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Todt Hill Staten Island Neighborhood Guide

Todt Hill is a relatively rugged and hilly woodland located right in the middle of Staten Island. The neighborhood is a very upscale suburb which caters to white collar professionals with families who want proximity to city amenities while living in a peaceful, green setting.

The People

Todt Hill does not have the same amount of diversity as most other New York City neighborhoods, however you can still find a plethora of people with different backgrounds and lifestyles in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Todt Hill’s demographics are as follows:

  • 11% Asian
  • 1% Black
  • 7% Hispanic
  • 80% White
  • 1% Multiracial

The Food

brick oven pizza

Todt Hill does not have any restaurants or stores. It is a strictly residential neighborhood. However, there are plenty of options to be found in the surrounding neighborhoods. Locals frequent the establishments in nearby Dongan Hills for their food. Here are some of the better options:

  • DOUGH By Licastri – DOUGH uses the highest-quality ingredients to produce fresh, made-to-order pizza, sandwiches and more for residents of Staten Island. They also have a wonderful deck perfect for summer nights.
  • Shishito – Shishito serves a variety of Japanese delights including soups, salads, appetizers, sushi, sashimi, rolls, entrees, beverages, deserts and more. It is a neighborhood favorite for great Japanese food.
  • Mac’s Es-ca – Esca is Staten Island’s premier destination for exceptional dining and fine cuisine. They are the ideal meeting place and perfect for any occasion from romantic dates to family dining and Private Rooms.
  • The G.O.A.T. – This is a modern hangout with cassette-tape decor & graffiti art, serving cocktails & elevated American grub. They serve the community from lunchtime through happy hour, dinner, and the nighttime.

The Vibe

todt hill mansion

Todt Hill is a very upscale neighborhood. It has the feel of suburban New Jersey, while still remaining within the confines of New York City. It’s perfect for those looking for peace, quiet, and privacy in a suburban setting without leaving the city.

The neighborhood’s residents work primarily white-collar jobs, and the setting is perfect for raising a family. However, the neighborhood is pretty quiet, so you might be interested in other neighborhoods if you’re looking for an ultra-lively atmosphere.

The Setting

todt hill map

Todt Hill is located right in the heart of Staten Island. It is a 400 foot-tall hill that is the highest point in New York City and the highest natural elevation on the entire Atlantic coastal plain from Florida to Cape Cod.

The neighborhood’s southern border forms a “V” along Todt Hill Rd and Richmond Rd. The eastern border is defined by W Fingerboard Rd, Stonegate Dr, Alan Loop, Britton Ave, Baltic Ave, Richmond Rd, and Emerson Dr.

The Staten Island Expressway defines the neighborhood’s boundaries to the north. To the east, the neighborhood runs along the edges of properties on Safety City St and Safety City Blvd, and cuts through Deere Park before meeting at the intersection of Ocean Terrace and Todt Hill Rd. Once there, the border is defined by Todt Hill Rd until it reaches the intersection with Richmond Rd.

Todt Hill Attractions

todt hill

  • Reed’s Basket Willow Swamp Park – This park is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A forest covers nearly half the area of this property. Hiking trails guide explorers through the woods. Three ponds and a swamp area round out the terrain.
  • Deere Park – This park features nearly 40 acres of forestry, kettle holes, steep hills and large boulders with hiking trails interspersed throughout, including one trail that takes hikers to one of the highest natural points on the Atlantic coastal plain.


todt hill sports bar

  • Ralph’s Sports Bar – Community comfort food kitchen and local watering hole delivering delicious new takes and classics. Partnered with local and sustainable suppliers.

Todt Hill Movers

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