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How to Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget

Furnishing apartments can be a tough job. There are many constraints that one has to face when furnishing an apartment but it all comes down to one main constraint: budget. Relocating in New York City can be costly, so it is important to plan for the expenses associated with the move ahead of time, and avoid unnecessary expenses.One of the biggest misconceptions that exists when it comes to furnishing an apartment, or anything really, is that expensive means better. Though it is challenging to furnish an apartment on a budget, it can be done with the right mindset and the following tips.

Dual Purpose Furniture

When it comes to furnishing apartments in New York City, the biggest challenge is the space limit. That is why it is important to get dual purpose furniture. Dual purpose furniture may include items such as sofas that can also be used as beds or beds that have drawers for storage. Most of these items can be very helpful with saving precious space in apartments. Not only do they help with space constraints, they help with staying inside a budget.

Proper Lighting

An apartment might sometimes feel small due to a lack of proper lighting. Proper lighting can brighten up the mood of an apartment and make it feel spacious. While a proper lighting system might or might not exceed budget requirements, sometimes landlords offer to replace them.

Decorate The Walls

The artists among you will love furnishing your walls. It is very easy to cover up walls with pieces of art or even posters. This is particularly budget-friendly because anyone can make art as they define it. Not only that, there’s tons of great-looking, budget-friendly art available for purchase all over the city at local exhibitions. Mirrors can also cover up walls and save a lot of precious apartment space. In addition, mirrors are proven to make small spaces look bigger and enhance lighting.

Furnishing The Floor

Rugs are a cheap option to cover up the floor. There are many budget-friendly rugs available in the market that can enhance a floor’s decoration. Rugs are also a good investment because they protect the floor from any damage saving money in the long term. A nice soft rug is one of those comforts of home you’ll appreciate having in your new apartment.

Enhancing Available Items

Furnishing apartments doesn’t necessarily mean going out and buying new stuff for your apartment. The same effect can be achieved through enhancing current items already available in the apartment. A simple change of bedsheets or lamp shades to a new design can spruce-up your living space. This will not only give the apartment a new sense of freshness but also help significantly with budget constraints.

Needs vs Wants

It is easy to get carried away and buy something unnecessary. It is important to identify wants vs needs. One wrong decision, and it can completely overturn a budget. Differentiating between needs and wants can be tough but it can be achieved through proper planning of the items that are needed for an apartment. A moving day checklist can be a huge help for staying on task and on budget. With proper planning, a clearer picture of the needs can be achieved.

Hiring professional movers is a necessity for all NYC moves, whether your moving budget is high or low. This is a necessary step to protecting your belongings and reducing the stress of your move. If you’re investing in furniture for your apartment, it is wise to have it moved by professionals who will handle it with care. Request a quote today to get started.

How to Avoid Unexpected Moving Expenses

Relocating in New York City can be costly, so it is important to plan for the expenses associated with the move ahead of time, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Few people go the extra mile and prepare for unanticipated expenses. These unexpected expenses can emerge at any time and for any reason. Don’t leave yourself strapped for cash right as you’re settling into a new place.

Knowing these expenses, and knowing how to handle them if they arise, can contribute noticeably towards making the moving process as hassle–free as possible.

Expenses associated with mailing

When you relocate, you should redirect the mail you receive to your new home address. People seldom remember to inform their mail’s senders of their relocation, which means that mail is continually sent to their old home address. Rectifying this omission can be expensive, especially if you still pay bills by mail. Avoid this expenditure by changing your billing address, and by notifying everyone who needs or wants to know a few weeks in advance of your relocation date. You can change your mailing address with the USPS here.

Insurance expenses

If you have a homeowner insurance policy for your house, the coverage is only applicable to your old home. Before you relocate, you will need to inform your insurance policy provider of your new address, so that your insurance policy can be transferred to it. You may, however, have to pay a fee for amending your policy.

Amending your policy at the last minute may cost even more, so give your insurance company plenty of heads up so that they don’t charge you extra.

Replacing the old

Some things in your home will be left behind, as moving furniture on the brink of being replaced isn’t a wise decision. Save a little extra money so that when you show up to the new place, you can furnish and decorate it as you envision. You’ll also want a few extra dollars for miscellaneous essentials for your new apartment.

