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How to Move Your Mattress

Moving your mattress efficiently and safely is a major priority when moving around the city. After all, our mattresses are often one of our most prized possessions. There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep after a long day commuting, working, or walking through the city, and nothing says comfort like a really great mattress. But they can also be a bit of an issue when moving– mattresses are nothing if not big and awkward, and if not handled properly during your move, your mattress could be vulnerable to dirt, moisture or other types of damage. Luckily, there are a variety of ways that you make sure your mattress is being handled with the utmost care during your move– we’ve put together a list of steps to take to make sure your most comfortable possession is treated right.

Strip it Down

Never move your mattress with the bedding still on it, and always ensure that it’s completely dry– any moisture can result in water damage and mold. Strip off any bedding and if possible take some time to inspect your mattress, giving it a good check over for any wet spots, damage or infestations. It’s a good idea to air your mattress for a short time before packing– setting it out in direct sunlight can help keep it fresh and clean.

Buy a Protective Cover

Buying a protective cover is vital to keeping your mattress safe from any number of issues– from getting wet to infestations and dust, there are so many reasons to make sure your mattress is well covered. You can purchase storage bags built for mattresses from moving companies and/or furniture or mattress stores. Make sure you measure your mattress before going out to buy one, so you can find the perfect cover- you want a cover that’s durable, with a snug fit for ideal protection.

Packing Your Mattress

Be sure to inspect your mattress before enclosing it in the storage cover– check again for moisture, pests or any damage, and then wrap it carefully in the bag. Be careful to cover every part of the material, and ensure a snug fit by taping the cover tight around each part of the mattress. Make sure you’re using a quality tape– you don’t want the cover letting go halfway through your move.

Be Gentle

Moving your mattress out of your room and onto the truck without damage can be a challenge– make sure you have help that’s strong enough to handle the weight while maneuvering the bulky load. Take special care when going around sharp corners in your home, or up and down stairs, and take particular care when moving it onto the moving truck. Watch for any sharp objects that could tear the cover, or worse, the mattress itself, take your time and make sure it’s done right– a good night’s sleep is definitely worth the effort.

Loading Your Mattress

Whenever possible, your mattress should be one of the first things you move onto the moving truck, and should be secured carefully to make sure it’s not flying around during the drive– this puts not only your mattress at risk, but anything else it hits. Use cords or ropes to tie your mattress tightly in a secure spot and never load other items on top of it.

Unload Carefully

Take care when unloading your mattress and make sure to inspect it for any damage once inside your new location– remove the protective cover carefully and check for any moisture, tears or other forms of damage. If storing your mattress in a storage unit, be sure that the unit is completely clean and dry, as well as being climate controlled with adequate air circulation– when choosing a storage facility, you can check online for reviews to ensure a high quality unit. It’s important to store your mattress in a flat position, with nothing on top whenever possible– if you have other items that must be stored on the mattress, make sure the weight is evenly placed. If taking your mattress to your new home, simply unload, inspect and set the mattress in place– you’ll be all set for a great night’s sleep after all the care you’ve taken, and after the hustle and bustle of moving day, you’ll need it!


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