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Bay Ridge Brooklyn Neighborhood Guide

Bay Ridge Brooklyn is an unpretentious waterfront community with a calm, family-oriented feel. Whether you enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, or have dogs or children, this neighborhood is perfect for New Yorkers who seek a slower, more enjoyable pace of life.

The People

Bay Ridge Brookyn is pretty diverse. The neighborhood has the highest concentration of Arabic-Americans in all of Brooklyn; almost 8,000 residents speak Arabic at home.

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The neighborhood’s demographics are approximately as follows:

  • 22.9% Asian
  • 2.9% Black
  • 21.6% Hispanic
  • 50.2% White
  • 2.4% Other

Bay Ridge Brooklyn Food

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The Vibe

bay ridge brooklyn subway

Bay Ridge is a modest, unpretentious waterfront community with a laid-back, family-oriented vibe. It’s filled with parks, rolling hills, and green spaces for dog lovers and children. The views in Bay Ridge rival anywhere in the city, with Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty directly North. Life here is lived at a much slower pace than in Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. You’ll also notice that the neighborhood has an old-school New York feel to it, with gentrification not being as prevalent as in other parts of Brooklyn.

The Setting

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Bay Ridge is bordered on its western side by the waters of the Narrows and New York Bay. The Verrazano Bridge, found at the tip of the neighborhood’s Southwestern border, gives the neighborhood easy access to Staten Island. Fort Hamilton Army Base borders the neighborhood’s Southeast Border. Dyker Heights borders the neighborhood to the East, and Sunset Park defines the neighborhood’s northern border.

Bay Ridge Brooklyn Attractions

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Though you won’t find anything crazy in the way of nightlife in Bay Ridge, the neighborhood features some solid local bars and pubs, such as:

Moving Here

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Bay Ridge is one of the most unpretentious, family-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Now that you know what this neighborhood has to offer, you’ll need a team of professional, reliable movers to get you there.

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