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Packing Your Kitchen: What to Toss and What to Save For a Move

The kitchen is probably the busiest place in your home. Because you’re using it all the time and it doesn’t seem like a huge job, you intend to leave the kitchen for last when you pack to move. Besides, packing breakable dishes and glassware feels like a risky undertaking that should be postponed for as long as possible, and perishable items such as food mustn’t sit in boxes indefinitely.

Don’t underestimate the amount of time you will need to prepare your kitchen for moving day. There is a diverse array of items in your kitchen that will each require their individual way of packing and items such as cleaning materials shouldn’t be packed in the same containers as food.

A good clean-out of the cupboards and fridge before you start packing can significantly reduce the amount of stuff that moves with you to your new kitchen. Here’s a step-by-step plan to prepare your kitchen for relocation. Arm yourself with recycling containers for paper, glass and plastic, a box for items to donate, and a rubbish bag. Go through cupboards and drawers and start getting rid of items that shouldn’t go into the moving boxes.

Step 1: The 4D’s.

  • Disposable: The name says it all. Plastic forks and spoons and chopsticks, Styrofoam cups and containers, paper and plastic bags, plastic wine glasses or water bottles, all those disposable items you’ve hoarded, can go into the recycling bin.
  • Duplicate: You only need one each of utensils such as whisks, measuring cups, strainers and can openers. Do you have more mugs and dinnerware than you need? An excellent way to know is to look in the cupboard when you’ve just loaded and turned on the dishwasher. The chances are that all the odd dishes and cups that no one ever uses are left in the cupboard.
  • Damaged: Throw out scratched non-stick pans, grubby wooden cutting boards, Tupperware that lost their lids, chipped plates, mugs and bowls, scorched pot holders. Plan for a fresh-looking uncluttered kitchen in your new home.
  • Doodads: We all have gadgets that were a promising idea at the time, but we never use. If you haven’t used them in the last year, donate the rice cooker, yoghurt maker and juicer, or give them to a friend.

Step 2:

Let’s do some paperwork. Tackle the junk drawer and the bookshelves. You don’t need all those rubber bands, twist ties and bits of string that you’ve been saving up for in case. Throw them out; you can start a new collection after you’ve moved. Throw away the takeaway menus, food coupons, and brochures stuck to the fridge and stuffed into drawers. There will be different takeaway restaurants and attractions to see in your new neighborhood. Go through your cookbooks – if you haven’t used them in the last year, you probably never will.

Step 3:

Time to sort the food and cleaning materials. You can leave this task for the week before you move. Check cleaning materials for containers that have dried up or are beyond their expiry date. Dispose of them safely. Throw away moldy sponges and rags. Next, go through the freezer and check for food with freezer burn. In fact, throw away anything that you don’t know how long it’s been in there. Check the fridge for expired condiments. These are easy to spot, they separate in the containers and might have spots of mold. Tidy the spice rack. Fresh spices have a vibrant color and are powdery when you shake the bottle. Old spices are discolored and clump in the jar. For herbs, you can use the sniff test; fresh dried herbs are fragrant. If it smells like pencil shavings, it’s time to toss it out. Check canned food for expiry dates and go through dry goods such as coffee beans and flour. Although these items have a long shelf life, they do become stale.

Now that you’ve had a good clean-out of the cupboards try not to buy too many groceries until moving day. Order take-out (but throw away the used containers and utensils!) or be inventive and prepare meals with what you have on hand. Good luck with the move!

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Looking to hire moving help in NYC from a sea of options available can be a lot of work Transporting your items is the last thing you want to think about when you’re getting ready to move. Especially considering the things that have to be safely packed and delivered to your new location. This gets even more complicated when you factor in the distance, location, large, heavy, and fragile items, and how quickly you have to do everything. Instead of adding more stress by doing this all on your own or choosing the wrong moving company, think Metropolis Moving and look no further.

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  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut

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Simply hiring a moving company is not enough to ensure you’ll get what you want. You need to determine the nature of your move. Are you moving residential items or commercial? Are you moving a lot or a little? One large item only? Do you have your own truck and need labor, or are you just moving from one floor to another?

Whatever the nature of your move, we’ve done a lot and can assist you in a variety of ways


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Movers are prepared for a variety of moves, whether it’s residential, commercial or university. We’ve done it many things so we know how to get fragile equipment and heavy furniture through tight spaces, avoiding damage to floors, doorways, and walls.

Item Type

There’s no limit to what we’ll move with our specialty services. We can protect your most fragile and precious items, such as plants and artwork, and your most bulky and challenging items including  appliances and metal cabinets.

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Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Utilities in NYC

Once you know the address you are moving to and the moving date, it’s time to set up utilities. Ideally, you should notify service providers at least a month in advance but two weeks might serve in a pinch. If you haven’t done it already, start your moving day checklist today!