Storage facilities

Storage facilities are very useful for relocating within the city, especially when you’re downsizing or combining two households into one. It is best that you make use of storage facilities that will cater to your need for a storage space either on a short-term or a long-term basis. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent storage facilities in all five boroughs of New York.

Miscellaneous costs

There is a misconception that errands such as signing up for a new gym, enrolling in a new school or college, updating your driver’s license and registering your motor vehicle are easily completed after moving into the new home. The reality is that running these errands can be stressful, tedious, and costly. Be sure you register your vehicle and update your driver’s license right away. Also, most gyms give you a day or two for free as a trial. Take advantage of that and try a few gyms and fitness studio’s out before you lock yourself into a contract. Otherwise, it could be costly.

Moving Services

Many people don’t anticipate the necessity for professional movers. Especially if you’ve got a small amount of belongings, you might assume you and your friends can execute the entire relocation. Save yourself the trouble and reduce your stress while moving by hiring professional, reliable movers. We have become known as reputable, friendly moving professionals who make the moving process simple and straightforward. Request a quote today, and be sure to check out our blog for more tips on moving and living in New York City.

5 Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Moving while pregnant can be a stressful and complex task. Moving from one place to another is tedious as it is, but pregnancy can make the moving process seem way more hectic and challenging. It doesn’t matter if you are moving locally or long distance, moving is one of the most stressful experiences we have in life. Adding a pregnancy into the mix when moving can add significant mental stress and physical challenges to an already stressful situation. It is critical for families to reduce stress while moving, and adopt the following tips:

1. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

The most crucial part of moving while pregnant is to listen to the advice of your doctor. Your doctor knows you best, so he or she will guide you properly through specific in’s and out’s of maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor may have some useful tips and safety measures to follow throughout the moving process.

2. Plan and Pack Ahead of Time

The most tedious part of the moving process is packing all of the belongings that reside in every corner of your current home. It often takes a longer time than you’re expecting to pack and arrange all of your belongings and to effectively protect your valuables. The best way to tackle this monster of a project is to chip away at it little by little, and plan ahead of time.

Start packing at least five or six weeks prior to moving day. Pack a box or two every day instead of saving it all for the last minute. Make or utilize a moving day checklist to keep you organized and focused.

3. Transfer Medical Services

Whether or not your move will require you getting a new doctor, it will almost certainly require you to transfer necessary medications and prescriptions to a new pharmacy. This isn’t something you want to worry about when you’re arriving and settling into your new home. If you do in fact need a new doctor, it’s wise to ask your current doctor for recommendations.

4. Limit Your Use of Chemicals

Moving into a new house often involves a lot of cleaning and painting using chemical substances. These chemicals can cause nausea, frustration and breathing difficulties, which can become a more serious complication when pregnant. If you’re pregnant and still want to clean, use chemical-free ‘green’ cleaning products and keep the activity light. Painting likely isn’t a wise choice when pregnant.

5. Hire Reliable Movers

Don’t approach this mountainous task alone or with the unreliable help of unpaid friends. Moving in New York City can be extremely hectic and stressful, therefore hiring reliable, professional movers can really make a difference. There are many reasons to hire professional movers for all types of moves, but a pregnancy makes hiring moving services even more compelling and wise. Simply fill out our quote request form, and our friendly staff will contact you and set up all the details for your move.

Although these are not all of the precautionary measures you should consider, we hope these basic guidelines will enable you give extra consideration to your mental and physical health while moving. Be sure to check out our blog for a multitude of tips and tricks for moving and living in New York City.

7 Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment


Moving into your first apartment is an exciting moment in life. It’s when you’ve finally taken the initiative to leave home and make a home for yourself. It is important to set yourself up for success on this important endeavor so that you feel happy, stress-free, and settled in. Leaving home for the first time can sometimes feel difficult and lonely, so setting up a calming, relaxing space to come home to is crucial. Follow these tips for a smooth transition into your first apartment.

