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Beginners Guide to Living in Manhattan

Moving is quite challenging and life-changing, especially to a city like the Big Apple. Moving in general already takes a toll on you—from adjusting to your new community to learning the culture.

Which is why, as a newcomer to Manhattan, you really have a lot to learn before you commit to living here. Manhattan is the most dense and popular borough in New York. Everything you see in the movies are as close to the truth as it gets. With the Manhattan lifestyle, moving can be quite a daunting experience. So if you’re new to the city, you may want to consider these tips.

Know the Way and The Words

Aerial view of Manhattan skyline in New York City Get yourself a map of Manhattan and make sure you study this by heart. Take note of the landmarks going to your destination. This will help you save time and avoid getting lost in the streets. You can, of course, ask around, but you’ll find that you might be disrupting the flow of New Yorkers in a hurry to their respective destinations. Manhattanites (yes, that’s what they call themselves) have their own language that you may want to learn right away. If you plan to explore the city, learn the lingo so you can blend in and avoid the attention of muggers that prey on tourists and newcomers.

Use Public Transportation

Manhattan offers a variety of public transportation options to help you get to your destination. The public transportation system is among the best in the world, and soon you’ll find very little need for your car. In fact, driving around might be more of an inconvenience as it is difficult and expensive to find good parking in the city. If you have a vehicle and plan on keeping it, reserve it for road trips outside of the city.

In Manhattan, the most convenient and best option is to travel by taxi. However, you have to consider the cost and the traffic. Convenience has its costs, after all, and this is particularly true in Manhattan. So consider your destination’s distance from your current location. Traveling by foot is the most feasible option as most of Manhattan is easily walkable. If not, luckily one of the world’s best subway systems is easily accessible.

Schedule your Shopping

If you’re new to New York, it’s always a good idea to set a practical and realistic budget. Though it’s tempting to eat out all the time with the plethora of food choices in Manhattan alone, it’s still a good idea to shop for groceries and prepare your own meals to save. The good news is grocery shopping in the city is an adventure in and of itself. With New Yorkers always in a rush, planning your trips to the store is always a good idea.

Go with the Flow

Native New Yorkers and Manhattanites know how the city works inside and out. Again, everyone in the city is in a rush. Manhattan is the economic and administrative center of the city, so you are bound to be constantly in a sea of people hurrying to get to and from offices. Know that there is no place for slow-paced inhabitants here, so practice walking fast in the park and always know where you are going to avoid making unnecessary stops that could annoy other people. It is, indeed, different being a tourist visiting Manhattan from being someone actually residing in the city. You will really need to immerse yourself with the culture and eventually adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle. It’s going to be tough and wild, but it will be worth it. It’s not called the concrete jungle for nothing, after all. That said, Manhattan has it’s upsides, too. If you’re thinking about moving to manhattan, ask us for a quote.

map of New York City