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Living with Roommates During Covid-19

If you’re living with roommates during covid-19, it’s important to make these considerations to keep your roommate relationship as strong as possible, and to keep everyone in your housing as safe and healthy as possible. First and foremost, be sure to check the latest information on Living in Shared Housing by the CDC. As we approach the fall season, it’s important for us to prepare for less outdoor time, less sunlight, and cooler temperatures, all while attempting to maintain safety and sanity during this unique time.

Keep the Apartment Clean

This is definitely a golden rule when living with multiple roommates during covid-19. Many people are essential workers who need to go out into the public and work despite the risk.


Even if you’re working from home, you’re likely going out a few times a week into the public. Everybody is bringing in new germs everyday, so it’s very important to clean and disinfect all floors and surfaces in the apartment, especially common areas.

Establish Clear Boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries is crucial for you and your roommate to have a successful living arrangement. Covid is making these boundaries even more critical and necessary. Here are some boundaries you should be discussing with your roommate:

  • Workspace: If someone is working at home, it should go without saying that other roommates will respect their space and not be a distraction to them.
  • Guests: Some roommates might still be inclined to bring friends or significant others over. It should be discussed how often and when those people are coming over, if at all.
  • Safety: It’s vital to be on the same page about wearing a mask, appropriate social activity, and sanitizing your living space often. If you’re not following basic safety protocol, you could be endangering your roommates and yourself, not to mention making your roommates disgruntled with you and more likely to discuss it with your landlord.

Communicate Effectively

The pandemic has forced most of us to be at home now more than ever. If you’re living with a roommate during Covid-19, potential issues can escalate to a passive-aggressive Post-It war quickly if you’re not communicating properly. Make your relationship with your roommate better by following these tips:

  • Establish rules, boundaries, and expectations up front. This is especially important with Covid-19. Make sure you’re on the same page. It’s a good idea to consider a roommate contract.
  • If you become good friends, that’s awesome, but don’t force it. That way you enjoy each other’s company when you do have idle time in the living space together.
  • Create a cleaning chore schedule, so everyone is clear on what needs to be done and who will do it.

Create a Plan for Unexpected Illnesses

Needless to say, many people will be sick during this pandemic, and hopefully it is as mild as possible for those people. It might be a scary thought, but a plan needs to be made between all roommates about what everyone will do if anybody gets sick. Generally speaking you’ll need to plan:

  • How to isolate the sick roommate
  • How to keep the rest of the apartment as safe as possible
  • Who will buy groceries and cook, and how will they be delivered to the sick roommate?
  • Who will buy cleaning products and how often the apartment will be cleaned
  • Transport to and from the doctor’s office / hospital if necessary

Give Everyone Some Extra Consideration

roommates sharing pizza These are some unprecedented stressful times, especially if you’re living with roommates during covid-19. We’re all adjusting to a new way of life, as well as making changes we may have been putting off. The economy is more demanding on workers, especially essential workers, and it’s just an all around challenging period of growth and transition for many of us. Give your roommates and yourself some extra patience and consideration.

Hire Professional Movers

moving truck

Whether you’re moving in with new roommates soon or planning on leaving a shared living space, hiring professional, reputable movers can take the headaches and stress out of moving during these crazy times. Start your new chapter off on the right foot. Get a quote today.

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