Go With the Flow

This is one of the most crucial tips for moving into your first apartment. Being in your 20’s can be tumultuous, as you’re trying to get yourself established and figure out what you’re going to do with the rest of your life while being paid less than other adults and given more demands. The key to dealing with stress is to flow with it. When stressful scenarios appear in life we have two choices: let it consume us and whittle away at our mental sanity, or accept what is and learn to make the most of the situation. Especially when it comes to things we have little to no control over, going with the flow does wonders for easing stress.

Envision Your New Home

Get to know your apartment before moving in. Take pictures of all rooms ahead of time and start brainstorming ideas early about what you want to bring along, where it will go, and how it will look. By planning out the layout of your new home, you’re being mindful about how you want your home to be set up and not showing up on moving day without a clue of what goes where.

Start packing as soon as possible

Packing effectively and strategically is one of the most important aspects of moving into your first apartment. You want to make sure you have all of the comforts of home with you, but you also want to maintain a level of mobility, especially when you’re just starting out. Therefore, it is important to distinguish what you truly want to bring with you, what stays at your parent’s house, and what can be sold or donated. Check out our tips for protecting valuables for a more comprehensive guide on effective packing.

Make clear plans

Make or utilize a checklist for the entire moving process. What differentiates a swift, effective move from a totally unorganized, chaotic mess is planning. One of the most effective ways to plan for a move is to make a checklist of tasks and things to get done leading up to the move. Keeping your tasks organized will help reduce your stress, and you’ll feel great checking off to-do items one-by-one as your move-in day approaches.

Buy necessary items

If this is the first time you’re moving into a place of your own, seek some help and advice from your parents or friends on what you will need to make your home comfortable. It isn’t enough to just have a television, couch, and bed. There are a few more essentials for your new apartment that will really make a difference in making the place feel homey.

Get to know the neighborhood

Don’t fall in love with the idea of a neighborhood. New York City has changed over the years, and some neighborhoods, particularly in Manhattan, have fallen victim to over-commercialization. Too many tourists, too many restaurant chains/franchises, and too many billboards can take away from the experience of living in such a vast melting pot of culture. They can also really take away from the feeling of being at home, which is crucial to moving out successfully. Visit a few neighborhoods and really focus on understanding the vibe so that you can find the one that suits you best.

Hire a professional moving company

Research shows that moving can be a more stressful experience than a divorce. Add the anxiety of this being your first move into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for lots of stress. New York City moves can be complex. That’s why you need professional movers to make the transition easy and smooth. Knowing that all your belongings are in professional and reliable hands will ease your mind while moving. This will allow you to focus on completing other important tasks leading up to your move-in day. Request a quote today and you’ll be on your way to move-in day.


Our Favorite NYC Moving Bin Service

If you are planning to move in the greater NYC metro area, the first thing you need is boxes to store and transport your belongings safely. You will need boxes that can be moved and stored easily and won’t tear or deteriorate during the course of your move.

There are a number of moving companies in New York City that promise to provide you the best boxes for moving your belongings from one destination to the other. But you should go for one which can provide you boxes made of stronger, more durable materials. It isn’t worth it to take a chance at damaging your precious belongings with flimsy secondhand boxes.

Having your belongings spill out of a disintegrating cardboard box onto the rainy streets of New York City is a nightmare that you can avoid by utilizing the services of New York City’s superior reusable bin company.

Introducing: BoxUp

BoxUp was founded by long-time resident of New York and BoxUp Chief Eco-Agent, Lily Tran. As a no-nonsense efficient New Yorker, she understood the hassles and complexities of New York City moving, and created BoxUp as a practical, environmentally-friendly of helping New Yorkers move cheaper, faster, and easier. With the help of Pedro Rolo, Eco Operations Manager, BoxUp has become an effective and successful moving bin company here in New York City.

Compared to the cost of cardboard boxes, tape and dispensers, renting a package with BoxUp makes more environmental and economic sense. It results in fewer boxes to pack and move, it reduces damage costs, lowers labor costs, and even saves on trash hauling costs (for commercial moves). Not only does BoxUp offer their standard crate, they have special dividers that fit the bins for glassware and dishes, as well as bins for wardrobes. BoxUp is so convinced you will be satisfied with their service that they offer a 24-hour refund policy.

