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Moving Tips

How to Pack Clothes When Moving

Follow these tips to ensure that you know how to pack clothes when moving properly. This way, you can focus your attention on the other important details of your move.

1. Decide What You’ll Pack

Categorize your clothing into three separate groups: keep, donate, or sell. Although it may seem like an added step, sorting through your clothing first before packing it will save you time and money. Sort through your clothing and decide on gently used pieces that you can part ways with. You can either donate them, or try to sell them with apps like Poshmark.

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Organize and Label!

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Once you’ve decided what you will keep, try to group the clothing by season, material, size, or whatever will make sense for you. Be sure that you label each box and container with the specific category or grouping of your choice. You’ll be very happy you did this once you arrive at your new home.

2. Keep What You’ll Need


Be sure to pack a separate moving bag with 1-2 weeks’ worth of clothing that you can access while all your other clothes and belongings are packed away. Be sure that the clothing is comfortable and lightweight so that you can move with ease.

Keep Your Valued Items with You

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If there are any pieces of clothing in particular that you value, keep them with you in a separate box. It’ll give you peace of mind to keep them on you. You’ll also be able to focus more on other important details during the moving process. Here are more tips on how to protect valuables during a move.

3. Keep Your Dressers Full


Save time, space, effort, and energy by keeping your dressers full, as long as they don’t contain any fragile items. This way, you can just worry about moving the piece of furniture, and the clothing transports itself without needing to be unpacked and reorganized.

4. How to Pack Clothes When Moving – Containers

Wardrobe Boxes

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Wardrobe boxes are a no-brainer for your hanging clothing. They allow you to keep your clothing intact and on the hanger, helping you move it from your old closet to your new closet with as little effort as possible.

Regular Boxes

packing boxes

Regular boxes don’t handle hanging clothing very well. However, they’re perfect for folded clothing as they can be packed and stored away neatly for transport, due to their standardized size. Be sure to organize each box thoughtfully so that it’s not a mishmash of different items that belong in different places.


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Suitcases are another great way to transport non-hanging clothing. They are beneficial because they offer an extra layer of protection for delicate or valued items. Also, they make it obvious where your clothing is when you’re trying to navigate through a room full of homogeneous looking boxes.

Vacuum Bags

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Vacuum bags are an excellent way to pack away clothing and make it more compact. They are especially good for bulky items like comforters, winter clothing, and jackets. This can save you lots of mental energy, just be sure to find sturdy storage for the condensed bags themselves.

5. Pack Hats and Shoes Separately


Both shoes and hats should be packed separately from the rest of your clothing. Shoes can easily get scuffed, crushed, or lose their shape when stored improperly. Hats are especially at risk of losing shape in storage.

It is recommended to use as much space as is needed to be sure to keep these valuable accessories intact. The best thing you can do is store the items in the shoebox or hat box they came in. Otherwise, use tissue paper or towels as padding for these items and don’t be afraid to use extra boxes if necessary.

6. Hire Professional Movers

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The best way to protect your clothing during a move is to hire professional movers. We have experience with moves of all sizes and scopes, and can confidently transport your important clothing and other belongings to your new home. We have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and professional moving services in the city. Request a quote today to get your moving process started.

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