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8 Tips For Local Moving in NYC

New York City

Whether it is your first move to the city or you’re simply moving to a new place within the city, moving in New York City is a formidable task that requires a fair amount of planning and coordination. You’ll want to do as much groundwork now as possible so that on moving day, the plan you’ve developed is executed flawlessly. By following the tips below, you can turn a stressful, daunting task into an exciting, memorable experience.

1. Take Inventory and Make a Checklist

Moving Inventory List

One of the first steps you can take to ensure a smooth move is to make a checklist. You can utilize apps like Sortly to take inventory and rough value of your items. By keeping an inventory of your items, you’re ensuring that everything is found, packed, brought to your new place, and accounted for.

2. Pack Ahead of Time

Moving Tip: Pack ahead of time

Packing seems to be one of the toughest tasks when you’re gearing up to make a move. It doesn’t matter if your house is next door or kilometers away, packing efficiently and effectively is time-consuming and painstaking. However, if you put in the extra effort here, it will pay off when you get settled into your new apartment quicker. Packing effectively can make or break move-in day.

3. Coordinate the Date

Be sure to coordinate with both of your landlords to make sure you’re all on the same page regarding your move. If you have control over when you move, try to avoid moving in the summer, as it is the most hectic time of the year for apartment hunting in the city.

4. Find the Best Movers!

While it may have been possible to move in and out of college with the help of your friends and family, moving to New York City demands that you enlist the help of professional movers who understand the ins and outs of the city, from Certificates of Insurance to navigating the busy streets on moving day. Let Metropolis Moving help you with your local move.

5. On the NYC Moving Day

Keep a mental note of tasks you need to accomplish on this day. For instance, you may be more effective at moving small, scattered items into your new apartment and letting the movers lift the heavy, difficult items. Make sure everything is well-labeled and that you can give the movers clear direction of where everything should go. Plan this out ahead of time and you’ll spend more of your move-in day settling in instead of moving boxes.

6. Overnight bag is a Necessity

Pack yourself an overnight bag with a few day’s worth of clothes, toiletries, and other necessities. No matter how well planned your move is, it is inevitable that it will take a few days for you to find and unpack all of the items you need daily. This will allow you to unpack methodically and not go crazy searching through a mountain of boxes for your toothbrush.

7. Tipping Movers

Friendly NYC Movers

Hopefully your move-in day is exciting and stress-free, but regardless it is the daily job of our reliable, hardworking staff. Giving a tip can really make your movers feel appreciated for the effort they put forth moving you in. It is usually best to give one tip to the captain of the moving crew instead of individual tips to each mover. This way, they can work it out amongst themselves who gets what amount and there are no favorites being played.

8. Be ready to accept the inevitable

Whether you’ve planned this day out for months or are flying by the seat of your pants, it is inevitable that this day is going to be somewhat hectic. Accept this and know that, little by little, the effort will pay off when you are a settled resident of New York City!

Now that you understand what you can do to make your New York City move go smoothly, be sure to check out our tips for reducing the stress of moving, as well as our blog for all things moving-related. Having the right movers behind you to tackle this intimidating task will help you spend more time planning out the logistics of your move, so fill out our form for a quote and let us do the heavy lifting.

8 Reasons to Move to Staten Island

Moving to Staten Island presents New Yorkers with the unique opportunity of living with some breathing room in one of the largest yet least populated boroughs of the city.

There are ample reasons to move to Staten Island, many of which are related to the outdoor attractions the Island offers.

Staten Island is also home to several other small inhabited islands: the Isle of Meadows, Prall’s Island, Swinburne Island, Hoofman Island and Shooters Island.

Staten Island is an attractive place to live because it is modestly populated and beautiful with tons of attractions to please everyone.

1. Better Income, Better Lifestyle

Living in Staten Island allows you to enjoy a better income and an increased standard of living at prices that are much more reasonable than other parts of the city. Once you work and live in Staten Island, you will appreciate having a better quality of life and more financial freedom than anybody else in New York City. (The views don’t hurt either!)

2. The Staten Island Ferry

The ferry is a relaxing, free way to take in a slew of remarkable sights like Lower Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. This is your best transportation to and from Manhattan. Kick back and grab some refreshments while you take in the stunning Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines, day or night.

3. Staten Island Pizza and Food

The Island has many restaurants that are tailored to a variety of culinary traditions from different cultures and groups of people. You can get some of the best German and Sri Lankan dishes in town, not to mention old world Italian favorites, and even Mexican dishes at a variety of trendy and old school restaurants. It wouldn’t be New York without delicious pizza, and Staten Island has its fair share of some of the best.

