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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Bushwick

There are many reasons to consider moving to Bushwick. Bushwick is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It is an enclave of artistic and cultural activities. Many young, up-and-coming professionals are seeking to move to Bushwick because of the opportunities for creative types and entrepreneurs. While there are many reasons for moving to Brooklyn, here are 10 reasons why Bushwick is one of Brooklyn’s best neighborhoods to live in.

1. It’s a great place for entrepreneurs.

Bushwick has become a hub for new entrepreneurs. Startups flourish in this neighborhood, with great support from the community for local businesses. This neighborhood came about when artists and creative types saw the opportunity for affordable lofts and studios, and that is evident in the culture of the neighborhood.

2. Art Galleries and Studios

As mentioned above, there are plethora of studios and galleries in Bushwick. There are hundreds of studios and over 50 gallery spaces which attract all sorts of artists from the area. More and more artists have been moving to Bushwick for its booming art scene alone.

3. Incredible Street Art

The streets of Bushwick are filled with incredible art. While there are the aforementioned galleries and studios, the art on the streets and warehouse walls is worth a check. The Bushwick Collective is a fantastic place to see some of Brooklyn’s best murals and street art.

4. Parks and Green Spaces

Parks add a lot of recreational value to the Bushwick neighborhood. Around 90% of all housing units in Bushwick are within a quarter mile of a park. The biggest park being the Maria Hernandez Park, formerly known as the Bushwick park, spread over 6.87 acres of land. Bushwick is also bordered to the Southeast by The Evergreens Cemetery.

5. Subway Accessibility

Bushwick is only a half an hour commute from both Manhattan and Queens. Almost all of the housing units in Bushwick are within half a mile from the subway. Bushwick residents have the option of taking the J, M or Z train on the BMT Jamaica Line and the L train on the BMT Canarsie line.

6. Restaurants and Food Scene

Apart from the famous Roberta’s, there are a lot of other good restaurants run by the locals as a form of small business. There is an excellent selection of Mexican food options to choose from because of the high influence of the Mexican demographic.

7. Good Schools

There are 33 primary and secondary schools in the Bushwick neighborhood, over a dozen of which are public schools. The education infrastructure in Bushwick is robust and on par with the statewide average.

8. Bars and Nightlife

Drinkers will rejoice to find that there are a lot of options when it comes to bars in Bushwick. New bars open very often which promote the competition in the neighborhood. Bushwick was once famous for its breweries and was known as the beer capital of USA. While none of those breweries still exist, Kings County Brewers Collective recently opened a brewery in the Bushwick neighborhood.

9. Fitness Lifestyle

The Bushwick neighborhood has many fitness studios and gyms for fitness needs. There are some good CrossFit studios for CrossFit enthusiasts. In addition, there are also some great yoga and Barre studios around the neighborhood.

10. We Call it Home

The Bushwick neighborhood is a great place to be and worth considering moving to. It is also worth considering hiring professional movers to help with the moving process. There are many reasons to hire professional movers, but we feel as though we are especially qualified for moves to Bushwick considering it is where our headquarters are located. Nobody knows moving and Bushwick better than we do. Get a quote today and see why people are raving about us on Yelp.

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