BoxUp offers excellent, environmentally friendly solutions that simplify the moving process, protect your belongings, and protect the environment. Don’t risk damaging your belongings and complicating the moving process with cardboard boxes. Contact Lily or Pedro at to discuss the details of your next move. Before you utilize these excellent bin services for your move, check out our tips for reducing stress while moving, then request a quote for your New York area move today.

Top 10 Things to Buy for Your NYC Apartment


Moving to New York City can be an extremely exciting and sometimes stressful situation. Something that’s important when moving to a new city is to turn your apartment into a home as soon as possible. This way, you can look forward to the comforts of home at the end of the day, no matter what the city throws at you. Another consideration is the high cost of living. You might not be able to get the exact living space you envisioned, but with a little creativity and patience you can turn any space into a comfortable home.

There are a lot of things you’ll need for your NYC apartment, but starting with these will get the ball rolling and get you on your way to turning that apartment or house into a home.


If your apartment doesn’t come furnished, you should absolutely consider purchasing a high quality mattress. New Yorkers walk an average of 2-5 miles everyday, not to mention being crammed in everywhere we go, such as in subway cars, restaurants, and bars. Giving yourself the luxury of a comfortable, supportive, roomy bed can recharge your batteries properly and ease the discomfort of the crammed-in lifestyle of the city .

Window treatments

Most apartments have window treatments when you rent them. Some do not. People are stacked on top of one another in New York City, so you’re going to want some privacy. Not to mention some windows have a view of a brick wall, so putting up curtains and blinds is a great way to spruce up the apartment and manage your privacy, daylight, and views.

Desk & Chair

NYC Study Desk for Small Apartments

If you’re moving and shaking here in the city, odds are that you’ll have some work to do at home at some point, not to mention the growing trend towards remote working. Having a desk and comfortable chair allows you to have a defined workspace in your apartment that isn’t your dining table. It can really spruce up a room to have an elegant desk and chair set-up. Don’t strain your neck working at the table or on the couch, create a dedicated workspace for yourself.


New York City is a concrete jungle with deep canyons that can have limited sunlight throughout the day. Also, many windows will not give access to this sunlight. Don’t just rely on a depressing, overhead fluorescent, spruce the place up with some tasteful lamps to vary the lighting and make the space feel more homey. Throw a blacklight in and you’ve got yourself a New York City party pad.

A Humidifier

If you have a sensitive skin or if you have a skin for that matter, a humidifier a must have thing to buy for your NYC apartment. Winter in New York City can be extremely rough, especially for people who aren’t used to the cold, windy winters of the Northeast. Don’t put up with dry skin all winter, get a humidifier and you’ll notice smoother, more moisturized skin in no time.


New York City apartments have very limited storage space. Itms like portable closets, clothing racks, storage bins, and furniture with built-in storage should be on the list of anybody making the move to NYC. Utilizing your space wisely is crucial to outfitting a New York City apartment.

Extension cords

Since many New York City buildings pre-date cell phones and other common household electronics, expect that you won’t have the ideal amount of outlets in your apartment, and that they won’t be in the best places. You don’t want to have to spend your first week tethered to a random wall in the corner of your apartment to use your phone. Be prepared and bring a few extension cords.

Flatware and Kitchen Essentials

Although the food in New York City is impeccable, most people need to cook for themselves most evenings to be able to afford the high cost of living here. Even if you could afford it, eating take-out with plastic silverware gets old very quickly. Fill your kitchen with plates, bowls, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, and all the items necessary to make eating in feel like an enjoyable, elegant experience. This is your new home, so throw in a little extra effort to make it comfortable.

Towels & Rugs

Don’t dry your dishes with a facecloth, and don’t dry yourself after a shower with a beach towel. Buy yourself a set of dish towels for the kitchen, and a full bath towel set for the bathroom. Also be sure the bathroom has a shower mat or rug to keep your floor dry. While you’re at it, be sure to buy an ergonomic rug for the kitchen sink area. This way, you can get a little back support when doing dishes or preparing food. It also adds a nice homey touch to your space.

