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What Does a Certificate of Insurance Include?

An insured moving company should be able to show you their COI so you can verify they have the necessary insurance coverage. A COI typically includes:
  • Name of the insured: This is the name of the individual or company covered by the insurance policy.
  • Policy number: A unique identifier for the insurance policy.
  • Types of coverage: This could include general liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, etc.
  • Policy limits: This indicates the maximum amount the insurer will pay under the policy.
  • Policy effective dates: The start and end date of the coverage.
  • Name of the insurance company: The company providing the insurance coverage.
  • Contact details: Information on how to reach the insurance company or agent for verification or claims.
  • Certificate holder: The person or entity requesting proof of insurance.
  • Additional Insureds: Any other individuals or entities also covered under the policy.
  • Endorsements: Modifications to the insurance policy terms or coverage.

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