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How to Pack Dishes and Glassware

Learning how to pack dishes and glassware is an essential part of living in the city.

On one hand, there are large appliances and pieces of equipment that need some strength and technique to move. On the other hand, there are delicate items that need to be specially packed and taken care of as damage to these items might result in high financial costs. Dishes and glassware can be tricky when moving around. They require special attention and care to avoid any damages. Follow these tips to pack dishes and glassware safely and effectively.

Packing Dishes

Dishes aren’t usually as fragile as glassware, but they still deserve special care. The main part of taking care of dishes is the packing process. Dishes need to be properly packed in boxes. There are special boxes and reusable bins for storing and moving dishes effectively. Once the box is properly sealed at one end, the packing process may begin. However, simply throwing in the dishes will not suffice. Before placing the dishes inside the box, it is important to put some sort of a cushion between the bottom of the box and the dishes. While bubble wrap is the best form of cushioning, any sort of crumpled paper will also do. It is important that the paper is crumpled as the crumpling absorbs any shock to the box. With plates, the best idea is to place them in the order of weight, with big plates in at bottom and smaller and lighter plates at the top. Again, to avoid any damages due to external shock, it is necessary to put wrinkled paper between the box and the plates and then between each individual plate itself for maximum cushioning. Plates can also be placed on their sides with the same idea of using proper cushioning between them. Once the placing process is complete, any areas of the box that remain empty should also be filled with cushioning material. This will not allow the dishes to move inside the box and keep them cushioned all the time. At the end, packing paper should be placed at the top of the box, the same as for the bottom of the box. The box should then be sealed at the other end as well with proper packing tape to avoid any accidents.


As with dishes, packing glassware is about having the maximum cushioning to protect it from any external shocks. It also follows the same concept of packing heavier items first and placing them at the bottom of the box. However, the packing process may be a little different than packing dishes as glassware need to be fully wrapped in crumpled paper for maximum safety. To properly pack glassware, the glassware item should be placed on wrapping paper and the insides of it properly filled with the wrapping paper. While smaller items may need less wrapping paper, it might be necessary to use more wrapping paper for the more expensive items. Double or triple wrapping some of the items might be necessary for maximum safety. It is also worth noting that glassware can also be wrapped in T-Shirts or clothing items as they can also act as a good cushioning. Once the wrapping process is complete, the glassware should be placed inside a box with more cushioning material placed in between each item. The goal is to eliminate any glass clunking sounds when placing the items on top of each other to avoid any contact between the items.

General Tips and Tricks

Some other general tips to follow when packing dishes and glassware include:

  • Label boxes properly to clearly distinguish fragile items from the non-fragile ones. This will identify any fragile boxes when placing them inside the moving truck.
  • Place the fragile items on top of other items to avoid any extra load on the top of the boxes.
  • Use tape to not only properly seal both ends of the box but also to tape the corners and edges of the box to reinforce stability.
  • Use the maximum possible cushioning between the items and also between the box and the items.
  • Hiring professional movers is the best way to ensure your dishes and glassware are moved properly and carefully.

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