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The Benefits of a Doorman Serviced Building

A doorman serviced apartment is the kind of thing you only see in old movies, right?

If you said yes, you’d be incorrect.

There are plenty of higher end New York City apartments that still employ doormen, especially in Manhattan— and not just so they can hold doors open all day. Historically, the doorman has always been responsible for carrying out various important tasks on a day to day basis, and modern day doormen are no exception. In fact, you might be surprised at some of the things doormen end up doing throughout their shifts.

Here’s a look at some of the best benefits you get to enjoy when you live in an apartment that employs a doorman:

1. It’s Fancy

Come on, let’s just admit this one. Having an employee in a flashy uniform constantly stationed at the front door makes you feel good about your apartment. A doorman will always be polite and is, in a way, the figurehead of an apartment building. They provide a level of service that not everyone has the privilege of having in their apartment complex.

Plus, while doormen are not allowed to become too friendly with their residents, it is their job to become familiar with you and the people you have over the most. Over time, they will learn your name, who your friends are, your daily routines, and which apartment you live in. So, if you so choose, you have a familiar face to make small talk with while you’re waiting for that Uber, or the friend you’re meeting for lunch.

2. Someone to sign for your packages

It’s Amazon’s world and we’re just living in it.

No, but seriously. Online shopping is bigger than ever, and consequently, package theft is also bigger than ever. One of the lesser known tasks of doormen is that, in a way, they act as a mail room. They will sign for your packages, and some even sort mail as part of their daily duties. Some apartments will have a doorman working around the clock, while others choose to only have them around during peak hours, when most packages typically arrive anyway.

If you’re currently thinking, “I don’t need a doorman for that”, it’s true. There are always alternative places you can send your package if you are worried about package security, but there’s nothing quite like the convenience of home. Plus, with a doorman, gone will be your days of rushing home from work to receive a package, only to find one of those pesky missed delivery tags on your door.

3. Security Benefits

This is a big one, and a huge part of the doorman’s role. It is a doorman’s job to prevent unwanted people from entering the apartment. Be it strangers, potential thieves, that ex you don’t want to see anymore, anything. Some apartments don’t even allow food delivery personnel in, instead, the doorman will bring your food to your room when it arrives. Ensuring that only residents and their invited guests enter the building is a massive security benefit, and the peace of mind you’ll have around your apartment is priceless.

This is why it’s critical that your doorman learns not only who you are, but also those who frequently visit you. So don’t be weirded out by how quickly a doorman may become familiar with you and your friends, they’re just doing their job!

4. They’re There For You in a Pinch

As we’ve mentioned before, most doormen have carried out some pretty crazy requests for their residents. This isn’t to say that this is a service to be exploited, but it’s nice to know that there’s always someone who has your back when you need it the most (provided you’re willing to tip them for their time in the end!). Doormen do so much more than keep watch at the door. They can help you hail cabs, run to the convenience store down the street for you, walk your dog when you just can’t get out of work, and that’s only a few examples. This doesn’t mean they’re your personal assistant though, and they have every right to turn down anything they feel is too much.

Doormen can also help you when things go wrong in your apartment. So, let’s just say it’s a chilly winter day, and suddenly you realize the heat in your apartment isn’t working. Instead of getting on the phone and trying to get in touch with all the people you need to help bring back the heat, your doorman can get in touch with the superintendent quickly and make sure your apartment gets the repairs it needs.

In The End

Overall, it’s safe to say that having a doorman is not the right living situation for everybody. Some people value having complete privacy very highly, or simply don’t want to make small talk with someone every time they leave the building. That’s completely understandable, but for some others, the benefits are undeniable. Be it having someone to talk to, having someone who signs for your packages, added security benefits, or having someone who can be there for you when you need a hand, doormen provide many great services.

Ready to find yourself an apartment with a doorman? Drop us a line when you do, and we’ll be ready to help make your move as easy as can be!

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