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Stuyvesant Heights Brooklyn Neighborhood Guide

Stuyvesant Heights is an historic subsection of Bed Stuy and is known for its abundance of beautiful historic New York architecture and vivacious black history and culture.

The People

Stuyvesant Heights is a primarily black enclave. It has definitely seen some gentrification, but not as much as surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods. The neighborhood demographics are as follows:

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  • 61.6% Black
  • 10.7% White
  • 15.6% Hispanic
  • 3.5% Asian
  • 2.4% American Indian
  • 3.3% Multiple Races
  • 1.0% Pacific Islander
  • 3.3% Other

The Food

carribean food

The food in Stuyvesant Heights can best be described as Soul Food. You’ll find classic French fare, as well as Southern Comfort food, and a diverse array of Carribean fare. Some notable dining destinations are:

  • Peaches – an upscale, modern take on Southern Comfort Food
  • L’Antagoniste – High-end, traditional French bistro fare with a variety of complimentary wines and beverages
  • MAMA FOX – Modern new American fare complimented by a variety of craft cocktails

The Vibe

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Stuyvesant Heights is Brooklyn’s hub of black culture. The neighborhood features an array of awesome black-owned businesses. The neighborhood is chock full of cultural attractions, vibrant neighbors, and fantastic food. There is an all-encompassing sense of community in this neighborhood, something lacking in other parts of New York. Neighbors share parenting responsibilities and look after each other’s kids. Block parties in the summertime keep the community tight-knit and give it a small-town vibe.

The Setting

Stuyvesant Height’s southern border is Fulton St. The eastern end is bordered by Malcolm X Blvd. The north end is bordered by Macon and Halsey Streets on the North. Tompkins Ave defines the neighborhood’s western border.

Stuyvesant Heights Attractions

Stuyvesant Height’s history as a hub of black culture contributes to a neighborhood filled with historic and culturally-significant attractions. Be sure to check out the following museums, galleries, and attractions:

  • Bedford Stuyvesant Museum of African Art – This non-profit arts organization is dedicated to providing an enriching educational experience to the Bed-Stuy community. They house artwork from more than 40 different African countries, showcasing an impressive and diverse array of art and cultures.
  • Hattie Carthan Community Farmers Market – This grassroots, people of color-led agricultural revitalization project has a vision to cultivate a healthy, holistic, and self-sufficient community that increases the neighborhood’s access to locally-grown fresh food, farm culture, and intergenerational agricultural education.
  • Stuyvesant Heights Historic District – The district’s over 800 buildings are a diverse array of row houses, tenant buildings, residences, and institutional buildings. They range from simple wood frame houses to grand chateauesque buildings.
  • Richard Beavers Gallery – The space is dedicated to showcasing Black emerging and established artists — and facilitating community dialogue around the themes in their work.
  • De Lux Gallery – This salon, owned by self-professed oldhead Glen Ettienne, caters to healthy natural hair of all styles.
  • Biggie Mural – This Bed-Stuy landmark is a fantastic tribute to a local legend
  • Billie Holiday Theatre – The theatre is an artistic anchor to the largest African American community in the nation: Central Brooklyn and one of the last remaining theaters forged in the aesthetic and sociocultural kiln of America’s Civil Rights/Black Arts Movements.


men on a small stage in a brick walled room playing jazz

The neighborhood has a nice mix of low-key jazz bars as well as vibrant nightclubs. Be sure to check these spots out for some fantastic nightlife:

Moving Here

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Stuyvesant Heights is one of the most culturally-vibrant and tight-knit neighborhoods in the entire city. Now that you know what this neighborhood has to offer, you’ll need a team of professional, reliable movers to get you there. Metropolis Moving has gained the reputation of being one of New York City’s most courteous, careful, and friendly professional moving services. Get a quote today and you’ll be on your way to living the life you envision for yourself in Stuyvesant Heights.

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