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Moving Tips

How to Move a Safe

Moving a safe isn’t about being strong or muscular, it’s all about having the proper planning before moving. Planning ahead makes the process much easier and safer. A safe is a smart investment choice for protecting your valuables when living in a NYC apartment. However, it can also be bad choice due to the necessity of moving around often in the city. Follow these tips to successfully relocate your safe in New York City.

The Planning Stage

Here are some details to keep in mind before moving a safe:


Moving a safe without safety assured or the right safety equipment can be very risky. Safety isn’t about safety equipment only, though. Do not wear loose clothing, as this can also increase the risk of an injury in the narrow hallways of New York apartments.


It is important to make sure that the safe, while moving, will not hit any walls or any other items and cause damage. Get protective sheets such as blankets to cover the safe so the damage is absorbed by the protective cover.


It is necessary to know the dimensions of the safe itself before moving it. A measure of the weight and size of the safe can help plan out the move better. Measuring the dimensions of your safe will help you plan for the move more effectively.

Get Help

It will also be necessary to get some help. Do not try to move a safe on your own. A few capable workers or helpers can divide the weight of the safe and make it easier to move.


Having the proper equipment can make the process simpler. A moving dolly or hand truck is a safe choice to move the safe with ease. Secure the safe onto the moving dolly with straps or ropes.

Empty the Safe

An empty safe may be easier to move than a filled safe. Take out all valuables to make sure that the safe is light and nothing important gets damaged in transit.

Secure the Door

Before moving the safe, it is important to make sure that the safe is secure. Check the door of the safe to make sure it won’t pop open when moving it. Wrap the safe in a protective cover to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or cause damage.

Walk the Route

Walking through the route will also help identify any items that need to be moved out of the way that might get damaged or cause an obstruction in moving the safe. It can also help you be aware of obstacles to look out for such as step-downs.

The Moving Process

To move the safe, one or two people should tilt the safe while another person slides the moving dolly or hand truck beneath the safe. Once the dolly is secure under the safe, un-tilt the safe. Make sure that the safe is sitting on the dolly with its weight evenly balanced on it to avoid any safety risks or injuries. Use straps to secure the safe on the dolly. Also, cover the safe in protective wrap. The trickiest part in moving a safe is navigating around stairs. By now it should be clear that moving a safe isn’t a one-man job. It is necessary to make sure that there are a few people around to carry the safe safely but it is never certain how many people are enough. Pair this with the countless stairs of NYC apartments, and it can become a problem. When moving a safe down or up a flight of stairs, it is important to leave more people on the downslope side because they will be bearing the most weight. However, do not overlook the importance of the upslope support. When moving a safe upwards, the upslope team act as a guide while also pulling the safe up. In contrast, while moving a safe downwards, the upslope team hold the safe and allow for an easy and safe movement of the safe. It is not possible to move a big safe alone. It all comes down to properly planning the process and having the right technique.

Hire Professional Movers

While moving a safe can be done alone with the help of friends, it is a much wiser and easier decision to let professionals handle the job. Metropolis Moving has maintained a five-star rating on Yelp because we know how to ease the stress of moving: whether it is moving a small apartment or an entire office. Let us take care of anything you need to move so that you can focus your attention on more important aspects of the move. Get a quote today.

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