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Brooklyn vs. Manhattan: Which is Best for You?

Brooklyn has become the hottest new borough in New York City, growing much more rapidly than any other borough. Over the past couple of years, Brooklyn has transformed into the hottest, trendiest spot in the entire city, causing an influx of young families, young professionals, hipsters, and artists to take up residence in neighborhoods like Bushwick and Williamsburg.

The differences between Manhattan and Brooklyn were stark, even as late as the 1990’s. Now, they’re becoming more and more similar. However, there are distinct nuances that still give these boroughs their unique identity. Let’s compare the livability of both Manhattan and Brooklyn and see which suits you best.

Cost of Living in Brooklyn vs Manhattan (Housing Costs)


The average rent for an apartment in Brooklyn is $2,665. The average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is $4,091. Most people will be looking for apartments below the average rent, meaning it is crucial to compare the prices of rent from various neighborhoods in the two boroughs. Even though the gap is getting smaller, Manhattan is still more expensive to live in overall.

Read more about housing costs in New York City.

Skyline Views

Manhattan takes the cake for having the most legendary skyline of all the boroughs, but what use is that if you can’t even see it most of the time?

If skyline views are your thing, an apartment on the east side of the East River- perhaps Astoria, Williamsburg, or Greenpoint– might be your best bet.

Big City Life vs. Community

There is no doubt that Manhattan is what makes New York so famous: the towering skyscrapers, the flashing neon lights, the contagious, fast paced energy. It can be an incredible life experience to live day-to-day in this incredibly dynamic borough.

However, if you find yourself yearning for more of a sub-urban feel where you can have Manhattan access, Brooklyn might be the better choice. There is a greater sense of community here, and the neighborhoods are more tightly-knit.

Manhattan always has hoards of people, but many are tourists and out-of-towners, making it more difficult to establish meaningful connections.

World-Class Dining vs. Foodie Paradise

Manhattan is undoubtedly home to some of the most prestigious culinary establishments in the world. It is on the cutting-edge of the food scene and foodies have a unique opportunity to witness firsthand some of the most inspired cuisines in modern gastronomy.

While Brooklyn has its fair share of world-class restaurants, it is more centered around foodie attractions. Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in America, attracting 20,000-30,000 people to Brooklyn each weekend to eat from 100 local vendors. .DeKalb Market Hall is another Brooklyn foodie destination. It is a 60,000 square foot food hall with 40 vendors, some of which are classics, some newcomers, and some of which are extremely trendy Brooklyn eateries, such as Bushwick’s ultra-hot Bunker and Southern-flavored Carroll Gardens eatery Wilma Jean.


From the Empire State Building, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the shows on and off Broadway, there is no better place for attractions than Manhattan. However, living in Manhattan means you will constantly be tripping over tourists who don’t know their way around the city. If you’re a fan of museums and shows, remember that Brooklyn is only a 10 minute Subway ride from the insanity of Midtown and all its attractions. Also consider that Brooklyn has its own legendary attractions, like the Cyclone in Luna Park on Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

Type of People

One of the most important considerations when choosing a place to live is the type of people you will surround yourself with.

Manhattan has an almost depressing level of wealth inequality, meaning you will be brushing shoulders with Wall Street brokers who live completely different lives from the vast majority of us. Indeed, Manhattan is where the 1% survive and thrive.

If you would rather spend your time with people who are artists, creators, small-business types and entrepreneurs, Brooklyn is the place to be.

And the winner is…

There are many fantastic reasons to love both Brooklyn and Manhattan. However, where you choose to live depends on what you’re looking for.

The case for living in Manhattan is very obvious: there are still somewhat affordable neighborhoods sprinkled sparsely within the borough. Living in Manhattan gives you access to everything that makes New York City legendary without needing to cross the East River.

There is also a strong case for living in Brooklyn. It is an affordable option for those who want to spend their time in Manhattan but leave the borough and go home to Brooklyn, where it is easier to establish meaningful connections with a community of creative, hip, forward-thinking people. Brooklyn is also more family-friendly, due to the strong sense of community that fosters an inclusive environment.

Metropolis Moving has experience with both Brooklyn and Manhattan moves. We have the expertise necessary to ensure a smooth transition into your new home, whether that’s in Brooklyn or in Manhattan. Get a quote today and you’ll be on your way.

Aerial view of Manhattan skyline in New York City

10 Reasons to Move to Manhattan

Aerial view of Manhattan skyline in New York City

Moving to Manhattan might be the best decision you ever make

People from all around the world dream about what it would be like to jump into the cultural melting pot that is New York City– that’s why we’ve compiled this list of reasons to move to Manhattan.

