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Moving Tips

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Figuring out how to pack shoes for moving is similar to figuring out how to pack your clothing. Follow these tips to keep your shoes organized and protected during your move.

1. Filter Through What You Have

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The first step (no pun intended) in figuring out how to pack shoes for moving is to filter through what you have and narrow it down. There will certainly be at least a pair or two that perhaps you can donate, or get rid of. The less you bring with you the better, so packing up your belongings is the perfect opportunity to sort and pare down your baggage.

2. Sort and Group Your Shoes

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After you’ve narrowed your shoe collection down to only the pairs you intend to keep, the next step will be to sort your shoes into different categories or groups. This will make it way easier to know where everything is, find it quickly, and ultimately unpack in your new home.

3. Refurbish Any Old or Dirty Shoes

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Now is the perfect time to refurbish, clean, or repair any old or dirty pairs of shoes that you intend on keeping. This way, they can be packed away clean, which will keep your other belongings and your new living space clean as well.

4. Pack Shoes Away

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Shoes should be packed separately from the rest of your clothing, as they can easily get scuffed, crushed, or lose their shape in storage. For this reason, storing shoes in their original shoeboxes is always the best option for protecting your belongings. Be sure to stuff them with socks or packing paper (avoid newspaper due to the ink) to protect them from losing shape.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving with No Shoeboxes

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If you’ve thrown away all your shoeboxes or are using them for other purposes, small moving boxes work as well. There are a multitude of options if you don’t have the original boxes. First of all, you can purchase basic cardboard or plastic shoe boxes online.

Pack Essentials Separately from the Rest

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For the shoes that you wear daily or almost every day, you’ll want to pack those separately from the rest of your shoes. This way, you can access them easily and quickly once you’re in your new home. Also, be sure to separate seasonal pairs from the every day pairs, unless you have an immediate need for the seasonal pair.

Pack Heavy Shoes in the Bottom

If you’re packing a box with multiple pairs of shoes, be sure to pack the heaviest pairs at the bottom. This will make the box easier to carry and minimize damage to the lighter pairs in the box.

Hire Professional Movers

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The best way to protect your shoes during a move is to hire professional movers. We have experience with moves of all sizes and scopes, and can confidently transport your important shoes and other belongings to your new home. We have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and professional moving services in the city. Request a quote today to get your moving process started.

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