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5 Of The Best Cocktail Bars in Brooklyn

Long day? Whether you just moved into a new apartment with us or just had a long day at work, we know it can be really nice to treat yourself to a drink or two. If you’re located in Brooklyn, or nearby, you’ve got a lot of options – bars, clubs, pubs etc… Possibly too many options to count. But we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of our absolute favorite cocktail bars in Brooklyn, and you have GOT to check them out. Each bar on this list offers a different vibe, list of specialty drinks, and social experience. We hope that you enjoy what they have to offer!

1. Maison Premiere

In our opinion, Maison Premiere is one of the very best Cocktail Bars in downtown Williamsburg- not far from the Grand St-Bedford Ave metro station.

Inspired by Paris cafes, New Orleans cuisine, and New York tradition, Maison Premiere specializes in absinthe cocktails and oysters dishes.

Their Absinthe list boasts the largest collection of premium Absinthes in New York City and in honor of this Maison premiere has on display the world’s most accurate working replica of the Absinthe fountain which once flowed in the Olde Absinthe House of New Orleans. Maison Premiere also has a huge list of oyster dishes – including over 30 different varieties of oysters.

Due to its popularity and delicious food, this cocktail bar is on the expensive side of our list, but we couldn’t recommend it more. To make a reservation, or just find out more, check out their website below.

Visit Their Website

2. Tooker Alley

Tooker Alley is another one of our favorite cocktail bars in Brooklyn. It’s located just outside Prospect Park near the Brooklyn Museum and public library.

This bar is known for its hip retro vibe, and fun social atmosphere. It was originally inspired by a Bar called The Dil Pickle Club in Chicago which was famous for attracting a highly diverse group of patrons – including jazz musicians, politicos, anarchisti, professors and others. Like The Dil Pickle, Tooker Alley prides itself on bringing together a crowd drawn from all corners of society.

If you are looking to meet some new friends, get a new perspective on something, or just chat with whomever while you enjoy a cocktail, definitely check out this bar. It has a lovely, high-spirited atmosphere and it enables pure, simple, fun, and free-flowing banter.

Visit Their Website

3. Fresh Kills Bar

Across the street from Maison Premiere in Williamsburg is the Fresh Kills Bar. Want to branch out and try some new cocktails for a good price? This might be the place for you. Celebrated mixologist, Richard Boccato is the brains behind this Williamsburg bar, and it shows. The list of interesting cocktails is vast, the bartenders are extremely knowledgeable, and the price is very reasonable.

Furnished with modern leather booths, gray marble and wood beamed walls that curve overhead, we can confidently say that – this is where the cool kids are drinking.

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4. Dirty Precious

This casual cocktail bar in the heart of Gowanus likes to go by the sayings – “Life is short. Take big gulps,” “Work hard, Play hard,” and “Appreciate the simple moments.”

If you are looking for a place to make new memories with close friends, meet new friends, or just hang out and have a couple drinks this could also be the place for you. On top of all your favorite cocktails, dirty precious is known for having a variety of beers and ciders, so in one night you could be getting your favorite cocktail, your favorite beer, your favorite cider, your favorite shot, or all four!

Visit Their Website

5. Clover Club

Clover Club is another one of our favorite cocktail bars in Brooklyn, and in many ways this is the quintessential Brooklyn bar! It has exquisite cocktails, real food, an atmosphere of true hospitality and inclusivity, but also a low-key neighborhood vibe, live jazz from time to time, and a cozy back room with a fireplace.

Clover Club sits in the Cobble Hill district near Boerum Park. It’s roughly a block from the Smith St-Douglas St metro station.

If you are looking for a place to feel comfortable and relaxed but also have a delicious cocktail, definitely check out Clover Club.

Visit Their Website

Whether you’re a Brooklyn native or exploring it for the first time, these five bars are sure to make your night special. So special, in fact, you might just want to move here.

