refuse to leave the confines of New York City.

5. Oakwood Beach

Oakwood is a wonderful waterfront community with the feel of an old seaside town in Cape Cod, Long Island, or on the Jersey Shore. You’ll find quaint shops, charming residential neighborhoods, and a fantastic, uncrowded beach.

6. Todt Hill

Todt Hill is well-known as Staten Island’s most luxurious neighborhood. Set atop the highest hill in all of New York City, this neighborhood features some fantastic views of New York City. It also features the only private country club in New York City: the Richmond County Country Club.

7. New Springville / Heartland Village

New Springville and Heartland Village are the heart of Staten Island. They’re smack dab in the middle of the island, surrounded on all sides by wildlife refuges, green space, a golf course, and parks. It is a super unique place to live, as you’re still technically in the city but can feel miles away from the hectic hustle and bustle of it. One fun and unique attraction is Decker Farm, with hayrides, a corn maze, and arts and crafts in the fall.

8. Woodrow

young woman glancing at camera in suburban staten island neighborhood Woodrow is a suburban residential neighborhood on the southern end of Staten Island. Most homes in this neighborhood were built between 1970 and 1999. This means it’s certainly established, but not nearly as old as much of the other housing options in the city. The homes in this neighborhood are also unique in that they can come with abundant land. Being on the south end of Staten Island, prospective residents should note that their commutes will be longer than most other residents of the city. The neighborhood has abundant Italian influences and Eastern European influences. You’ll also find this neighborhood also has an abundance of residents who speak Urdu, the national language of Pakistan. Woodrow is a diverse and calm place for people who want to slow down a little bit but still live in New York City.

9. Tompkinsville

diversity Tompkinsville is a unique and diverse urban neighborhood on the northern end of Staten Island. The neighborhood is heavily influenced by the sizable Dominican and Puerto Rican population that live there. The neighborhood also has more people who speak Mon-Khmer, Cambodia’s primary language, than any other neighborhood in America. Diversity is what makes New York City so amazing, and there is no shortage of it in Tompkinsville.

10. Willowbrook

Willowbrook is a higher-end neighborhood located at the center of Staten Island. Here you’ll find very nice homes with more space than most other New York City neighborhoods. It has the feel of a small college community, with CUNY College of Staten Island on the neighborhood’s western flank. Willowbrook is relatively quiet, safe, and spacious. It’s perfect for those who need time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet still need easy access to it when necessary.

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