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5 of our Favorite Annual Events in Manhattan

Want to experience more of what Manhattan has to offer, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of events that are out there? Not to worry. We’ve carefully put together a list of 6 of our favorite annual events and they are spread out through every season! Put these on your calendar and you’ll be getting the most out of Manhattan in no time.

1. New Years Eve in Times Square: Dec 31st

We’ve all heard about this one, and that’s because it’s an absolute classic. If you haven’t experienced this already you’ve got to give it a try. Every year around one million people gather in Times Square, and over a billion worldwide watch from their homes, as the famous New Year’s Eve Ball descends over Times Square. The festivities start in the early evening on December 31st each year and includes fireworks, musical performances from the best of the best, lots of free party favors, tons of confetti, and a number of displays that let you see it all from wherever your standing. It’s basically just one huge party.

2. Ninth Avenue International Food Festival: Mid-May

Street Food in Manhattan We. Love. Good. Food. And lots of it. This is event typically happens in mid-May, and it’s an absolute blast. The Ninth Avenue Association consistently puts together a diverse list of amazing international food businesses and the event is more and more successful every year. If you want to branch out and try something new, or just want to eat great food in a fun, social atmosphere, this is the event for you.

3. Museum Mile Festival: Mid-June

Enjoy award-winning art? Want to experience and learn about different cultures? Want to learn more history? Like going to museums for free? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this could be the event for you. The Museum Mile Festival typically happens in mid-June and is a great way to experience a number of different museums in one day – and it’s free! The list includes: Museum of the City of New York – Love New York? Us too. As the name suggests this museum is all about New York City – it’s history, its cultural, and just about any other aspect of it you can think of. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) – This is the largest and most prestigious art museum in the United States. It’s permanent collection contains over two million works. Visiting this museum is an absolute must. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum – This is another amazing art museum and in contrast to the MET its focus is on the innovations and cultural explorations of modern and contemporary art. El Museo Del Barrio – This is New York’s leading Latino cultural institution and it includes a wide-range of exhibitions, films, visual and performing art series, and educational programs that celebrate Latino, Carribean and Latin American cultures. The Jewish Museum – And this is New York’s leading Jewish cultural institution. It includes nearly 30,000 works of art, ceremonial objects, and media reflecting the global Jewish experience of more than 4,000 years and is a great way to explore all the amazing contributions Jewish Culture has made to the world. Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum – This is the only museum in the United States devoted to historical and contemporary design and it is fascinating. It’s collections and exhibitions explore approximately 240 years of design aesthetic and creativity. Check it out!

4. Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks – July 4th

Fireworks in NYC Much like New Years Eve in Times Square – this is one of New York’s most famous events. And the fame is well deserved. Every year, Macy’s fires thousands of shells to illuminate the New York City skyline as a way of celebrating Independence day and the birth of the United States of America. On top of the amazing fireworks, this celebration also consistently features some of the most talented and popular Musicians and Artists there are.

5. New York Comedy Festival: Mid-Nov

We LOVE comedy. And so this is one of our favorite annual events. The festival is produced in association with Comedy Central, the Huffington Post, and Caroline’s Caroline’s comedy club and is located in Time’s Square. Year after year, it features the biggest names in comedy, and all-in-all this includes over 200 comedians and 60 different shows. With all these talented comedians and their diverse senses of humor, you can be sure you’ll be laughing in no time. At the end of the day, Manhattan never sleeps, and there’s always something fun going on. Thinking about moving there? Ask us for a moving quote!

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