A priority is to make a list of all the services at your current address. Find their contact details on your old utility bills. Send them an end of service notice and let them have the day after your move as the disconnection date so that you still have heat and light on moving day.

Next, you’ll want to contact utility providers at your new home and open an account to start service. Chat with your realtor or landlord about the best utility providers for the area. Before you begin contacting utility companies, have the information they will need handy:

  • Your name and contact details, including a phone number, email address, current address.
  • The service address. Be as specific as possible, including unit number, street name, zip code.
  • The date on which to commence service. If the unit you are moving into will be unoccupied, it is a clever idea to start services the day before you move in to make sure the lights will be on when you arrive on moving day.
  • Provide your social security number or check what other proof of ID is permissible. Some utility companies might accept drivers’ license ID, alien ID number or a passport if you don’t have a social security number.
  • Your banking details. Enquire about payment methods for your utilities bill. Most utility providers prefer to be paid by Direct Payment so that bills are automatically deducted from your account. You will need to provide your bank’s routing number and your check or savings account number.
  • If your postal address is different from the service address, be sure to provide that to the utility company as well.
  • Find out about a security deposit. Depending on the type of utility and your credit rating, a new customer might be required to pay a security deposit.

Stay in contact. As moving day gets closer, keep your list of utilities for both the old and new home handy. Give them a call during the week before you move to confirm that service providers will terminate or start services on the day you ordered them. Also keep track of your list of phone numbers on moving day, in case something goes wrong and you need to get hold of utility providers in a hurry.

Gas, Electricity, and Water in New York City

Electricity in NYC is provided by Con Edison. Open your account by calling them at 1-800-752-6633 (or 1-212-243-1900 if calling from outside the city, or apply online.

If you’re renting in NYC, gas will probably be included in your rent. Discuss this with your landlord upfront. If gas is not included, you will need to get your own account. Depending on the area, you need to call either National Grid or Con Edison. Parts of Brooklyn are covered by National Grid, and ConEd provides service throughout most of the rest of the city.

  • For gas by National Grid, call 1-718-643-4050
  • For gas by Con Edison, call 1-800-752-6633 (1-212-243-1900)

Once you’ve opened a utility account with ConEd or National Grid, you can choose which alternate Energy Services Company (ESCO) you’d like to use as your energy provider. Shop around for the best price and service in your area.

Water is included in most rental units in NYC. If you are the property owner, you may need to set up your own account. To open your water account, call the NYC Department of Environmental Protection at 718-595-7000 (Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, & Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm).

Phone, Internet, and Cable

Before you decide which cable company to choose, shop around and determine where you’ll get the best price and service. Keep in mind that you will need to be at home when a technician arrives to do the installation. If it can be arranged, it’s advisable to book an appointment to coincide with moving day, so you don’t need to schedule extra time off work.

  • Time Warner Cable: 1-800-892-4357
  • Verizon: 1-800-837-4966
  • Cablevision: 718-975-1140

Everywhere Else in New York State

Gas, Electricity, and Water

In New York, you can decide who provides the gas and electricity your household consumes. As soon as you’ve established an account with the utilities, you can shop around for an ESCO supplier. Depending on the area, your utility provider will be one of the following:

  • Central Hudson: 845-452-2700
  • National Grid: 1-800-930-5003 (Long Island & Rockaways) or 1-800-642-4272 (Upstate NY)
  • National Fuel: 1-800-365-3234
  • NYSEG: 1-800-572-1111
  • PSEG Long Island: 1-800-490-0025
  • Rochester Gas & Electric: 1-800-743-2110

More than 270 companies provide water throughout communities in New York State. Your local municipality can tell you how to open an account. Alternatively, find information at the New York State Department of Public Service.

Phone, Internet, and Cable

A variety of companies operate in New York State. Some include:

  • Cablevision: 631-393-0707 (Long Island) or 718-975-1140 (Westchester)
  • Comcast (Xfinity): 1-800-266-2278
  • Time Warner Cable: 1-888-438-3467
  • Verizon: 1-800-837-4966

New Jersey

When living in New Jersey, you can choose which energy supplier to use. Once you’ve opened a utility account, shop around for the best gas/electricity price from alternate suppliers.

The four main NJ electric utilities are:

  • Atlantic City Electric: 1-800-642-3780
  • Jersey Central Power & Light: 1-800-662-3115
  • Orange Rockland Electric Company: 1-877-434-4100
  • PSE&G: 1-800-436-7734

The New Jersey Board of Public Affairs website provides a complete list of regulated utilities.

Electric utility service territories can be found according to this map. To find out which utility serves your home, you can also check online directories.