Oven Mitts

At some point, you’re going to want to prepare a frozen pizza or other frozen dinner in your New York City apartment. Make sure you don’t burn your hands in the process. This item is very easily forgotten when moving and setting up new living spaces, but it is extremely essential to keeping your hands burn-free.

Taking up residence in New York City is an exciting and unique experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Due to the uniquely high prices of rent in the city, you’re likely going to have to lower your living standards slightly, making it imperative that you invest in a few essentials to spruce up the apartment and make it livable and enjoyable. You’ll also need a team of professional, capable, experienced movers to get you and your belongings up to the apartment. When you’re ready to start the process of moving to your new home, fill out our quote request form. Be sure to check out our blog for more moving-related tips and tricks.

6 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Moving residences or offices can be one of the most stressful experiences of our lives. In fact, research has shown it to be more stressful than a divorce. Thus, to reduce the stress of moving, many people opt to hire professional moving services. There are many reasons why you should hire professional movers, especially in New York City. Metropolis Moving has earned a 5-star rating on Yelp due to our reliable, professional moving services. If you still need convincing, here are six reasons why it’s better to hire professionals for your move:


Hiring professional movers makes the move out of your current residence to the new residence efficient and expeditious. Our courteous, attentive professionals come to work everyday to do this, so they are privy to the ins and outs of swift yet meticulous moving. By hiring professional help to do all of the grunt work, you can focus on other tasks such as making your new living space a home.


Another beneficial reason to hire a professional moving services is that our professional movers know how to lift safely. New York City moves have taught us a thing or two about how to handle moving in extreme weather conditions, avoiding slips, and keeping your property safe. Safety is first in every aspect of our moving services. Don’t take on this job yourself. Hire us for your commercial or residential move. Our professional movers make sure all your valuable property and even the non-valuables get to your new apartment safely.


Moving in and out of New York City presents unique and difficult challenges that only seasoned NYC moving professionals may be equipped to handle. Our movers know how to navigate the busy streets, avoid violating parking rules, and move bulky equipment through narrow hallways and staircases. At Metropolis, we have seen it all, and will be glad to tackle our next challenge with you.


By hiring a professional mover, you won’t have to worry about the safe transport of your belongings. With the exception of flimsy items made from particle board, Metropolis Moving takes responsibility for the items we help you move. Check out our comprehensive list of moving policies. We take pride in the services we offer our customers, and we believe in taking full responsibility of our work and our actions.


There are no friends on a moving day. You may think you’ve assembled your own ragtag team of movers, but don’t count on a full follow-through. Also consider that while these friends are gracious for offering you help, you really need seasoned professionals who will be efficient with your time and belongings, especially because of the hectic nature of New York City moves. Don’t waste your time or the time of your friends, hire professionals for this job.

Peace of Mind

The stress of moving can be an onerous and overwhelming feeling especially if you are adding work and kids into the mix. That’s why you need professional movers to make the transition easy and smooth. Knowing that all your belongings are in professional and reliable hands will ease your mind while moving. This will allow you to focus on completing other important tasks leading up to your move-in day.

Our movers are fast, reliable, and accountable. They have been tried and tested and have proven themselves worthy of being called and referenced as professional movers. Fill out our quote request form today to see how we can turn a stressful situation into an exciting relocation. You will see for yourself why Metropolis Moving is known as a friendly, professional, and courteous New York City moving company


Why You Should Leave a Review for your Moving Company


There are thousands of moving companies serving New York and its surrounding areas. If you search through Yelp for moving companies in New York City, you’ll find close to 8,000 companies listed. You probably won’t have the time to call each company to ask about their service. Narrowing down your choice to find the best movers for your needs can be challenging.

It’s a good thing Yelp shows the company’s review ratings, so you can use that to sort the companies based on the highest ratings, along with filters like neighborhood and price. Now, instead of choosing from among thousands of companies, you only have to sort through probably less than ten which is more reasonable and less time-consuming.

That’s the value of customer reviews. You won’t just be relying on the company’s own marketing and advertising, but rather, you will be hearing about real people’s actual experiences with the services the moving company provided. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 8 reasons why you should leave a review for your moving company.

