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5 Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Moving while pregnant can be a stressful and complex task. Moving from one place to another is tedious as it is, but pregnancy can make the moving process seem way more hectic and challenging.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving locally or long distance, moving is one of the most stressful experiences we have in life. Adding a pregnancy into the mix when moving can add significant mental stress and physical challenges to an already stressful situation. It is critical for families to reduce stress while moving, and adopt the following tips:

1. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

The most crucial part of moving while pregnant is to listen to the advice of your doctor. Your doctor knows you best, so he or she will guide you properly through specific in’s and out’s of maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor may have some useful tips and safety measures to follow throughout the moving process.

2. Plan and Pack Ahead of Time

The most tedious part of the moving process is packing all of the belongings that reside in every corner of your current home. It often takes a longer time than you’re expecting to pack and arrange all of your belongings and to effectively protect your valuables. The best way to tackle this monster of a project is to chip away at it little by little, and plan ahead of time. Start packing at least five or six weeks prior to moving day. Pack a box or two every day instead of saving it all for the last minute. Make or utilize a moving day checklist to keep you organized and focused.

3. Transfer Medical Services

Whether or not your move will require you getting a new doctor, it will almost certainly require you to transfer necessary medications and prescriptions to a new pharmacy. This isn’t something you want to worry about when you’re arriving and settling into your new home. If you do in fact need a new doctor, it’s wise to ask your current doctor for recommendations.

4. Limit Your Use of Chemicals

Moving into a new house often involves a lot of cleaning and painting using chemical substances. These chemicals can cause nausea, frustration and breathing difficulties, which can become a more serious complication when pregnant. If you’re pregnant and still want to clean, use chemical-free ‘green’ cleaning products and keep the activity light. Painting likely isn’t a wise choice when pregnant.

5. Hire Reliable Movers

Don’t approach this mountainous task alone or with the unreliable help of unpaid friends. Moving in New York City can be extremely hectic and stressful, therefore hiring reliable, professional movers can really make a difference. There are many reasons to hire professional movers for all types of moves, but a pregnancy makes hiring moving services even more compelling and wise. Simply fill out our quote request form, and our friendly staff will contact you and set up all the details for your move. Although these are not all of the precautionary measures you should consider, we hope these basic guidelines will enable you give extra consideration to your mental and physical health while moving. Be sure to check out our blog for a multitude of tips and tricks for moving and living in New York City.

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