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Movers in New York City

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Where to Find Online Reviews for Moving Companies

There are thousands of moving companies serving New York and its surrounding areas. If you search through Yelp for moving companies in New York City, you’ll find close to 8,000 companies listed. You probably won’t have the time to call each company to ask about their service. Narrowing down your choice to find the best movers for your needs can be challenging.

 It’s a good thing Yelp shows the company’s review ratings, so you can use that to sort the companies based on the highest ratings, along with filters like neighborhood and price. Now, instead of choosing from among thousands of companies, you only have to sort through probably less than ten which is more reasonable and less time-consuming. That’s the value of online reviews. You won’t just be relying on the company’s own marketing and advertising, but rather, you will be hearing about real people’s actual experiences with the services the moving company provided. Here are the best places to find online reviews for New York City moving companies:


Yelp is the best, most comprehensive online review platform. Founded in 2004, the platform was created to help people find great local businesses like dentists, hair stylists, and professional moving services. By the end of Q4 of 2017, Yelpers had written over 148 million reviews. Yelp is also where you can see Metropolis Moving’s best testimonials. We have had a 5-star ranking on the site since 2014, something we take pride in and a standard we strive to maintain. This is where you’ll find most of our testimonials and ratings. Our page updates very frequently with people who have a recent experience moving with us, so check us out and see what our customers are saying. If you’ve utilized our professional moving services already, leave us a review.


Google is another fantastic, underutilized business review platform. Leaving a review on Google for a business is even more visible and valuable to them than a Yelp review, even though less people use Google to read business reviews. Solid Google reviews improve a company’s ranking for search results, so the platform goes hand-in-hand with the success of local businesses. You’ll see that our Brooklyn,+NY+11237&ludocid=764634898118482572#lrd=0x89c25ea7a4900405:0xa9c87637d381a8c,1,,,” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Google ranking is five stars as well. You can leave a Google review for Metropolis Moving here.

Why YOU Should Leave a Review

Just as you find customer reviews helpful, other people who are moving will also find it helpful. Think of it as paying it forward. Leaving a short review like “great service” or “quote was accurate” or “arrived during expected pick up time” wouldn’t actually take a lot of your time. But this could be the deciding factor that makes someone choose one company over the other. It’s a simple move that can significantly help others in your situation. Learn more about the benefits of leaving a review here.

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