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Why You Should Leave a Review for your Moving Company

There are thousands of moving companies serving New York and its surrounding areas. If you search through Yelp for moving companies in New York City, you’ll find close to 8,000 companies listed. You probably won’t have the time to call each company to ask about their service.

Narrowing down your choice to find the best movers for your needs can be challenging.

It’s a good thing Yelp shows the company’s review ratings, so you can use that to sort the companies based on the highest ratings, along with filters like neighborhood and price. Now, instead of choosing from among thousands of companies, you only have to sort through probably less than ten which is more reasonable and less time-consuming. That’s the value of customer reviews. You won’t just be relying on the company’s own marketing and advertising, but rather, you will be hearing about real people’s actual experiences with the services the moving company provided. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 8 reasons why you should leave a review for your moving company.

Helpful For Other People Who Are Also Moving

Just as you find customer reviews helpful, other people who are moving will also find it helpful. Think of it as paying it forward. Leaving a short review like “great service” or “quote was accurate” or “arrived during expected pick up time” wouldn’t actually take a lot of your time. But this could be the deciding factor that makes someone choose one company over the other. It’s a simple move that can significantly help others in your situation.

Customer Reviews Help Set Expectations

Reading customer reviews about a business sets your expectations and enables you to be better prepared for the move. Customers who share their first-hand experience can let you know about the nitty-gritty details, like a team member who went above-and-beyond for a customer. Topics like the moving company’s correspondence, if they’re careful about handling your belongings, or how much you should tip the movers are helpful to those considering utilizing our moving services. Sharing your experience through a review can help set expectations about how well – or not – the moving company worked for you.

Help The Moving Company Improve Their Business

An exceptional business is serious about making the businesses successful while always on the lookout for opportunities to improve. Providing feedback by leaving a customer review can help a company understand what they need to do to improve.

The value of good reviews should not be underestimated. Just as negative reviews can lessen the chances of getting more customers, positive reviews can greatly help the business grow. Effectively managed businesses take time to read what you wrote. By letting them know about any positive or negative experience you might have had, you enable them to improve what is done well and change what isn’t.

Let The Moving Company Know What Other Services They Should Provide

Customer reviews are a good source for companies to find out how they can add value and provide more services for their customers. The usual services provided by a moving company include local and long distance moving. But not all moving companies offer commercial moving services or packing and unpacking services.

By letting the company know about other services you need, you help them find out how they can be more competitive. If you were the owner of a company that has more than a thousand competitors, you would appreciate knowing about how you can thrive better in the industry, right?

Good Reviews Help Increase The Company’s Ranking

Remember how you used the review ratings to find moving companies with high ratings? When you leave a review and rate the company’s service, you help the company’s rankings go up. Google Review is one way for you to speak your mind about your personal experience with a business or place. Google collects information about these reviews, ranks the company’s based on the ratings, and posts this information alongside the Google Maps listing.

The value of this is that it helps people decide which place or store they will go to. For example, when choosing between two restaurants – one that is really near your apartment but has low review ratings and one that’s a bit farther but has 5-star ratings, you’ll probably go for the latter.

Help The Moving Company’s Online Marketing

Companies spend a lot on advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing, as you have probably seen every time you used Google. Leaving a customer review on an online platform like Yelp or Google Review helps improve the company’s online marketing efforts. To put it simply, any time you leave a customer review online, you’re leaving a footprint on the internet that can help other people find the company you reviewed. The more reviews the company has, the higher it will go on search results until it becomes the number one thing you find on the page. And you know how people click on the first thing they see. This is one of the reasons why companies encourage their customers to leave a review.

Tell The World About the Company’s Trustworthiness

We like sharing our experiences – posting a selfie when at a coffee shop or restaurant, tweeting our location or what we’re currently enjoying, or leaving customer reviews. The businesses we’re patronizing are not paying us to promote them. It’s just in our nature to let people know about any great experience we’re having.

When you write an online review, you’re not only sharing your own experience, you are also letting others know that the company you reviewed can be trusted. This is a big help to the company. Businesses that have gained people’s trusts are usually the ones who get repeat customers. People use their services again because they know the company is trustworthy.

Help Grow The Business

There are many reasons why leaving a customer review can help a moving company grow its business. When you post your review, you’re telling people about how good the company’s services are. You’re letting people know whether or not you would personally recommend these services to a friend.

Because reviews are posted publicly, your post can influence potential customers. 90% of consumers read reviews about a business before deciding to buy a product or hire their services. And you have the power to influence their decisions through your reviews. You can help grow the business for the moving company that gave you efficient, prompt and excellent service.

Where to Leave a Review

If you visit Metropolis Moving’s Yelp page, you will see a five-star rating, something we have maintained since 2014. We are proud to have gained a reputation as a trustworthy, reputable moving service. Be sure to leave us a review on Google as well!

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