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5 Ways to Help the Victims of Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida was one of the most devastating storms on record, battering both the Gulf Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country, including our formidable city of New York. Here are 5 ways we can all step up to the plate and help the victims of Hurricane Ida, both here in the Northeast, as well as in the Mississippi Delta.

Donate to the Red Cross

The Red Cross already has boots on the ground working with regional partners to provide food, water, shelter, and comfort to people who are unable to return to their homes due to Hurricane Ida.

They have established over a dozen shelters across the mid-Atlantic, and over two dozen across the Mississippi Delta to give everything they’ve got to help people heal and move forward from the devastating storm. Learn more about the Red Cross’s efforts here.

Be Careful With Your Donations

Unfortunately, there are already fraudulent schemes being concocted to scam storm victims out of their share of national emergency aid funds. Be sure to do your research before donating to any charity, especially if you’re approached by a caller. Here are some tips from the Federal Trade Commission on how to spot and stop dishonest charity fundraisers.

Don’t Travel to the Affected Regions to Volunteer in Person

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Right now, the Mississippi Delta and Mid-Atlantic are filled with disaster response teams and trustworthy organizations helping the victims stay safe, get the help they need, and rebuild. The regions are still unstable, dangerous places to be, and it will only harm the efforts of trusted organizations if more people put themselves in harm’s way.

Donate to a Local or National Charity Helping Hurricane Ida Victims

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Mississippi Delta

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Food Banks

Other Charities

National Organizations

Help Animals and Pets Stranded by Hurricane Ida

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The best way to help animals affected by Hurricane Ida is to donate or volunteer with The Humane Society. You can also adopt pets from or donate to the Louisiana SPCA.

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