4. Parks, Hiking, and Adventure

The Borough of Parks, as the island is often called, has an array and assortment of 170 parks like Clove Lakes, High Rock, Greenbelt and more. If you love the outdoors, but still want easy access to Manhattan, Staten Island is the best of both worlds. The little islands within Staten Island are a source of attraction for people who crave adventure and exploration. Moses Mountain provides a refreshing hike with stunning views for the outdoor-oriented.

5. Unique Island Attractions

Staten Island has a unique history, characterized by multi-cultural roots and origins ranging from the Dutch to the British, which preceded a future of development and innovation that make it one of the most intriguing places in New York and even the United States of America. It isn’t hard to find traces of the Island’s rich history alongside a trail of attractions and monuments that still stand, showcasing the expansive heritage and history of the Island, and New York by extension.

6. Another London Eye

The ferris wheel being constructed in Staten Island promises to be another London Eye. This is bound to bring in more businesses and attractions to that area, and provide residents a unique opportunity at new jobs and businesses, not to mention an enjoyable ride that will offer astounding vistas.

7. Residential Beauties

Staten Island has seen many developments, like the creation and building of many modern day residential complexes and facilities. Beauties like the Urby can take your breath away, however, in the event that the Urby is too costly, there are an assortment of beautiful affordable homes that make you feel like you’re in Brooklyn.

8. Easier Access to Everyday Amenities

Staten Island also has a good number of high-quality high schools and universities serving its residents. Furthermore, there are plentiful and convenient options for any goods or services you may need, such as delis, outlets, malls, and other services needed for everyday living. Along with this there is easy access to everyday amenities, which can be hard to come by in the hustle and bustle of the neighboring boroughs of New York. Amenities such as groceries, home and school supplies, and other essentials for living can all be found in close proximity.

This borough is a wonderful location for people of all ages, races, cultures and classes. It allows for serenity, a better standard of living and income, and a feel and enjoyment of the outdoor life while simultaneously being a stone’s throw away from the the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Staten Island embraces the future and remembers the past, and is becoming a place of intrigue and tourism while also paying homage to its past through monuments and parks. Come share in the evolution of Staten Island today and experience a story 400 years in the making.

Now that you’re ready to move to Staten Island, you need a trustworthy team of moving professionals to help you get settled into your new surroundings. Check out our tips for minimizing stress while moving, then fill out our easy-to-use online form to request a quote from us.

20 Point Moving Day Checklist

Metropolis Moving: New York City's Most Trusted Moving Company

Moving from one living space to another can be an incredibly stressful situation. Some people say it can even be more stressful than a divorce.

What differentiates a swift, effective move from a totally unorganized, chaotic mess is planning.

One of the most effective ways to plan for a move is to make a checklist of tasks and things to get done leading up to the move. Keeping your tasks organized will help reduce your stress, and you’ll feel great checking off to-do items one-by-one as your move-in day approaches.

Why Use an Actual Checklist?

Moving Checklist & To-Do List on Moving Day

By doing this you will feel organized and reduce the inclination to completely panic and lose your mind. Writing down a list can help declutter your mind, allowing you to focus that mental energy more efficiently on other things. Also, it is better to encourage yourself to knock out a few to-do’s here and there, rather than being bombarded with to-do’s the night before your move. Following this checklist can make your move-in day much more smooth:

Checklist/points to follow

    • Set all the valuable items aside: items like important documents, mobile electronics, chargers, laptops, keys, wallets, and similar items should not be packed away with everything else. Set them aside while packing and carry them in a backpack or handbag when they need transporting.
    • Label and pack your boxes wisely. Stuff that isn’t used too often should be packed away until it’s needed, while everyday items like toiletries, kitchen gadgets, and clothing should be unloaded and unpacked first. Organize the moving truck sensibly and you will save your movers and yourself ample time, money, and headaches.
    • Make a things-to-be-discarded box: set one box at the center of your home where you and the kids can throw in anything which you will not need at your new home. After you do this, you can determine whether or not you want to donate or sell the item. By getting these unnecessary items out of the way immediately, you’ll have less to pack and less to plan out. Start downsizing before you move; don’t fill the new house with a bunch of stuff you don’t plan on using.
    • Place similar items together. This may seem like a no-brainer but this will help you pack effectively and stay organized.
    • Have a final look. After all the boxes have been gone, go to each room, open up each closet and look through all the drawers to ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Checklist for 2 Months Before the Move

Checklist for 1 Month Before the Move

  • Scope out your new home and start forming a vision for what you want it to look like once you’ve moved in. Take measurements and decide where key pieces of furniture will go.
  • Request a few days off from work if you think it’s appropriate.
  • Decide which moving company you’re going to work with. Don’t just go with the cheapest option! Cheap movers can cause you nightmares! Look at online reviews and how long the company has been in business.

