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How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting your security deposit reimbursed by your landlord can be a simple straightforward transaction, or a major expense where you lose money. It all depends on you following the rules of the space you’re renting. If you followed all the rules and kept the place damage-free, there is no way you won’t get your full deposit back.However, even something as small as putting a nail in the wall can affect you getting your deposit reimbursed. Therefore it is important to follow these tips for getting your security deposit back from your landlord in full.

Use the property as if it belongs to you

Many people don’t treat their rental with the same respect they would treat their own property. Carelessly putting nails all over the walls, letting light bulbs burn out, and not treating appliances properly are things that can cause a security deposit to not be fully reimbursed. Treat this property like it’s your own. You may not own the property, but you will end up paying if you don’t treat it right.

Inform the landlord in advance

Sometimes, the unexpected can happen and we need to sublet our apartment or move out early. Whatever the situation is, your landlord will likely be more receptive and understanding if you communicate effectively with them and tell them of your plans as soon as possible.

Follow the rules

If you know all of the rules, it will make it more difficult for you to break them. Take the time to go over the rules with your landlord. Sometimes, you may be able to negotiate certain rules so that it is easier for you to continue following the rules. Regardless, respect the fact that your landlord created their rules for a reason, and follow them to the best of your ability. If you follow them, you will get your full security deposit back.

Leave the Apartment Spotless

When you plan on vacating your apartment, give it a deep cleaning and once-over. Repair minor dings, scratches, and nail holes properly. When your landlord arrives to check the condition of the property, a pleasant surprise is always beneficial. Put in a little extra effort and you will get that deposit back in no-time.

Keep yourself on good terms with the landlord

Keep yourself on good terms with your landlord. It’s important to communicate effectively with them. Are you going to be a couple days late on rent? Let them know, and 9 times out of 10 they won’t have an issue with it. When you don’t communicate, your landlord will be less understanding. Being on good terms with the landlord is also important because you want to have a good reference for the next time you apply to rent somewhere.

Hire Professional Movers

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