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Tips for Moving with Babies

Having an infant can be the most beautiful, special time in a parent’s life. However, things can start getting stressful if you need to move with your baby into a new living space.

Moving into a new living space is an exciting and stressful transition that most people go through multiple times in their lives. People have many reasons to move: a new job, a significant other, a fresh start, or simply because of a need for change. By itself, moving can be incredibly stressful and difficult but including a baby in the mix can make it seem practically impossible. Follow these tips for moving with a new baby to ease the stress of the move and keep your baby happy.

Routine, routine, routine

Any new parent learns quickly that babies thrive on routine. You wake your baby, feed them and give them a nap all according to a daily routine. This is what your baby is used to and what makes them feel safe and happy. But moving into a new living space can completely throw this routine into chaos. It’s important to find a way to incorporate your normal routine into your move. If your move is only going to last a single day, this shouldn’t be quite as difficult. Make sure to take time out from packing boxes to keep to your baby’s schedule. Make sure there is a quiet place for them to take a nap at the right time and to have a bottle or breastfeed at the right time. However, if your move is going to take days or even weeks, it can be harder to preserve your routine. If you find yourself having to make changes, smaller changes are best. Moving a nap time by a half and hour is better than moving it by several hours, for instance.

Plan Everything

One of the most obvious aspects of moving into a new living space is planning. You have to plan when the movers are coming and plan to have everything done before they leave. But moving with a baby involves a little extra planning. Before moving day, check and triple check that you have everything you will need for your little one. Make a clear, concise list of what you’ll need to leave unpacked: bottles, burping cloths, any soothing toys or noise machines. Go over the odds and ends that your baby uses in a day and make sure to leave it to the side somewhere that it won’t be accidentally packed away.

Take time to help your baby adjust

One of the most overlooked aspects of moving to a new home with a baby in tow is just taking time for your little one to adjust to their new environment. Your home may be all your baby knows and moving to a new place with new sounds and smells can be scary and overwhelming. Make sure to ease your baby into the transition as gently as possible. Try visiting the new living space with the baby before the moving day so it will be familiar. Make sure to set up their crib or favorite bouncy chair as soon as possible once you move in. Remember, your baby’s comfort is one of the most important things to keep in mind when moving.

Hire Professional Movers

There are many reasons to hire professional movers, especially when you’re moving with a baby. The last thing you want to have to worry about on move-in day as a parent is hauling your belongings through the corridors, stairways, and alleyways of your living space. You need to look after your baby and all of the items they need to stay calm and happy. Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can worry about maintaining your baby’s routine. We have has a 5-star rating on Yelp since 2014 and have gained a reputation as a reliable, friendly moving service, making your move hassle-free and as painless as possible. Request a quote today to get the process started.

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