4 Tips on Preparing Your NYC Apartment for Winter

Winter is on its way! The leaves have changed, the temperatures are starting to drop, and the winter jackets are coming out. And while most people know how to prepare themselves for winter in NYC – invest in a warm jacket, hat, gloves etc… we don’t always know how, or if, we should be taking steps to prepare our apartments as well. In the article, we’ve put together a couple tips to help you stay warm, save money, and avoid stress this winter in NYC.

1. Find and Seal Drafts

Sealing a draft in your apartment before it gets too cold is a serious life-hack! Drafts from windows and doors let in cold air and allow warm air to escape and the colder the temperature outside the greater their effect. In the heart of winter an unattended draft can significantly cool your apartment and make your heating bill skyrocket. In order to proactively avoid this, be sure to find and seal them before they become a problem!

To quickly find drafts in your apartment – light a candle and hold it up to the edges of each window and door in your apartment. If the flame flickers – you probably have a draft nearby. Sometimes you can even feel the draft by patting the edges of your windows and doors.

If you find a window draft, seal the area with weatherproofing tape. If you find a door draft – try installing a door sweep. If that doesn’t work, contact your landlord, or a hardware store like home depot for specific advice on DIY door insulation for your apartment.

2. Insulate your Windows

Even if you don’t have any obvious window drafts, windows are major source of heat loss in any apartment and so taking steps to insulate them can save you a lot of energy. To do it effectively, use weather stripping and cover your windows with insulation sheets (or even bubble wrap). This is a very important step in keeping the cold air out and the hot air in. Closing your curtains, or putting up a tapestry/blanket over the insulation sheet while you are out of the apartment can also help a lot to keep your apartment warm.

3. Proactively Obstruct Rodents

Don’t have rodents in your apartment? Let’s keep it that way. When the weather outside gets cold, rodents start looking for warm places to live. And their search for warmth is often not limited to the first floor of an apartment building.

To prevent mice, rats and other pests from coming inside, inspect the outside and inside perimeters of your apartment for any holes or cracks before it gets too cold. If you find a hole, or multiple holes, fill them with caulk, steel wool or wire mesh. If you find a hole that you think might be too small, fill it anyway. Pests, especially mice, are surprisingly talented at fitting through the smallest of holes.

4. Check your Heating System

Whether you have central heating and air, or gas heaters, nothing is worse than having a poorly working or broken heating system in the middle of the winter. In order to avoid this – take all the necessary steps to make sure that your heating system if operating properly.

If you have air circulation – replacing your air filters will help warm air circulate more efficiently and this will save you lots of energy and money. If you have ceiling fans – changing the rotation of the blades will cause the fans to push cold air up and warm air down – also warming your apartment and helping you save.

10 Things Your Movers Wish You Knew

Whether you’ve already experienced the anxiety of frantically packing as your NYC movers show up or you’re planning a residential or commercial relocation for the first time, knowing ways to streamline the process and keep things on a positive note is essential. Even though we gladly walk all or customers through the process and let them know what to expect, sometimes blips still happen, and it often entails one of the things outlined here. Check them out and take steps to avoid the pitfalls, so your move goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Moving Will ALWAYS Take Longer than You Think

We handle relocations every day, so it’s easier for us to size up how much is being loaded and unloaded and give a fair estimate of the amount of work that needs to be done. Even moves of just a few miles involving the belongings of a single person averages a minimum of three or four hours. If more people and rooms are being taken care of, it really is an all-day affair, no matter how quickly our team works. That said, moving too quickly can lead to carelessness and injury, so it’s far better for everyone and your belongings when movers pace themselves.

2. You MUST Give Yourself Several Days or Weeks to Pack

Please don’t wait until the last minute to pack. It never ends well. Give yourself a couple of full days to do it, even if you’re only in a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Add an extra day or two for each additional room you need to pack. That way, you can properly protect your items as they go into boxes and your movers won’t be waiting on you (charging by the hour) as you frantically box things up.

