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6 of the Best Local Moving Companies in Chicago

Chicago can be a difficult city to navigate. We know because we’re often helping our clients move from New York to Chicago or vice-versa, from Chicago to NYC. Like in New York City, the average Chicago resident moves every few months or years, and moving in Chicago can be a challenge. Moving anywhere is stressful enough, but something about doing it in a big city seems to multiply the anxiety and hassle of moving. If you’re looking for a way to make your life easier during your next Chicago move, perhaps look into hiring a professional moving company. Here are six local Chicago moving companies that make our list:

MOOvers Chicago

Moovers Chicago is a family-owned moving company that offers residential and commercial moving services throughout Illinois.

Their movers are trained and tested before they become part of the staff. They specialize in studios, houses and 1, 2, 3-bedroom apartments from buildings with and without elevators.

Windy City Movers

Windy City Movers is a family owned business that services the Chicago Metropolitan area and all over the state of Illinois. Husband and wife team Ed and Dawn started the business in their early 20’s in 1981 as a way to get into business and support their family, which included a newborn baby at the time. The business has grown since the early 80’s from a single truck to now having many that run in parallel. The Windy City Movers team is a full-service company that handles moves from start to finish… estimates, packing materials, full or partial packing & unpacking, and transportation. They offer both residential and commercial moving services, as well as specialty services like moving pianos, antiques, and doing junk removal. They specifically specialize in helping senior citizens move into their new living arrangements.

Windy City Professionals

Windy City Professionals is a relocation assistance service offering everything from labor only moving to full service moving help. They offer moving services by the hourly rate with different inclusions that would fit your needs. You can get a free quote to assess which type of moving service you can get.

Windy City Professionals Moving Company

Blue Crates

Blue Crates provides their customers with reusable, plastic moving bins- an eco-friendly alternative to buying cardboard boxes. Their crates are reusable and cut down on the waste associated with cardboard boxes, not to mention the fact that they are a much stronger and easier to use alternative. Blue Crates is convenient in that their packages are delivered directly to your door without the need for individuals to have to go source and build boxes. They like to say, “No Cardboard. No Tape. No Hassle.” Blue Crates offers a digital catalog making it super easy to keep track of all of the things you have packed for your move complete with pictures if you choose and digital descriptions of all of your things. They also offer complimentary storage after your move to help you get organized and move in at your own pace.

Blue Crates plastic moving bins

Move Within Movers

Move Within Movers is a locally owned and operated professional moving company located in Albany Park in Chicago, IL. The company, founded by Tom vonRentzell, opened its offices in Chicago in 2014. MOVE WITHIN MOVERS Chicago, Inc. offers a lifetime of moving experience. Tom is a Third-Generation mover who comes from a family that has been in the moving industry since the early 1940’s, and Jacob has been in the industry for over 10 years. They are highly skilled moving specialists who have chosen to make a career in the industry. Their expertise and knowledge carries over to their employees, and it shows through in their work.

Move Within Movers: Local Chicago Moving Company

Dennis Jaburek Billiards

Jaburek Billiards company specializes in moving pool tables in the greater Chicago metro area. They’re fully insured and guarantee satisfaction with all their work. They’ve got nothing but 5-star reviews on Yelp and have a nearly perfect rating on Google, also.

D Jaburek Pool Table Movers

Who’d we miss? Know any other professional moving companies that deserve to be on this list?

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