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Where to Get Cardboard Moving Boxes in NYC

If you’re looking for cardboard moving boxes in NYC, you have a wealth of options. New Yorkers are always on the move, so it’s easy to find both used and new ones if you know where to look.

What to Look for in Used Moving Boxes

Used cartons can be a good way to get what you need on the cheap, but if you don’t choose carefully, you can wind up paying more in the long run. Here’s what to look for:

Uniformity: As every Tetris player knows, stacking the squares is a breeze. It’s those odd-shaped pieces that tank your game. This is true when you’re packing up a truck too, so you’ll want to have as many uniform cartons as possible. You may still go with a mixture of sizes, but limit what you can to save yourself loading and unloading headaches.

Condition: If the options you’re finding have crunched corners or bends on the side, they’ll collapse when they’re stacked. That puts whatever you place inside at risk of being crushed or damaged when a stack topples over.

Prior Use: Cardboard soaks up liquids and scents. That may not be a problem if a crate was used for strawberries and you love your bed sheets and clothes smelling like them. However, not everything has a pleasant scent after it’s been sitting a while, particularly in the heat. Cases which have held dairy and meats, for example, may not be the best choices. Equally, those which have held things like chemicals and cleaners can not only pick up the scent, but the substances as well, meaning they can cause reactions and damage your belongings.

Where to Get Cardboard Moving Boxes in NYC

Grocery Stores: Stop by the customer service desk of places you normally shop at and see if they have any set aside for customers or if they’ll save some for you. While places like Sam’s Club and Costco often have stacks set aside, they usually have the tops cut off and are rarely uniform, so go with your favorite neighborhood shop.

Restaurants: The best ones to find at restaurants are those that have held frozen goods, such as French fries. They tend to be built quite sturdy and can hold a considerable amount of weight.

Retailers: While almost all retailers will have some cartons available, what you really want to look for here are ones that held fragile items. You’re far more likely to find good options for your dinnerware and glass items here. Wine boxes work well because they often have compartments built in and are designed to protect fragile cargo. You can also check in with appliance stores for larger cartons. These may be more ideal for things like bedding, towels, and clothing.

Online: Craigslist and Freecycle are two major hotspots. Unfortunately, the former tends to have people who want to charge top dollar for their used cartons, while the latter is hit or miss. You never know what you’ll find, though, so it’s worth a quick check.

Recycling Centers: Neighborhood recycling centers can be a good choice because people bring their cardboard boxes in after they’ve moved, plus they’re already broken down and ready for transport. Be sure to check the policy of the center, though, as some frown upon communal sharing.

Schools: During semester breaks, universities fill up with cartons. You’re likely to find quite a few as students begin in the fall and go back after the holidays.

Your Moving Company: Many movers, such as Metropolis Moving, don’t offer packing services, but we often know who you can count on whether you just need cardboard moving boxes in NYC, supplies, or want help getting everything packed. Our friends over at PakingRUs, for example, are a great resource either way.

Crate Rentals: Going with a crate rental service is an excellent choice if you’re eco-conscious or worried about the stability of boxes. When you factor in the cost of boxes, tape, and other supplies, crate rental can be a really affordable choice too. We’re fans of the folks over at BoxUp rentals, who will gladly bring your crates to you and pick them up at your new home when you’re done unpacking.

Get Help Moving

Now that you know where to get cardboard moving boxes in NYC, it’s time to get working on planning the move. Metropolis Movers is here to help. With customer testimonials that speak for themselves, free moving quotes, and transparent pricing, you can take comfort in knowing that your relocation will be handled with the speed and care it deserves. Call (718) 710-4520 to speak with us now or complete our quote form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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