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Greenwich Village NYC Neighborhood Guide

Greenwich Village is a luxurious and lively neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Featuring a mix of bohemian residents and visitors, fantastic dining and parks, and luxurious housing options, Greenwich Village is one of the most well-rounded and desirable neighborhoods in NYC.

The People

Greenwich Village is a very desirable, hip neighborhood with forward-thinking, unconventional, and progressive residents. That being said, it isn’t as demographically diverse as some other neighborhoods in New York City. The neighborhood has the following demographics:

  • 75% White
  • 12% Asian
  • 6% Hispanic
  • 3% African American
  • 3% Two or more races

washington square park violinist

This only accounts for the people who live in this particular neighborhood. You’ll still be able to experience diversity in your day-to-day activities, as this lively neighborhood attracts people from all over the city as well as the world.

The Food

west village fine dining

Greenwich Village is a foodie destination, plain and simple. People come here from other neighborhoods and boroughs for the selection of food the Village has to offer. It has an impressive selection of restaurants, some of which are the best New York has to offer. Be sure not to miss the dining scene here. An increasingly relevant dining trend in the US is outdoor dining, a pivot that the Village has fully adopted and integrated into their dining infrastructure. This makes the neighborhood great for people-watching, upscale dates, and group meals with friends and family. Be sure to check out the fantastic array of coffee shops in Greenwich Village.

The Vibe

The Village has an intriguing, significant history. In the late 1960s it was an epicenter of LGBTQ life in NYC. A local speakeasy and gay club called the Stonewall Inn was where a major protest and riot against discriminatory police practices began in June of 1969. A year later, the Inn was the starting point of NYC’s first official gay pride parade.

The neighborhood was also the birthplace of the ‘beatnik’ generation. Greenwich Village is to New York what Haight-Ashbury was to San Francisco. This was the birthplace of the Hippie movement of the 60’s. That artistic, unconventional, and progressive vibe is prevalent in the neighborhood and continues today.

The people of this neighborhood are accepting, open-minded, and community-oriented. They take lots of pride in the historical significance that still shapes the neighborhood today.

The Setting

greenwich village map

One of the best aspects about the Village is how centrally located it is. W Houston St runs along the neighborhood’s Southern border, with Broadway flanking it’s Eastern border. W 14th St and Union Square run along the Northern Border, and the Hudson River flanks it to the West.

Greenwich Village Attractions

  • Washington Square Park – This is one of the liveliest and distinct parks in all of New York City. The vibe is very bohemian and youthful. It has a unique, laid-back collegiate atmosphere with many students from NYU frequenting the park between classes. It’s also known as a hotspot for activism, social justice, and self-expression. Needless to say it’s got a progressive, forward-thinking vibe.
  • New York University – Founded in 1831, this private research university is a staple of the neighborhood and contributes to the youthful, progressive vibe in so many ways. Over the years, the university has hosted a plethora of famous and significant celebrities, lawyers, and businesspeople. NYU is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the world.
  • Fifth AvenueFifth Avenue is known around the world as a luxury shopping destination. This is the epicenter of the highest-end retail in Manhattan. It stretches all the way up to the Upper East Side and eventually becomes Museum Row!
  • The Stonewall InnThis historically significant Inn spearheaded the LGBTQ movement in New York in the 1960’s. Today, you’ll find the same spirit of acceptance and inclusivity.
  • Blue Note Jazz Club – This iconic jazz club has hosted legends of the past and present. Be sure to check out their virtual concerts!
  • Comedy Cellar – One of the best comedy clubs in the country, the Comedy Cellar has hosted legendary comedians from around the world.


greenwich village bars

Greenwich Village has an excellent selection of clubs, bars and restaurants. The nightlife here is well-balanced. It isn’t the most wild neighborhood in New York, but it certainly isn’t quiet either.

A notable aspect of nightlife in the Village is the world-class selection of gay and lesbian bars. Even if you aren’t LGBTQ yourself, it’s worth checking out places like The Stonewall Inn for their historical significance alone.

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