3. Good Boxes Protect Your Belongings Better

In an effort to save cash, many people turn to recycled boxes for their moving needs. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, provided the boxes are in good condition, many are not. If you notice dents on the corners or creases on the box, don’t use it. Those are signs the box will inevitably crumble and either damage the belongings inside or cause a stack to tumble. One other thing to look for in boxes is uniformity. The closer in size and shape your boxes are, the easier it will be to stack them in the truck, so less time is spent arranging them to transport well.

4. Labeling Your Boxes Saves Time

If you put really clear labels on each box, your movers can make sure each one is placed in the right location of your new space with ease. This saves your team time because they won’t have to stop and ask what goes where, and it’ll save you time because everything will start out right where you need it to be. It’s also a good idea to label fragile boxes, so your team can take extra precautions.

5. Give Lots of Details When Booking and Do Some Prep

You know your area better than anyone else. If parking can be difficult, scope out a good spot and grab or reserve it in advance. If you’re moving something heavy or the team will have to deal with obstacles like stairs, make sure that’s known in advance. It’ll change how many people are sent to help and possibly the tools they bring with them.

6. Keep People and Pets Away from the Movers

If at all possible, have children and pets stay somewhere else during the relocation. It’s all too easy for someone to get under foot and either get hurt or cause one of your team members to be injured. Some people want to help, either for the sake of being kind or to speed things up. Unfortunately, this often slows the team down instead. Moreover, trucks have to be loaded in a very specific way to create balance. If things aren’t loaded properly, stacks may topple, belongings can get damaged, and the truck can actually tip over! Please, give your team the space they need to work and resist the urge to help, no matter how good your intentions may be. That said, you shouldn’t leave either. They may have questions for you and need you to stay close.

7. Empty Your Drawers

Leaving your dressers, desks, and other furniture full doesn’t make the move easier. In fact, it makes the pieces heavier, more difficult to move, and belongings can spill out. Make sure you empty everything as part of your packing prep.

8. If You Can’t Be without It, Keep It with You

If at all possible, keep valuables with you. This includes your jewelry, the vase you received from your grandmother’s estate, your medications, or anything you consider to be valuable. Odds are, your items will arrive in perfect condition if you’ve packed and labeled them properly, but if replacing an item is impossible or difficult, you’ll probably feel better transporting it yourself anyway.

9. Kindness Matters

Moving in NYC is grueling. Your team will arrive ready to work and handle all the heavy lifting. They’ll bring their own tools and water to stay hydrated, but it will still be a physical drain. If you can do things to make their work easier, such as ensuring a restroom with soap and towels is available, providing backup water (or even snacks!) to help keep them fueled, and try to stay in a positive mindset, it will go a long way to making the work much more pleasant and the process smooth for you. Tips are also greatly appreciated. The Today Show mentions doing a flat-rate of $20-30 per mover for traditional relocations and up to $40 for more difficult ones, while other sources suggest 5% being given to each person on the team is more appropriate. For this reason, it’s good to know how many people will be helping in advance and hit the ATM before their arrival, so you can make sure each person who helped knows that you appreciated their contribution.

10. Reputation Matters

Do some research before you hire anyone. There are plenty of fly-by-night companies that will swoop in and collect your cash, but they may not handle your belongings with the care and concern they deserve. One way to know in advance what working with a particular company will be like is to check online reviews, especially on sites that vet their reviews to ensure authenticity. For example, we have a perfect five-star-rating on Yelp, with more than 100 people chiming in.

Hire Experienced Movers

At Metropolis Movers, we know what it takes to ensure your relocation goes off without a hitch. Based in Brooklyn and specializing in both local NYC moves as well as long-distance moves, we have the experience to make your relocation go as smoothly as possible. From the moment you contact us through long after the last box is brought into your new home or business, we’ll do everything we can to earn our next five-star rating from you. Give us a call at (718) 710-4520 or request a free moving quote online to get started.