Even though all of the boroughs have so many excellent qualities to offer, none quite fit the bill as well for lofty, high-minded ambitions as Manhattan.

This is the tiny island between the Hudson River and East River where the legendary, illustrious skyscrapers tower into the sky, like the dreams of the people who live there. This is where millions of people from all around the world get their first glimpse of what America is about. The subways filled with people from all walks of life meander their way beneath the surface of the island, like veins carrying the lifeblood of the city. So many of the nightly news and talk shows viewed by families all over America from morning until nighttime are filmed right in Manhattan.

There are so many reasons people from all around the world fall in love with this mystical island we call Manhattan. Simply put, Manhattan can feel like it is at the center of the universe, and it is no wonder so many people are drawn to visit and live in this magnificent, legendary borough.

  1. Diversity

    Different styles and colors of shoes representing diversity and unity among residents of Manhattan, New York

    Reason #1 to Move to Manhattan: Diverse People

    Not only is Manhattan a true cultural melting pot, barriers break down fast with everybody living their daily lives in such close quarters with one another. People come here from all around the world, and they might just be your new neighbor or co-worker, so the opportunity to experience a completely new culture, food, or way of life is constant.

  2. The City that Never Sleeps

    Open 24 Hours Neon Sign

    Reason #2 to Move to Manhattan: Manhattan never sleeps

    No matter what time of year, week, or day it is, there is always something going on here. New Yorkers have endless activities at their disposal, only a train ride away. You truly can do anything at any time.

  3. Food

    An image of a food truck representing the many dining options available in Manhattan, New York

    Reason #3 to Move to Manhattan: An endless supply of delicious and diverse cuisine

    Countless world-famous chefs call Manhattan home. The city is on the cutting-edge of the food scene and foodies have a unique opportunity to witness firsthand some of the most inspired cuisines in modern gastronomy. Not to mention delicious NYC pizza, countless food trucks, pop-up restaurants, and the opportunity to taste cuisines from around the world. New York City as a whole has the most exciting food scene in the United States.

  4. Fashion, Arts, Culture

    An image of a beautifully painted mural in Manhattan

    Reason #4 to Move to Manhattan: Manhattan’s vibrant art, fashion, and culture scene is sure to impress

    Home to ample art museums and galleries such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan is where people can witness some of the finest and most cutting-edge art and fashion in the country. Fifth Avenue is a fashion capital where many designers dream of working someday. Fans of stand-up comedy will be delighted to know that New York City is where so many of the greatest comedians of all time established their careers. Visit the Comedy Cellar to witness the stomping grounds of legends such as Patrice O’Neal, Jim Norton, Darrell Hammond, Dave Chappelle, and Marc Maron. There are numerous on- and off-broadway shows and musicals playing in Manhattan every week, many of which are critically acclaimed. Manhattan is truly a hub of creativity, arts, culture, and humor.

  5. The Subway

    An image of a conductor leaning out the window of a subway train in New York City

    Reason #5 to Move to Manhattan: Easy transportation around New York City via the subway

    Living in Manhattan allows New Yorkers to live without a car, which can save them tons of money! Getting anywhere within the city is only a train ride away, and public transport has plenty of options for getting out of the city as well. The Subway isn’t just about transportation, though. There are people from so many different walks of life coming together on the train, and it can get crowded, so barriers break down fast! You might be a train ride away from meeting a new lifelong friend, a business partner, or even that special someone! Though rush hour can be a major bummer, the subway is where New Yorkers inevitably make friends and memories.

  6. Always Something New

    People who move to manhattan have a plethora of new places and things to experience

    Reason #6 to Move to Manhattan: New people, places, and things to experience

    It would take a lifetime just to scratch the surface seeing what the city has to offer. New Yorkers are constantly discovering hidden gems; a new restaurant, a new coffee shop, a new basketball court. Just hopping on the subway and taking a 5 minute ride down the tracks can land you in a neighborhood that feels like an entirely different world.

  7. Personal Growth

    Personal growth in Manhattan

    Reason #7 to Move to Manhattan: Manhattan will force you to grow as a person

    The saying goes that if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. New York City is a place where you must learn to adapt quickly and roll with the punches. It makes you grow up fast, as you have to compete to succeed. You will be in top gear 24/7, but you’re simply becoming the best version of yourself that you can be! While other cities may not demand this of you, New York City can help you rise to the occasion and find out what you’re truly made of.

  8. Career Opportunities

    Opportunities abound for career advancement in New York City

    Reason #8 to Move to Manhattan: High-paying jobs abound!

    New York City is a hub for business, medicine, art, fashion, and entertainment. If you’ve got career goals in any of these fields, odds are you will find the path to accomplish these goals here in the city. Many companies, whether established, trusted firms or innovative, forward-thinking start-ups call New York City home. Being here increases your opportunities for success.

