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Moving from NYC to Philadelphia

Moving from NYC to Philadelphia is a change that gives many former New Yorkers the opportunity to live more comfortably in a more serene and peaceful community without sacrificing the big city life they are accustomed to.

Benefits of Moving from NYC to Philadelphia

Affordable housing

One of the best aspects of living in Philadelphia is the abundance of affordable housing. Average rent in New York City is about $2,541 for a one bedroom apartment, with a one bedroom in Philly going for $1,721 on average. Here are more details on average rent as of 2021:

City/BoroughAvg Monthly Rent for 1 BedroomAvg Monthly Rent for 2 Bedroom
Bronx, NYC$1,666$1,793
Brooklyn, NYC$3,029$3,621
Manhattan, NYC$4,045$5,844
Staten Island, NYC$1,518$2,010
Queens, NYC$2,426$2,895
Philadelphia, PA (citywide average)$1,721$2,042

Philly is the clear choice when it comes to renting. Let’s take a quick look at average home values (as of Sept 2021) to see how each city compares when it comes to home ownership:

City / BoroughAvg Home Value
Bronx, NYC$355,000
Brooklyn, NYC$910,000
Manhattan, NYC$1,130,000
Staten Island, NYC$624,900
Queens, NYC$680,000
Philadelphia, PA$225,677

As we can see by the numbers, Philadelphia is great for renters leaving NYC, and even better for prospective homeowners.

More green space

fairmount park in philadelphia

With legendary green spaces like Central Park and Prospect Park, New York City is no stranger to world-class green space. With Central Park at 843 acres and Prospect Park at 526 acres it’s easy to find some tranquility and lose yourself even within the madness of NYC.

Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park blows both of New York City’s flagship parks out of the water. The park’s total space is 2,052 acres, which could contain both Central and Prospect Park with hundreds of acres left over. Fairmount Park has a vast array of amenities and things to see:

Fairmount Park Attractions

  • Miles of trails
  • Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
  • Strawberry Mansion
  • Fairmount Water Works
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Boathouse Row
  • Belmont Mansion
  • The Ridgeland Mansion
  • The Mann Center
  • Skyline Stage
  • Chamounix Equestrian Center
  • The Dell Music Center

Right in the Middle of Everything

map of eastern United

One of the best things about moving from NYC to Philly is that you’ll be putting yourself in an even more centralized location than when you live in NYC. it is only a couple of hours south of New York City, but that difference means that Baltimore, Washington D.C., Virginia, Atlantic City, and the Jersey Shore are that much closer.

Also, State Forests and real wilderness are much closer to Philly, and getting out for a quick day trip isn’t as difficult as it might be in New York City. New York City may be closer to New England, but it’s farther from just about everywhere else than Philadelphia.

Abundantly Rich History

liberty bell in philly

New York City has some undeniable history that is evident in the world-class museums and historical sites throughout the city. That being said, Philadelphia is ultra-unique in that it was the US Capital from 1790-1800 temporarily while Washington D.C. was being built.

It offers a truly unique and charming collection of history that is distinct from what you’d find in New England or New York. Philly’s historical district is dedicated to showcasing this unique history.

Sense of Belonging and Community

love park philadelphia

Big Cities like New York can be difficult for people who want to feel needed by their communities. The city makes it abundantly clear at how little any of its everyday residents really matter. Most large U.S. cities like NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami primarily cater to the ultra-wealthy seasonal residents who own pied-a-terre apartments in the city and spend exorbitant amounts of money on dining and entertainment.

There isn’t anything wrong with being wealthy, or enjoying upscale entertainment, but when an entire city makes it abundantly clear that those wealthy residents are the only ones who really matter, it can wear you down after a while.

Thankfully, Philadelphia defies that trend. The city is the sixth largest in the country, yet has a very refreshing small-town feel to it. You can make your own niche, and truly feel part of the city.

Drawbacks of Moving from NYC to Philadelphia

Less Diverse than New York


Philadelphia and New York are both highly diverse cities. However, New York edges-out Philly when it comes to diversity. This is an important consideration for many people who do want diverse subcultures within their neighborhoods. Philadelphia is great but won’t ever be able to stack up to the vast diversity of Queens.

If You’re Bored with New York

woman sitting at her desk looking bored

If you’re finding yourself bored in New York City and want to see what other places have to offer, you may be disappointed by Philadelphia. While the city certainly has enough entertainment and culture to keep its residents entertained for decades, it isn’t the kind of place meant for the insatiable, over-stimulated, and easily-bored types.

To really enjoy Philadelphia, your top priorities should be community, tranquility, and simplicity over sheer entertainment.

If you find yourself bored with New York City, maybe it’s time to look at your city in a new light or explore new neighborhoods. There is absolutely no shortage of culture or entertainment in either New York City or Philadelphia, sometimes you just need to venture off the beaten path.

Less Big City Amenities

nyc subway with skyline in the background

Philadelphia provides its residents a big-city feel without being as chaotic and frenzied as New York City. Many people find that Philly is just right in size while New York City is just too hectic to enjoy long-term. The things that will be missed most when moving from NYC to Philly are the vast amenities New York provides.

NYC has arguably the best public transportation system of all the cities in the US. The museums, theaters, and entertainment options are unmatched. It’s truly hard to be bored in New York City. But it’s also hard to feel a sense of serenity and peace, which is what you might be able to harness living in Philly. The best part is that all of NYC’s amenities are a 2 hour drive away, which is the perfect distance for even a day trip.

NYC to Philadelphia Movers

metropolis moving truck

If you find yourself daydreaming about a more serene, less-hectic city life within 2 hours of New York, moving to Philadelphia might just be the right move for you. Now all you have to do is get yourself down there.

Metropolis Moving has gained the reputation of being one of New York City’s most courteous, careful, and friendly professional moving services. We have completed thousands of moves to a variety of local and long-distance destinations. Get a quote today and you’ll be on your way to living the life you envision for yourself in Philadelphia.

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