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content young woman walking through a park in jamaica estates

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Jamaica Estates Queens Neighborhood Guide

Jamaica Estates is known for being a tranquil enclave for young families. A considerate percentage of people who moved to this area end up staying due to the sense of community and progressive, accepting environment.

The People

Jamaica Estates have a population of 32,155 people ,of which 52% are female. The neighborhood is ultra-diverse, with the following demographics:

jamaica estates people

  • 17% Black
  • 27% White
  • 16% Hispanic
  • 34% Asian
  • 6% two or more

The Food

jamaica estates food

  • Acquista Trattoria – A family-owned neighborhood Italian establishment devoted to serving customers mouthwatering dishes that feature the highest quality ingredients available. Acquista Pizza, Margherita Pizza and Marinara Pizza are all prepared quickly and delivered to you right away.
  • Beijing Dumpling House – A small Chinese dumpling restaurant in the area offers many options to enjoy for every type of diet, like pork, shrimp, vegetables. For those who love spicy food, this is the right place.
  • Matiz Latin Cuisine – This restaurant offers plenty of options for a variety of Latin American and Spanish flavors, from Colombia to Spain. They also have a special menu for vegetarians and vegans . If you want really solid, authentic flavors at a budget-friendly price, this is the right place to go .
  • Smile of the Beyond – This restaurant was open in 1972 when the vegetarian owner wanted to provide the neighborhood with a quality vegetarian experience. This is a good place to go and enjoy a good meal like breakfast, lunch or brunch . They also offer alternative options for vegans like, vegan tofu scramble, vegan cheese and soy bacon.

The Vibe

woman standing against a brick wall laughing on a fall day

Jamaica Estates is a serene, residential neighborhood with lots of green space and standalone homes. When people move here, they choose to stick around, which says a lot about the community vibe it is known for. Residents are also known for being very accepting and multicultural.

The Setting

map of jamaica estates

Jamaica Estates in the southwestern section of Queens. The neighborhood’s northern border runs along Union Tpke. Utopia Parkway and Homelawn St run along the western border. The eastern border is defined by 188th St, and Hillside Ave runs along the southern border.

Bed Stuy Attractions

content young woman walking through a park in jamaica estates

  • Jamaica Avenue: A perfect destination to get a nice gift or just to shop around the area, It has so many stores for every taste . Every step you take you will see the variety that this avenue has, like jewelry , cell phones, clothes, electronics,cosmetics , entertainment and if you get hungry for how much shopping you are doing , you can make a stop in some of the restaurants to refill your energy and continue with the adventure.
  • Cunningham Park: Is the second largest park in Queens, next to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. A place to recharge your energy, feel at peace and have a relaxing time by yourself or with others. This is a great place to take a walk, ride a bicycle, get some exercise or have a romantic picnic with your loved one .
  • Schmidt’s Candy: This candy shop has become a neighborhood staple. Whether you’re looking for old-fashioned penny candy or something more particular like a handcrafted truffle or fudge, Schmidt’s has what you’re looking for. When you walk into this store you will feel that you went back in time. The shop has been open for almost a century and they haven’t made many changes at all. Also this shop offers personalized baskets for every event you can think of, like birthdays, weddings or baby showers.


jamaica estates bar

Though Jamaica Estates isn’t known for its nightlife, there are a variety of options in surrounding neighborhoods sure to please anyone. Here is a decent option within the neighborhood’s southern end.

Moving Here

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