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7 Great Reasons to Move to Queens

There are endless reasons to move to Queens. People who venture to this borough will be rewarded with fewer crowds and exciting surprises unique to these neighborhoods. So many people simply land in Queens and spend all their time and money in Manhattan, but they are missing out on the unadulterated and unique cultural experiences that only Queens can offer. When most people think of living in New York City, they picture the glamorous lifestyle of living in Manhattan in the center of all the action. Though there are many excellent reasons to move to Manhattan, Queens is the place to be for the culturally diverse, young professionals, and the working class. Queens is by far the largest and most sprawling of all boroughs, so it would take a lifetime to experience all of the cuisines and cultures that reside in this diverse borough. Queens is also home to some of New York City’s most underrated attractions. Below, you will see why Queens is a unique enclave of diversity and culture.

1. Diverse People

Reason #1 to move to queens
Reason #1 to move to Queens: Diverse, friendly people

Diversity is one of the traits that makes New York City such an amazing place to live, but with skyrocketing, unaffordable rents, Manhattan and Brooklyn are becoming places that only the well-off and super-rich can afford to live. Queens is still an international crossroads, where every stop on the subway feels like a new country or region. More languages are spoken within the borders of Queens, New York than anywhere else in the world. If you want to live in the city and have truly diverse life experiences, Queens is the place to be. Queens is a place where you’re allowed to be who you are, no matter where you come from. With no major ethnic group holding a 50% majority in population, Queens is the most diverse urban area in the world.

2. Delicious Food

Image of a food truck in Queens, NY
Reason #2 to move to Queens: Delicious food from all over the world

Queens’ diversity has caused it to become one of the world’s unexpected food capitals. The borough has people from all different types of cultures, bringing their own unique flavors and traditions to Queens’ many restaurants. Queens is especially known for their Greek, Chinese, Korean and Thai restaurants, but any and all types of cuisine, including a diverse selection of delicious street food, can be found here. Many immigrants bring truly authentic recipes from home to Queens where they are found at the many food-carts that line the sidewalks.

3. Affordable Housing

Reason #3 to move to Queens: More affordable housing than in other parts of New York City

While rent is completely unaffordable most other places in the city, Queens provides a haven of affordable living for NYC residents. The average rent for an apartment in Queens is $2,090. Compare that to an average rent of $2,602 in Brooklyn, and $3,752 in Manhattan.

4. Old-School Character

Graffiti murals in <a href=
Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City” width=”300″ height=”200″ /> Reason #4 to move to Queens: Old-school style with artistic flair

Manhattan and Brooklyn have been cleaned up, which is good for some people but not for the majority of immigrants and working-class New Yorkers. Queens has managed to stay diverse in an ever-increasingly gentrified city. Skip the pretentious, expensive social scenes in Manhattan and find a more diverse, more interesting social group in Brooklyn and Queens.

5. Abundance of Living Options

Image of multiple housing complexes in Queens, New York
Reason #5 to move to Queens: A plethora of housing options

Queens is the only borough in New York City to offer such a plethora of options for living arrangements. If you want to be just over the East River and have spectacular views of Manhattan, Long Island City and Astoria are young, hip enclaves with fantastic food and entertainment options. If you want to live in a suburban neighborhood with rolling hills and green lawns, try Bayside or Jamaica Estates. Queens offers its residents so many options to diversify their lifestyles. If you’re still not sure which neighborhood would best fit your lifestyle, check out our best neighborhoods in Queens.

6. Hotspot for Museums

PS1 museum located in Long Island City, Queens, NY
Reason #6 to move to Queens: Wonderful, attractive museums, among other things

Forget Manhattan, Queens is the destination for museums in New York! MoMA PS1, Noguchi Museum, Queens County Farm Museum, Louis Armstrong House Museum, Museum of the Moving Image, and Flushing Meadows Corona Park are all located in Queens. Museum-goers who venture out to this borough will be rewarded with unique exhibits and displays that most New Yorkers and tourists overlook.

7. Home of the American Dream

Queens girl raising the American flag
Reason #7 to move to Queens: It’s the city of dreams

Though all of New York is referred to as the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”, Queens is the borough of New York that most accurately personifies the American Dream. With both of the city’s major airports right in Queens, immigrants fresh off the plane from another country find that Queens is the perfect place to get their start. With more diversity here than anywhere else on the planet, most immigrants are able to settle in a neighborhood with people of the same or similar origins and start their new lives with the support of their respective communities. If the American Dream still exists, it resides in Queens. As you can see, Queens is a special place where diversity and multiculturalism are staples of the community. If you crave a diversity of experiences, cuisines, and cultures Queens is the place to be in NYC. Now that you’re ready to move to Queens, you need a trustworthy team of moving professionals to help you get settled into your new surroundings. Check out our tips for minimizing stress while moving, then fill out our easy-to-use online form to request a quote from us.

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