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What Is a Loft?

New York City has an abundance of different types of apartments and living spaces. One unique type of living space that can be found in formerly industrial areas of the city is a loft.

A loft is a former industrial building, such as a mill, factory, or warehouse, that has been converted into a living space. It is characterized by exposed brick walls, piping and beams, and large floor-to-ceiling windows that yield lots of extra natural light. Lofts have a desirable, classic industrial look.

Lofts in New York

In New York City, lofts are usually found in desirable neighborhoods that were once industrial areas. Lofts account for about 10% of Manhattan residential sales.

Lofts usually have much more room than traditional apartments. That being said, the space is usually one large room with an open floor plan, featuring little to no internal walls. For this reason, storage space can be limited, and privacy within the space is quite limited as well.

Lofts are great for people who love the unique industrial charm of former warehouses. It’s a great solution for artists and craftsmen who want to work from home and require more than just a desk space to get their work done.

How does a loft differ from a traditional apartment?

Apartments were originally intended to be living spaces. Lofts weren’t built with that original intention and often require some renovation to be feasible for living. Lofts differ from traditional apartments in the following ways:

  • Higher ceilings with a more open floor plan
  • Rustic, open-brick look
  • Less defined by the floorplan than apartments; simply a large space you can do anything you want with

Drawbacks of Living in a Loft

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  • More expensive than a traditional apartment
  • Higher utility bills, due to large, drafty windows not originally intended to insulate the living space
  • Storage space is limited.
  • If you’re sharing the space with roommates, privacy will be more difficult.
  • Less likely to find shared spaces such as gyms or common areas

What Is a Hard Loft?

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A hard loft is a loft space that was originally a warehouse or industrial space. It usually features 10-20 foot ceilings, exposed piping and ventilation, and exposed support beams. They feature quite a bit of authentic charm, and sometimes even some unique features from the time period in which they were built.

What Is a Soft Loft?

A soft loft is an apartment built to mimic the look and feel of hard lofts, without as many drawbacks. They may not feature as much historical and unique charm as hard lofts, but they are designed with livability in mind. This means that windows are better insulated, storage space is likely built in, and community amenities like a fitness center or pool are more feasible.

Apartment with a Loft Space

Apartments with a loft space are different from loft apartments. They are usually regular apartments with extra vertical space that is utilized for a small nook, sleeping space, or other mezzanine-type of area. Unlike soft lofts, they aren’t necessarily designed to mimic the look of hard lofts. They are regular apartments that utilize the extra vertical space for sleeping or storage.

Moving Into a Loft Space

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Loft spaces are perfect for creative people who are looking for a slight departure from traditional apartments. Now that you’ve decided what type of space you want to live in, you’ll need a team of reliable, professional movers to get you there. Metropolis Moving has gained the reputation of being one of New York City’s most courteous, careful, and friendly professional moving services. Get a quote today and you’ll be on your way to living the life you envision for yourself in a loft.

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