Helpful For Other People Who Are Also Moving

Just as you find customer reviews helpful, other people who are moving will also find it helpful. Think of it as paying it forward. Leaving a short review like “great service” or “quote was accurate” or “arrived during expected pick up time” wouldn’t actually take a lot of your time. But this could be the deciding factor that makes someone choose one company over the other. It’s a simple move that can significantly help others in your situation.

Customer Reviews Help Set Expectations

Reading customer reviews about a business sets your expectations and enables you to be better prepared for the move. Customers who share their first-hand experience can let you know about the nitty-gritty details, like a team member who went above-and-beyond for a customer. Topics like the moving company’s correspondence, if they’re careful about handling your belongings, or how much you should tip the movers are helpful to those considering utilizing our moving services. Sharing your experience through a review can help set expectations about how well – or not – the moving company worked for you.

Help The Moving Company Improve Their Business

An exceptional business is serious about making the businesses successful while always on the lookout for opportunities to improve. Providing feedback by leaving a customer review can help a company understand what they need to do to improve.

The value of good reviews should not be underestimated. Just as negative reviews can lessen the chances of getting more customers, positive reviews can greatly help the business grow. Effectively managed businesses take time to read what you wrote. By letting them know about any positive or negative experience you might have had, you enable them to improve what is done well and change what isn’t.

Let The Moving Company Know What Other Services They Should Provide

Customer reviews are a good source for companies to find out how they can add value and provide more services for their customers. The usual services provided by a moving company include local and long distance moving. But not all moving companies offer commercial moving services or packing and unpacking services.

By letting the company know about other services you need, you help them find out how they can be more competitive. If you were the owner of a company that has more than a thousand competitors, you would appreciate knowing about how you can thrive better in the industry, right?

Good Reviews Help Increase The Company’s Ranking

Remember how you used the review ratings to find moving companies with high ratings? When you leave a review and rate the company’s service, you help the company’s rankings go up.
Google Review is one way for you to speak your mind about your personal experience with a business or place. Google collects information about these reviews, ranks the company’s based on the ratings, and posts this information alongside the Google Maps listing.

The value of this is that it helps people decide which place or store they will go to. For example, when choosing between two restaurants – one that is really near your apartment but has low review ratings and one that’s a bit farther but has 5-star ratings, you’ll probably go for the latter.

Help The Moving Company’s Online Marketing

Companies spend a lot on advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing, as you have probably seen every time you used Google. Leaving a customer review on an online platform like Yelp or Google Review helps improve the company’s online marketing efforts.
To put it simply, any time you leave a customer review online, you’re leaving a footprint on the internet that can help other people find the company you reviewed. The more reviews the company has, the higher it will go on search results until it becomes the number one thing you find on the page. And you know how people click on the first thing they see. This is one of the reasons why companies encourage their customers to leave a review.

Tell The World About the Company’s Trustworthiness

We like sharing our experiences – posting a selfie when at a coffee shop or restaurant, tweeting our location or what we’re currently enjoying, or leaving customer reviews. The businesses we’re patronizing are not paying us to promote them. It’s just in our nature to let people know about any great experience we’re having.

When you write an online review, you’re not only sharing your own experience, you are also letting others know that the company you reviewed can be trusted. This is a big help to the company. Businesses that have gained people’s trusts are usually the ones who get repeat customers. People use their services again because they know the company is trustworthy.

Help Grow The Business

There are many reasons why leaving a customer review can help a moving company grow its business. When you post your review, you’re telling people about how good the company’s services are. You’re letting people know whether or not you would personally recommend these services to a friend.

Because reviews are posted publicly, your post can influence potential customers. 90% of consumers read reviews about a business before deciding to buy a product or hire their services. And you have the power to influence their decisions through your reviews. You can help grow the business for the moving company that gave you efficient, prompt and excellent service.

Where to Leave a Review

If you visit Metropolis Moving’s Yelp page, you will see a five-star rating, something we have maintained since 2014. We are proud to have gained a reputation as a trustworthy, reputable moving service. Be sure to leave us a review on Google as well!