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How to Pack and Move Books

Packing and moving books properly is a monumentally important task for the many bookworms of New York City. Showing up to a new living space with warped or damaged books can put a real damper on things. Follow these tips to protect your books and pack them effectively.

Sift Through Your Collection

Books are one of the heaviest items you can move with, so it is important that you cull your collection. Determine which books you truly want to travel with and which ones you can part with. Even books that you found helpful or inspiring may be better off at a used bookstore than collecting dust on your shelf. This can be a super satisfying project, and can help make room for new books at your new living space.

Consider Packing Options

Before packing the books away, decide how you will pack them. If you use cardboard boxes, make sure they’re small, sturdy, and durable. At Metropolis Moving, we are always advocates of utilizing a reusable bin service. This will prevent damage to the books, as even the sturdiest of cardboard boxes can fall apart with enough weight. If you do choose to pack your books in a cardboard box, follow these tips:

Use Smaller Boxes

Since books are pretty heavy and dense, using smaller boxes is a good idea to keep the weight manageable. Though our movers are strong, it is always considerate to keep things moderately heavy so that the risk of injury is diminished. Using smaller boxes also allows you to organize your collection into subsets, like genre.

Label Everything

If you organize your collection into subsets, labeling each box can be a huge time-saver. You’ll know which boxes hold which books, and can unpack them according to necessity, saving time and frustration.

Pack Books Properly!

One of the most important things to consider is packing the books properly and safely. If the books aren’t packed right, they could end up being damaged. Follow these steps when packing your books:

  1. Line the bottom of the box with packing paper or thin bubble wrap.
  2. Pack books either spine down, standing up, or laying flat. However, do not pack them with the spine up and the paper edges down.
  3. Pack hardcover books upright, with the spine against the side of the box.
  4. Wrap hardcover, sentimental, and important books for additional protection. Do not tape the book at all; tape the wrapping paper.
  5. Fill in all gaps with crumpled wrapping paper.
  6. Close, secure, and label box.

Pack Books First

Unless you’re packing dumbbells, books are often the heaviest items to pack. Packing your books first is a great way to get a high volume of your belongings packed away quickly. Just be sure to leave yourself a few books to read while everything is being moved!

Leave a Few Important Books With You

There might be books that you refer to often for inspiration, or you might be in the middle of an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Whatever the case, be sure to leave a couple of important books on your person, whether in your purse or in a backpack. This will allow you to pack your books away first and will help minimize the stress of moving.

Hire Professional Movers

The best way to ensure that your valuables are protected and moved properly is to hire professional movers. Metropolis Moving is a well-regarded NYC mover, serving people all over the city and beyond. Get a quote today to get your moving process started, so that you can start packing your books today.

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