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Kensington Brooklyn Neighborhood Guide

Kensington Brooklyn is a peaceful, family friendly neighborhood just south of Prospect Park. Its diverse, worldly residents appreciate the slower pace and abundant space the neighborhood provides.

The People

Kensington Brooklyn is a diverse, worldly neighborhood, and it is surrounded by other diverse Brooklyn neighborhoods.

kensington family photo

The neighborhood demographics are as follows:

  • 6.9% Black
  • 47.9% White
  • 17.6% Hispanic
  • 24.1% Asian
  • 0.1% American Indian
  • 2.5% Multiple Races
  • 0.0% Pacific Islander
  • 0.7% Other

Kensington Brooklyn Food

kensington korean food

The food in Kensington Brooklyn is diverse and upscale, with an array of regional Asian fare from all over the map. Whether you’re at a restaurant with white tablecloths, or a takeout joint with plastic chairs, you can rest assured knowing that the food will be upscale, thoughtfully prepared, and authentic. Here are our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood:

  • Thai Farm Kitchen – Traditional Thai specialties are served in a casual space with an open kitchen.
  • Jiku Wicked Wings & Korean Grub – “The SPOT for Korean-style wings & comfort food, refreshing soju cocktails and various bottle and draft beers. We are open for indoor & outdoor dining!”
  • Der Pioneer – “Der Pioneer is the destination for fine European pastries from acclaimed Chefs Björn Böttcher and Greg Barbiero.”
  • Sawasde Thai Cooking – “With over 20 years of experience in making Thai Foods, you are in for a treat. Come and experience our authentic and fusion styles. We serve only happiness here. By the time you are done, you will want to come back for more. Chef Saner will not let you down.”
  • Werkstatt – Austrian-influenced dishes & cocktails, plus beer & wine on tap offered in vintage-cool surroundings.

The Vibe

kensington vibe

Kensington Brooklyn is a calm, safe, family-friendly neighborhood just south of Prospect Park. The pace of life, and unique architecture give it the feel of old-school New York.

With that being said, the residents come from all over, giving it a worldly, melting-pot vibe. There are a handful of fantastic local restaurants and cafes that serve the needs of the neighborhood’s diverse residents. There is also a feeling of abundant space in the neighborhood – something often lacking in other neighborhoods.

The Setting

kensington brooklyn map

Kensington Brooklyn is located right in the heart of Brooklyn. It is bound on the north end by Caton Ave, with the north east corner bordering the Kensington Dog Run. Coney Island Ave runs along the eastern border of the neighborhood. Foster Ave defines the neighborhood’s southern border, and McDonald Ave defines the neighborhood’s western limits.

Kensington Brooklyn Attractions

prospect park kensington

  • Brooklyn Banya – This premium Russian Bathhouse likes to refer to themselves as “the People’s Banya”. Their luxurious 10,000 sq. foot facility is anything but average. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, cleansed, and rejuvenated.
  • Jaya Yoga Center – This welcoming, inclusive yoga studio is dedicated to engage the neighborhood in the timeless practices of Yoga. They have a desire to serve and share their yoga expertise to anybody who is willing to learn.
  • Prospect Park – Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in the mid-19th century, Prospect Park is Brooklyn’s flagship park, welcoming more than 10 million visits each year to its 586 acres of green grass and woodlands. The park is directly north of the Kensington, Brooklyn neighborhood.
  • Kensington Dog Run – “The Kensington Dog Run Association was established to generate community involvement toward creating a new dog run to accommodate the increasing number of dogs and dog owners in the communities surrounding the south end of Prospect Park.”
  • Ocean Parkway – This boulevard stretches from the south end of Prospect Park all the way to the waterfront at Brighton beach. It runs through Kensington and is a popular route for bicyclists, joggers, and casual evening strolls.

Kensington Brooklyn Nightlife

friends sitting at a table drinking wine

The neighborhood is not as wild as other Brooklyn neighborhoods. That being said, there is a lively global vibe here, and the neighborhood does offer a variety of bars, taverns, and dives that are unique and local:

  • Hamilton’s – Local tavern serving comfort food with some global twists, plus brunch, in a warm-hued setting.
  • Bar Chord – Chill hideaway with a courtyard showcasing vintage guitars & live music, plus craft beers on tap. Their backyard is one of Brooklyn’s best outdoor drinking spots.
  • Shenanigans – This unique, long time Irish Bar is one of Kensington’s best dives. Like all great dives, expect to be viewed with a mild amount of suspicion if you’re not a regular.

Moving Here

metropolis moving truck

Kensington is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Now that you know what this neighborhood has to offer, you’ll need a team of professional, reliable movers to get you there.

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