Checklist for 2 Weeks Before the Move

  • Contact the moving company you’ve decided to work with and confirm the date and time of the move.
  • Contact your new landlord and confirm the date and time of the move. Ask for the keys and verify they work before the move in date.
  • Contact utilities and service providers and let them know about your change of address. Here are a couple that you might have to contact:
    • Cellphone company
    • Insurance company
    • Banks
    • Credit card providers
    • Post offices
    • DMV
    • Employers
  • Start packing your stuff. You can use cardboard boxes or find something with a smaller ecological footprint like Gorilla Bins or Boxup plastic bins.
  • Start thinking about how you can have an almost-empty fridge and freezer by your moving day.

Moving Day Checklist

  • Wake up early. Drink some coffee. Meditate. This is going to be a busy day! Yes, it will be stressful. Make sure you go into it with the right mindset and do everything you can to stay enthusiastic and energized.
  • If you have pets or kids, think about how to keep them calm and comfortable during the move. Here are some tips for moving with pets and kids.
  • Lock the door behind you as you leave your old apartment.
  • Give the moving crew a good tip 🙂

Checklist for After You Move

  • Consider leaving a review for your movers 🙂
  • Contact your old landlord and try to get your security deposit back
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors.
  • Host a house-warming party. Invite all your friends over to see your new digs.
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8 Tips to Minimize Stress While Moving

Metropolis Moving: New York City's Most Trusted Moving Company

Moving into a new living space is an exciting and stressful transition that most people go through multiple times in their lives.

People have many reasons to move: a new job, a significant other, a fresh start, or simply because of a need for change. However, all types of moves are universally loathed in the stress and upheaval they can cause.

It is no simple task to pack up your entire life, especially because it can progressively turn your home into a box-filled apocalyptic wasteland. Following these simple tips can help ease the stress of the move and enable a positive transition into your new living space:

  1. Breathe

    Relax. Breathe. Meditate. Yoga. Do something.
    You are about to pack up all of your belongings and move them to a new home while trying to maintain a somewhat uninterrupted daily routine. This can be extremely stressful for some people, so acknowledging the challenge and giving yourself permission to feel out of equilibrium can help you be patient with yourself while you navigate this significant change. Understand that while stress can be minimized, it probably won’t completely subside until the whole move is over, so have patience and go with the flow.

  2. Collect Boxes

    Find as many free boxes as you can, whether from your local supermarket, your friend’s restaurant, or your neighbor’s recycling bins. If you’re still in need of boxes and packing supplies, Gorilla Bins is an excellent NYC-based solution, with environmentally-friendly, durable moving boxes and other supplies, packaged for projects of any size, delivered for free to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

  3. De-clutter!

    If you still have clutter and junk sitting around the house that you have no use for, now is the time to get rid of it, sell/donate it, or re-organize it. Clutter in your house will add clutter to your mind, and you don’t want that on top of already elevated stress levels. Use Craigslist or ebay to get rid of unused household items or trinkets that you don’t need.

  4. Spread out the work and set deadlines

    Make a schedule

    Any daunting mountain of a task can be streamlined by taking small, simple steps every day to chip-away at the workload. It is much easier to pack a couple of boxes per day for the next month or two than to try to pack everything in one weekend. Give yourself and your loved ones a small daily goal for packing, so that when moving day comes around, you’re already done or only have a couple of boxes left to pack.

    Here are two other resources that might help: a moving checklist and a list of things to do in the month before your move.

  5. Pack Strategically

    Pack everything into boxes

    It will be easiest to pack from room-to-room, so pack up the least-used rooms in your house first, and save the most used rooms/items for last. Unless you don’t cook for yourself at all, much of the kitchen should be saved as the last thing that’s packed, along with clothing and toiletries.

    Things like knic-knacs, valuable china, formal furniture sets, and fixtures should be packed first. This way, you can pack up a solid amount of your possessions without interrupting your daily routine or ability to cook for yourself.

    Also spend this time to consider what may and may not suit your new living space, and try to detect items you have no further use for.

  6. Give Yourself Time

    You may need to take a day off from work or spend a weekend packing. Give yourself time to do this. Order pizza all weekend and binge on Netflix with your family while you pack. Packing is an unavoidable reality of moving, so make the most of it and try to have some fun!

  7. Label Everything

    One of the worst things you can do is show up to your new house with a truck full of unlabeled boxes. It will cause significant stress and also increase the labor hours you’re paying for. Each box should be clearly labeled with the room it’s intended for and what’s in it. This way, you know exactly where every box is going the second the back of the moving truck slides open. You will spend less time standing around the back of the truck scratching your head and can get to moving boxes right away.

  8. Hire Us!

    Sometimes you just can’t take on an entire project by yourself, which is where Metropolis Moving can help! We have friendly, experienced moving professionals ready to take on any project, whether you’re moving a tiny apartment or an entire office. Knowing that you have a willing and capable team of professionals to help you tackle any moving project will be a massive relief to your stress levels!