Contact numbers for the four New Jersey gas utilities:

  • Elizabethtown Gas: 1-800-242-5830
  • New Jersey Gas: 1-800-221-0051
  • PSE&G: 1-800-436-7734
  • South Jersey Gas: 1-888-766-9900

A map of NJ natural gas utilities areas is here.


In New Jersey, water service is run by local municipalities. You can find a list of NJ water utilities and customer service phone numbers here.

Phone, Internet, and Cable

Here are the main telecommunications companies in New Jersey:

  • Cablevision:1-866-575-8000
  • Comcast: 1-800-266-2278
  • Service Electric Cable: 1-800-225-9102 (Hunterdon) / 1-800-992-0132 (Sparta)
  • Time Warner Cable: 1-888-438-3467
  • Verizon: 1-888-438-3467

TWC operates in the counties of Bergen and Hudson, while SEC is a service provider for the county of Sussex.


Find a full list of service utilities by town on the State of Connecticut website.

Gas, Electricity, and Water

Eversource is the largest electric utility in CT. United Illuminating services the Greater New Haven and Bridgeport areas.

  • United Illuminating 1-800-722-5584
  • Eversource 1-800-286-2000

In some areas, you need to contact the municipality directly to connect to electricity:

  • Bozrah Light & Power: 1-860-889-7388
  • Groton Utilities: 1-860-446-4000
  • Norwich Public Utilities: 1- 860-887-2555
  • South Norwalk Electric Works: 203-866-3366
  • Wallingford DPU: 203-294-2020

CNGC provides natural gas in Connecticut. An area map of their service is available here.

Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation: 1-860-524-8361 (Greenwich Area Customers: 203-869-6900)

Phone, Internet, and Cable

  • Cablevision: 203-870-2492
  • Comcast: 1-800-934-6489
  • Cox: Online Sales: 1-866-961-0027
  • Metrocast: 1-888-339-3605

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What to Toss and What to Save for a Move

When you decided a few months ago to move to a new home, you were wildly excited. It’s fun to arrange furniture in your imagination and go shopping for fresh furnishings to decorate your new home.

Now moving day is looming and it’s time to start packing. You wander around opening cupboards asking yourself how you ever managed to accumulate so much stuff. Where did you get some of these things and why are you even keeping it? Suddenly moving sounds more like hard work than fun.

Tempted to stuff everything in boxes and sort it out after the move? Don’t even think about it. If you are in two minds about the necessity of decluttering, consider that it will be just as much work to sort and toss before you move as after. Plus, if you leave it for after you will have the extra effort of packing and unpacking, the additional cost of packing materials, and cost and effort of transporting everything to your new home. Having a good toss-out before you relocate is a smart move.

Gain momentum by starting with the big things. Large pieces of furniture will be the smallest category of items in your move. Use the floorplan of your new home and a measuring tape to determine which pieces of furniture go where. You can dispose of anything that won’t fit or that you will replace. Try selling unwanted furniture through smalls ads and online. Selling items could even help to fund your move.

Now that you’ve made a start move on to things that you won’t need again until after the move. Sort your sports equipment, hobbies, collections, and bookshelves. Small appliances and fancy gadgets tend to be left forgotten at the back of cupboards. Haul them out and decide whether they will be useful in your new home. Have two boxes and a bin bag next to you as you work. Either pack it for the move, or donate to charity, or throw it out. Remember to label your moving boxes so you can easily identify them later. Stack the boxes you have packed for moving in one area of the house. If you haven’t done so already, this is an excellent time to make a moving day checklist. You will feel motivated and in control when you see how your plans progress, and it will help you to estimate how much time you still need to prepare before the move.

Next, move on to personal items such as documents, clothing and toys. This is an area where you need to be ruthless. As you go through cupboards, ask yourself whether you will feel happy to see these items when you open the boxes in your new home. If the answer is no, don’t bother taking them along. Do all those old letters and birthday cards you haven’t looked at in years still serve a purpose in your life? Why keep the clothes at the back of your cupboard that don’t fit anymore or have become unfashionable? What to do with the toys your children have outgrown? Donate it to charity or toss it in the bin.

As moving day approaches, go through bathroom cabinets and kitchen cupboards. Check food in the fridge and freezer. Dispose of food and medicines past their use-by date. By now most cupboards in the house should be empty or contain the bare necessities to last until moving day. You should have a stack of boxes containing only your favorite things, labelled and ready to start a happy chapter in your new home.

Now that you’ve done all the hard work sorting and tossing out, there’s probably much less to move than you feared. Hiring a moving company to do the relocation to your new home might be more affordable than you think. Metropolis Moving is a privately owned and operated New York City Moving Company. We’re dedicated to being the fastest, friendliest, and most trusted movers in NYC. Ask us for a quote today.