  9. Legendary Landmarks

    Moving to Manhattan gives you the opportunity to see well-known NYC landmarks like The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Tower, Etc.

    Reason #9 to Move to Manhattan: It’s full of legendary landmarks that are sure to impress

    Manhattan is home to The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, The World Trade Center, Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall, and The Flatiron Building. All of these magnificent feats of engineering being in such close proximity to one another can be astonishing and inspiring. The nighttime skyline is unmatched in the United States and reminds New Yorkers of the dreamy ambitions that got them here in the first place.

  10. Alone But Not Lonely

    Manhattan is full of transplants and people who are new to the city

    Reason #10 to Move to Manhattan: Even if you’re alone, you’re never really alone

    New York City as a whole is an excellent place for singles. Not only are you surrounded by unlimited dating options from around the world, but the city embraces the idea of being happy alone. Locals go out to eat by themselves, go out for drinks by themselves, and go on adventures by themselves, and it isn’t looked down upon or judged like in other places. However, if you find yourself needing more human interaction, it is more difficult to feel lonely when you’re constantly surrounded by so many people that are chasing the same dream you are. New York has so many opportunities to meet new people. There are groups, meetups, and social activities surrounding any type of interest you can imagine, whether you’re looking for a gym buddy or a book club.

Now that you’re ready to make the move to Manhattan, you need a trustworthy team of moving professionals to help you get settled into your new surroundings. Check out our tips for minimizing stress while moving, then fill out our easy-to-use online form to request a quote from us.

Tips for Moving with Plants

You will probably like to decorate your new place with ornamental foliage to add character to your new abode. However, moving with plants is as delicate as moving pets to your new place—possibly even more so. Naturally, there are things you need to bear in mind and consider before you can bring your green friends with you.

1. Take Inventory


Make a list of the plants that you are going to bring with you on your move.

This is not only practical, it’s also cost-efficient for you. You will find that there may be certain plants that you can easily find in the same area that you’re moving to, so do consider acquiring them locally instead. In turn, you can give away or maybe even sell some of your plants.

You can then use the proceeds to buy the same kind of plants when you get to your new place, or other stuff for your new home. This will also free up more space in the moving vehicle for your home essentials. Remember that shipping plants could cost you a pretty penny, so taking stock definitely goes a long way!

2. Prepare Them for the Big Day

Once you’ve decided which plants you’re going to take with you, you will have to think about packing them. It’s a good idea prepare the packaging of your plants weeks before your move.

Small indoor plants in clay pots should be transferred to plastic pots of the same size. Do the same thing if you’re bringing taller plants, but add moss (preferably sphagnum moss) on the top soil. And by all means, make sure that you don’t damage the roots!

A day before your move, wrap your plants with newspaper but loosely enough to allow them to breathe. In the moving vehicle, make sure that they are secure so they won’t tip over and they get plenty of fresh air. The move will stress out your plants, so make sure that you water them before loading.

For tall plants, wrap the branches with soft cloth or tissue paper to avoid breaking the branches during the trip. This may cause plants to freeze in cold weather or encourage fungus growth in warm weather. Load plants into the moving vehicle at the last possible moment to keep them from being exposed to extreme temperatures. When you arrive at your destination, unpack them first and let them settle and get accustomed to the new climate.

3. Choose a Nice Day to Move If Possible

Check the weather of your destination. This is crucial for the care of your plants. There are certain plants that can only survive in certain climates. So make sure that your plants are, indeed, okay for the new climes. A

lso ensure that you check the weather forecast of the entire trip in order for you to make appropriate measures in preparation for any weather changes.

4. Treat Them Like Pets

Plants and dogs

Long distance trips can be challenging for your plants, particularly if you’re making several stops along the way. If you insist on having stops, treat your plants as you would your pets. Don’t let them get too hot or too cold.

If you leave them in the car for more than an hour, leave the windows in the car slightly open and make sure they get enough water throughout the trip.

5. Don’t Do Anything Illegal

If you’re moving to another state, make sure that you check the state regulations on importing plants. These regulations protect local agriculture from pests and fungi. It’s better to be sure that their requirements are met before making the move. You don’t want to end up having to throw your plants away due to shoddy research.

6. Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Team and Equipment

Friendly NYC Movers

Lastly, take into consideration how you will transport your stuff. You’re not just transporting your plants, after all; you have other items, too. Having more room in your vehicle is, therefore, appropriate if you have plants to transport, so consider hiring larger vehicles.

If you are hiring movers, consider going for a service that has experience in transporting plants. Remember that plants are more than just eye candy for your home. They are living creatures that require care, too.