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How to Pack Televisions and Computers

Whether relocating your home or your office, packing televisions, computers, and other electronics properly is crucial.

You’ve got lots of saved work, pictures, personal files, and more on your computer. Other electronics like televisions and computer monitors need to be transported properly to ensure that they will continue to function. Follow these tips when packing televisions and computers and you’ll save money and headaches.

Packing your Television

Packing a television effectively is very important if you want to keep the TV functioning properly. Therefore it is crucial that you consult the owner’s manual for specifics on moving your TV. The best solution is to re-pack it in the original packaging. If you don’t have that, you can buy a television carton or create a custom package for your TV. Remember the following when packing a television:

  • Do not tape the television directly. Use the foam or bubble pack the television came with to wrap it up, and tape the wrapping.
  • Use foam or corner inserts
  • Use foam peanuts for extra protection
  • Add the following labels to the box:
    • Fragile
    • Glass
    • Do not lay flat
    • This side up

Be sure to take a picture of the back of your TV, with all components plugged in, so that you can reassemble your entertainment system quickly at your new home.

Packing your Computer

Packing your computer effectively is all about the type of computer. If you’ve got a laptop, simply pack it into a laptop-friendly backpack along with accessories and power cords. If you plan on packing the laptop away in a box, wrap it from back to front with bubble wrap and pack the laptop away on its edge. If you’ve got a desktop, it will require a little more work to pack away. To pack a desktop, start by packing the computer monitor like a television. Once you have done this you’ll have to pack the tower:

  • Layer crumpled packing paper along the bottom of the box
  • Wrap the tower in bubble wrap, taping the wrap but not the tower

Be sure to follow the same principles when packing things like keyboards and speakers. Keep all the wires together, bubble wrap without taping the actual object, and keep everything together. Also, electronics are better off being packed in their original boxes than anything else, so if you still have the boxes be sure to use them. The only way to truly ensure that your television and computer arrive at your new living space unscathed is by hiring professional movers. Metropolis Moving is one of the city’s most well-regarded professional moving services. Whatever the size or scope of your move is, we would be happy to help. Get a quote today and be sure to include the details of your important electronics when filling out our quote request form.

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