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Where Are People Moving to in 2022? Top 10 Fastest Growing Metros in the Northeast

With increased remote working capabilities and shifting priorities, many individuals and families have moved since the start of the pandemic. But where are people moving to in 2022? Here are the top ten fastest growing cities in the Northeast region of the United States.

10. Burlington VT

university of vermont on a sunny day

AmenitiesAbundant skiing, Lake Champlain, University of Vermont, Champlain College
Avg Yearly Household Income$55,461
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,770
Avg Home Value$464,984

Burlington, VT is an endlessly charming college town in the Northwest of Vermont. It is situated right on Lake Champlain, with close proximity to some of the best ski resorts in the Northeast. For remote workers, Burlington VT offers a simpler, safer, and more peaceful life closer to nature. New York City, Boston, and Montreal are all really close by, and they influence the culture you’ll find in Burlington.

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9. Binghamton, NY

botanical garden in binghamton ny

Avg Yearly Household Income$54,295
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,178
Avg Home Value$156,471

Binghamton is a small city in upstate New York that lies along the Southern tier of New York State. It is surrounded by rolling hills and sits at the confluence of two rivers. The city is gaining popularity as it offers residents plenty of nearby nature and tranquility at an exceptional value.

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8. Reading, PA

reading pa pagoda

Avg Yearly Household Income$67,708
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,311
Avg Home Value$190,000

Reading is the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania. The city offers residents a life closer to nature, while still being relatively close to Philadelphia. The city is really unique. It lies in the hills, with a Pagoda on top of a mountain overlooking the whole town. The city is also renowned for its Bronze-Level IMBA Ride Center locally managed by Berks Area Mountain Biking Association.

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7. Albany, NY

albany capital complex

  • Empire State Plaza
  • Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • The College of Saint Rose
  • University at Albany
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Avg Yearly Household Income$66,612
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,570
Avg Home Value$254,600

Albany is the capital city of New York, situated right on the Hudson River. It is about 30 miles from the state’s border with Massachusetts. It is also about a 2.5-3 hour drive to New York City, and about 3.5 hours to Montreal. The city is a hotbed of world-class universities, with a youthful culture and energy that keeps the city lively. Due to its central location, there are always artists and acts stopping in, giving residents the advantage whenever their favorite artist is touring the northeast.

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6. Scranton, PA

nature in scranton pa

Avg Yearly Household Income$57,719
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,055
Avg Home Value$142,408

Scranton PA is a mid size city located in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley. The city has lots to offer, especially for history buffs who are interested in the Industrial Revolution. There is also a local ski resort right in town, with a respectable 1,000’ vert of trails, a resort, and a waterpark.

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5. Allentown, PA

dorney park in allentown pa

Avg Yearly Household Income$57,795
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,839
Avg Home Value$240,000

Allentown is Pennsylvania’s fastest growing city and its third largest, offering residents opportunity and value that can’t be found in other major cities that have already blown up. The downtown has some solid museum offerings, not to mention the proximity to one of the best theme parks around. With Philadelphia only an hour away, Allentown offers an excellent balance for families who want a little bit of everything in a fast-growing city.

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4. Springfield, MA

rollercoaster at six flags new england in springfield ma

Avg Yearly Household Income$62,346
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,206
Avg Home Value$246,698

Springfield MA is a mid size college city in southwestern MA. You’ll find numerous colleges and universities throughout the region. People from all over New England flock here for Six Flags New England and the annual Big E. Springfield is great for people who want access to the mountains of Massachusetts and Southern Vermont.

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3. Manchester, NH

new hampshire greenery

Avg Yearly Household Income$75,665
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,668
Avg Home Value$366,499

Manchester is the most populous city in Northern New England, and the third most rapidly growing metro in the Northeast. It’s a college town, with close proximity to beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, and National Forests. Living in Manchester offers residents close proximity to anything and everything outdoor enthusiasts could want.

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2. Providence, RI

providence ri downtown

Avg Yearly Household Income$74,500
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,779
Avg Home Value$331,694

Providence RI is a mid-size city located about an hour south of Boston, MA. The city is home to many colleges, including the prestigious Roger Williams University and Brown University. Rhode Island offers residents a life closer to the sea, as the city lies right on Narragansett Bay.

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1. Harrisburg, PA

hershey pa rollercoaster

Avg Yearly Household Income$54,012
Avg Rent (2 bed)$1,572
Avg Home Value$212,645

Harrisburg is Pennsylvania’s capital, and offers residents culture, nature, and thrills at an excellent value. Here you’ll find many of the same amenities as you would expect in larger cities. The city offers many parks and nature preserves to enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll also find Hersheypark, arguably the most popular theme park in the Northeast.

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