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Inwood NY Neighborhood Guide

Inwood NY is Manhattan’s northernmost neighborhood. It is a quieter, more residential community within the bounds of New York’s liveliest borough. For this reason, it’s great for families and young professionals who want an authentic sense of community as well as easy access to Lower Manhattan.

The People

Inwood is a very diverse neighborhood. Nearly half of the residents are foreign-born, with Hispanic people making up the majority of residents. Also, the neighborhood is home to the city’s largest concentration of Dominicans. The neighborhood demographics are as follows:

  • Asian: 3.9%
  • Black: 7%
  • Hispanic: 69.5%
  • White: 18.2%
  • Other: 1.4%

Inwood NY Food

arepas inwood ny

As a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, Inwood NY is known for its Latin food, especially Dominican cuisine. Be sure to check out these neighborhood favorites:

The Vibe

Inwood is one of the more unique neighborhoods in Manhattan. It’s filled with friendly, supportive neighbors as well as mom and pop businesses. You’ll find that people watch out for each other a little more here. It’s quieter and more affordable than other neighborhoods in Manhattan. It’s got a glimpse of old-world New York to it, with many NYC lifers and empty nesters choosing this neighborhood.

The Setting

Inwood NY is bound by the Harlem River to the east. To the South, it’s bound by Washington Heights. To the West, it is bound by the Hudson River. Spuyten Duyvil Creek and Marble Hill define the neighborhood’s northern borders.

Inwood NY Attractions

inwood hill park


inwood nightlife

Though the neighborhood is quieter compared to the rest of Manhattan, both the A train and 1 train provide fantastic access to the more lively sections of the borough. However, you can still find some fantastic, community bars here. Be sure to stop in at the following bars:

Moving to Inwood Manhattan

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