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Bed Stuy Brooklyn Neighborhood Guide

Often referred to as Brooklyn’s Harlem, Bed Stuy is a hub of black culture and business. This diverse, culturally-vibrant neighborhood has lots of amenities, and a wonderful tight-knit community vibe that stands out among other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The People

Bedford Stuyvesant is a historically African-American neighborhood. It has definitely seen some gentrification, but not as much as surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods. The neighborhood demographics are as follows:

  • 46% African American
  • 30.1% White
  • 17.9% Hispanic
  • 3.2% Asian
  • 2.8% Other

bed stuy family

Bed Stuy Food

bed stuy carribean fare

The food in Bed Stuy can best be described as Soul Food. You’ll find classic French fare, as well as Southern Comfort food, and a diverse array of Carribean fare. Some notable dining destinations are:

The Vibe

bed stuy skateboarders

Bed Stuy is Brooklyn’s hub of black culture. The neighborhood features an array of awesome black-owned businesses. Notable celebrities like Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim, and Spike Lee all grew up in this neighborhood. There is an all-encompassing sense of community in this neighborhood, something lacking in other parts of New York. Neighbors share parenting responsibilities and look after each other’s kids. Block parties in the summertime keep the community tight-knit and give it a small-town vibe.

The Setting

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Bed Stuy’s southern border is Atlantic Ave of Crown Heights. The far east end is bordered by Brownsville. The Eastern end is bordered by Bushwick. The north end, along Flushing Ave, borders Williamsburg. Along Classon Ave, Bedford Stuyvesant borders Clinton Hill.

Bed Stuy Attractions

bed stuy biggie smalls mural

Bedford Stuyvesant’s history as a hub of black culture contributes to a neighborhood filled with historic and culturally-significant attractions. Be sure to check out the following museums, galleries, and attractions:

Bed Stuy Nightlife

bed stuy jazz

The neighborhood has a nice mix of low-key jazz bars as well as vibrant nightclubs. Be sure to check these spots out for some fantastic nightlife:

Moving Here

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