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Upper East Side, NYC Neighborhood Guide

Manhattan’s Upper East Side is one of the most high-end, luxurious neighborhoods in the world. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to rest, or a great place to raise a family, the Upper East Side offers tranquility and luxury in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The People

The neighborhood is a little less diverse than other neighborhoods in New York City. The neighborhood features the following demographics:

  • 3.2% African American
  • 75.9% White
  • 6.7% Hispanic
  • 11.4% Asian American
  • 2.8 % Other

The Food

Although the neighborhood is no restaurant row, it still packs a punch, featuring a diverse selection of restaurants, bakeries, and food shops. You’ll find sandwich shops, ramen bars, sushi, italian, and more.

The Vibe

The Upper East Side is a high-end residential neighborhood. It’s quieter and slower-paced than lower Manhattan and Midtown, but never too far from the action that New York is known for. This neighborhood has a high concentration of wealthy individuals, even by Manhattan standards.

The Setting

Manhattan’s Upper East Side is north of 59th street and Midtown East. It is bordered by Central Park and Fifth Avenue on its west side, East Harlem to the North, and the East River to the East.


The neighborhood gives residents access to some of the finest attractions in all of New York. Central Park is very close by, which offers residents a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Manhattan. The Upper East Side is also home to Museum Row, a lineup of the city’s most legendary museums:

These fantastic museums provide a unique offering of local entertainment, especially for families.


Though the Upper East Side is a high-end residential neighborhood, it offers a surprisingly lively mix of pubs, bars and speakeasies. Also keep in mind that this neighborhood offers great access to the rest of Manhattan. Late-night entertainment is a stone’s-throw away.

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